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#HaveYourSay on the Zero Carbon Bill | NZ Parliament

November 26, 2019

Hello, my name is Deborah Russell. I’m the MP for New Lynn for Labour. I’m also the Chair of the Environment Select
Committee. And I’m Todd Muller, National for Bay of Plenty,
and Deputy Chair. We’ve just had the first reading of this Bill
in the House today. It’s the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon)
Amendment Bill. And so now it goes to the next stage. And that’s all about you. Submissions are open, and if you have an interest
in any aspect of climate change and this bill, please send us through your submission. It’s open now through to the 16th of July. We’d love to hear your perspective on this
critical bill for New Zealand. So please, put a submission in. To start, head online to www.parliament.nz Open up the tab labelled ‘Get Involved’. From there, you’ll see a dropdown saying
‘Make a submission’. This page brings up a list of all the current
bills and items of business that you can submit on. You can click on any of these to learn more
about it. The first step is to tell Parliament how you’re
submitting. We need to know if you’re submitting as an
individual, or on behalf of an organisation. This is also where you tell us if you want
to make an oral submission to the committee, which means speaking to the committee in person
about your submission. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter
your contact details. Your name will be published on the Parliament
website, but the rest of your details will stay private. Step two: make your submission. You can upload it as a file, or you can write
it directly into the online form. What you say in your submission is up to you,
but remember that the content of your submission along with your name will be published to
the Parliament website, so you might want to leave out any sensitive information or
private contact details. Step three: check over what you’ve put into
the online submission form. If there’s anything you want to change, you
can use the edit buttons. Once you’ve confirmed you’ve read the privacy
statement, click or tap the Submit button. When you see this confirmation screen,
you’re all done.

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  2. Censorship is not part of science. Why are you deleting comments? Why do you not want to know what nobel prize winning scientists have to say?

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