Heidi Schreck Talks the Importance of WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME on Opening Night

September 28, 2019

–Heidi Schreck’s What the Constitution
Means to Me is breathing new life into our Constitution and imagining how it
will shape a new generation of women. We are here on opening night of this
revolutionary new play to find out more. [cheers] [applause] –Personally, I think it’s always been the right time for this piece. I started making it while Obama was president, but I think that the whole
country is ready to have the conversation now. It’s about future of our country, and that’s what we’re trying to figure out right now. –The times we live in and the show are
coming together. I assume it’s because a lot of people are worried and a lot of people upset about the direction of our country. I think the show is more than just that though. –With everything that’s going on with our government, I feel like this is something that everybody needs. Heidi talks about her life and women’s rights and our bodies. If you’re going through a tough time about yourself, I think you should see the show. –Right now, the people need hope, right? And I think this piece is provoking enough to let people know this is the time when you speak up. This is the time when you let people know, like we need to add this to this document. We need this to start work. And we need rights. We need this, we need that. And I think that this piece of art does that. –Our systemic problems are evergreen. They are there. They’re not
going away, unless we see them and we dismantle them.
–We’re in our own little worlds. We’re on Twitter. We’re sitting in our on our sofa in despair
wondering what’s going to happen to all of us. And I think there’s something
cathartic and healing and important about people being in a room
together and thinking about these things. Thinking about what what matters to us as Americans. –I think Heidi’s story, and everything about her life, is hugely important. Her journey with her family, her journey just to make the show.
–Heidi’s story will surprise people. It just brings out all sorts of emotions. And it’s like forget what the
Constitution means to anyone right now, right? The one important message that
comes from the show is, You can change what your future would look like. Anything you can change. [music]

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