Hawthorne Model by Richmond American at Treaty Oaks, St Augustine
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Hawthorne Model by Richmond American at Treaty Oaks, St Augustine

November 24, 2019

hey guys welcome back to a for buyers only realty youtube home tour today we’re out of treaty oaks here in st. augustine and richmond american model the hawthorne this is a box mately a 2,400 square foot home can be configured into three to five bedroom two or three car garage let’s go take a look at the home beautiful again treaty oak here in st. Augustine that’s the Hawthorne model by richmond American as we enter the nice entry beautiful attention to detail glass front door with a nice side light beautiful very nice very nice let’s go on and check out the Hawthorn beautiful entryway wide hallway nice tile laid on 90 degrees to the hallway very very nice very stately looking nice tall ceilings and over to our left is we entered we have two bedrooms and a bath very nice large windows bringing a lot of light nice sizable reach in closet of course For Buyers Only Realty we come over here we have a second bat second bedroom that’s going to be very nice very good size looks like a little smaller maybe than the first one but still very good size and of course this bathroom here on this side is for those two bathrooms and can be used as a like a power bath for guest things of that nature nice nice tiled shower backsplash double sinks solid surface counters very Treaty Oaks St AUgustine St Augustine Buyers Agent nice beautiful richmond american homes attention to detail is terrific it also probably a linen closet right here and there is very nice we love Sean showcasing their their homes that would do a great job and back out here into the into the main hallway if we look to our right we have our laundry area or utility area or with our washer and dryer and a nice workspace with counters on cabinets below and over okay very nice and it’s something you don’t see in very many ohms these days is a coat closet very cool okay so k be homeless kind of looks for those little things they always do a great job and as we go further in down the hallway we took who are right and we come the master bedroom nice-size room well Richmond American Homes at Treaty Oaks For Buyers Only Realty St Augustine appointed tall baseboards nice tray ceiling painted inside the tray very nice accent okay so into the master shower or master bath area we go nice solid looks like a quartz countertop or maybe that’s granted looks like a granite countertop no I was right the first time I apologies that’s that’s a quartz but that is hard to tell the difference in some of the designs so anyway nice walk-in good-size walk-in closet while another bedroom very nice very very nice okay so well a point check out the tile they have on the floor looks like a traffic team very nice nice well appointed shower Treaty Oaks St Augustine For Buyers Only Realty St Augustine beautiful alright so that’s the master master suite in the Hawthorne alright let’s take a look out here and see we got we come further down the hallway from the entry we have a nice flex space he uses a den that’s how they have it set up very very nice as we come into the gathering area we kind of come into the dining area if we look to our left we find a great well-appointed kitchen nice gathering area and you’ll see the stairs over to the right we’ll get there just a second okay nice granite this is definitely granite countertops 60-40 split sink smooth range top very nice well appointed good sized pantry and kind of little butler’s little side area there tremendous double ovens very very nice okay let’s get you another quick look at that Richmond American does a really great job with kind of some nice some nice touches nice finishes and some of their standard features are upgrades and other other builders so this they do a really great job okay let’s take a little peek upstairs three windows bringing a lot of light here in the For Buyers Only Realty great room let’s go up the stairs to the bonus area I’m already seen it’s going to be a pretty good size and it is very nice look at that nice family gathering area maybe nari for the kids full bath okay very nice nice oh wow that’s good size walk-in closet well check that out very nice tub/shower combination up here in the bonus room at the hawthorne so there you go let’s go take a little run down through the bottom again Sharon and I do appreciate you guys we love giving you great information so you can make great decisions on things very nice and this one’s got a screened porch attached to the back as well okay so very nice let’s go outside and get another look at the front of the hawthorne by richmond american and treaty oaks we do it you guys have any other questions comments needs things you need to know anything at all about st. Augustine new construction anything at all we can love to chat about that we love to brag about our area there’s the hawthorne by richmond american thank you guys have a fantastic day and thank you for tuning into the for buyers only playlist and the new home tours have a great day

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