Herman Cain Fails On Constitution
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Herman Cain Fails On Constitution

October 24, 2019

there’s also a heads are supported by qualified
com her thinking you know he is feeling a lot
of steam room within the conservative movement it’s a real candidate you know probably not
but on the other hand look is not what the polls right and he’s a real social conservative there’s one thing i mean there kane cares about as the united states constitution
he’s gonna let us know pay attention to the school to rewrite the constitution of the united states rewrite it we need to read profit half hippie right hope solution type of evidence habit i’ll go back to you
that we feel we believe it will pass believing paid hope i’ll stop by actually reading dot that’s what
it says when a couple government because destructive up u he about people or about it ho you go ahead and give that speech that by
respectable reading the constant didn’t bother it that is so sad of course a lot of your arson right now and
i said that when i heard that sweep of the way life liberty the pursuit of happiness that
lovely but that’s in the declaration of independence
day and in the constitution out of the second part about we get abolish
the government if it isn’t that a red cell also the declaration of independence birthday it in quarters ago part of the constitution continues to some one thing to say all right
look i care deeply about the constitution and they get a wrong islamic gimmicks thinks
about the constitution and get it wrong but if both are i think that’s a fair you
know what the problem is they never even read it way who didn’t read it quote the wrong document now assistant but you know it was something something because conservatives they use it as the punchline
the constitution views it as a prop something to cover themselves up at like the
flak then actually read it did he know what’s in it really care what’s in it how support
for example bush but what was wiretapping and shredded the
fourth amendment did they know the daycare now of course not
they don’t give a damn although it does it and the constitution it’s hats wearing dark by our creator that’s the declaration of independence by the way
mistake other republicans are made in the past these actually read the documents to me to
give a speech about under unbelievable man but that’s what happens
when you’re in a party that has no attachment to the fax like who
cares i thought that would give the speech but the guy i gotta read because that’s what
i think i don’t care by followers don’t know the president if you don’t feel like reading about did you
want to listen to it i got a unicycle audible dot com and you can download a book on terror
i’ve hotter and declare in fact just the other day i was listening to nineteen eighty four
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  1. @666brainiac cheney IS smart…. unfortunately for every SANE person left. Evil as fuck, but he knows how mass-manipulation works, and does it well

  2. Just his name alone makes me distrust him. "Herman Cain" sounds like the secret identity of some comic book super-villain.

  3. @evolutionist101 – What Dems? Over 94% of the Northern Democrats voted in favor of the Civil Rights Bill (which was proposed by a Democrat to begin with – LBJ). 0% of the Southern Republicans voted for the Bill. Even a few Southern Democrats (who were states' rights conservatives) voted for the Bill.

    After that year the Republican Party took in the disgruntled Southern Dems (Dixiecrats) and the blue South turned red. MLK was a Christian Socialist.

  4. @williwo You're a liar, a dunce an unobservant fuckwit and an easily led gullible fool. Your piggy little mindset is a stamped out clone of all the other small minded grasping foolish cowards with flags on their cars and lawns because they wouldn't be able to remember what country they were in otherwise.
    Stop telling lies you fucking corrupt bag of shit.
    Was that clear enough for you, or do you want me to make you cry?

  5. @cvict6 – Nothing sounds sinister at all to me about Barack (another Biblical name, BTW) or "Obama". Hussein is a common Arabic surname. I suppose King Hussein of Jordan is evil like Saddam Hussein (who was a good buddy of our government back in the 80s, just look at Rumsfeld shaking hands with him)? Or actor Robert Hussein?

    Besides, I was half-joking anyway about Herman Cain's name. Though it seriously does sound somewhat like a stereotypical villain secret identity.

  6. @cvict6 – Huh? I said "Cain" sounds sinister-sounding (for obvious reasons, due to the Cain and Abel myth) and I thought "Barack" does not. They're both biblical names.

    Hitler isn't a common name anymore, so I can understand the association. The first name "Adolf" is still used and I don't necessarily think of Hitler when it hear it, especially with the variant "Adolfo". Hussein is a very common name. Speak for yourself but unlike a lot of Americans I have some knowledge of the Middle East.

  7. @cvict6 – Saddam Hussein was not the first man I ever heard with that name (it was King Hussein of Jordan for me) so I don't automatically think Saddam when I hear "Hussein". I don't think of actor Robert Hossein either when I hear that name, if anyone I think of that king of Jordan.

    I have no love for Saddam but I also realize he was a "Villain of the Week" because just 25 years ago our government was friends with him.

  8. @williwo The politics and ideologies of the 2 parties have changed since the 1860's. The Republicans were progressive during the 1860's while theDemocrats were conservative. That changed in the 1960's when JFK and LBJ started supporting Civil rights. The party started becoming more progressive and liberal. Meanwhile conservative and racist Dixiecrats moved to the Republican party which led to the party becoming conservative and adopting the "southern strategy"

  9. Why I love conservatives: They defend even the most obvious blunders. "I LOVE THE CONSTITUTION! Oh loves it too? Wait what are you saying Cenk? In his speech about re-reading the constitution, he quotes something not in the constitution? OMG YOU LEFTIES AND YOUR SMEAR-CAMPAIGNS! Learn the facts lol!"

  10. Technically, Cenk is right. They're 2 different documents. But they are both our founding documents and they go hand-in-hand in philosophy and intent. The reason the Constitution exists is because of the Declaration of Independence.
    Oh, and Cenk, you got a lot of balls to say Republicans don't have facts, when you know Liberals lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and don't even advocate following the Constitution in any way, shape, or form. And they lie, and lie, and lie again.

  11. @dawglf "Seems to be the same thing over and over. Bush, Bush, Bush" Bwah ha ha ha, that's a good one. Gitmo's still open for business, we still have soldiers in Iraq and more in Afghanistan, and hey, Obozo even extended the Patriot Act, not once but TWICE. And what about Bush's tax cuts Obozo extended? It's more like Bush is still in the White house even today.

  12. @eqsmooth "Obama is a Constitutional scholar" bwah ha ha ha, yeah right, the Constitutional scholar that siad the total gun ban was constitutional in Washington D.C.. Not to mention Obozo made the same exact mistake during his State of the Union Address when Obozo said "We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal…."

  13. WHAT A RIOT! How come you moron's on the left never went after Obama when he did the same exact thing during his 2010 State of the Union Address when he said :"We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal…."

    Um, wrong founding document, Mr. President. It is in our Declaration of Independence that we read where all men are created equal.

  14. @edgwaterprog Bwah ha ha ha, what about when Mr Constitutional Law Professor did the same exact thing during his 2010 State of the Union Address when he said :"We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal…."

    Um, wrong founding document, Mr. President. It is in our Declaration of Independence that we read where all men are created equal.

    Bwah ha ha ha, Looks like a tie game Pres. and Pizza Man.

  15. @eqsmooth "first black President of the Harvard Law review" did you ever hear of afirmative action? "he did not any such mistake" so are you saying he was correct when he mentioned in his 2010 State of the Union Address that all men were created equal was in the constitution? And how said Cain was my man? I was just pointing out left wing media bias. "Was he not employed as Constitutional Lawyer" where was he employed as a Constitutional Lawyer? He also never tried a case, he was a gofer.

  16. @eqsmooth Have you ever lost a promotion to a less qualified person becasue of affirmative action? I have. So unless you know what you're talking about stfu. "campaigning when he slipped up" can't you read? I said he slipped up during his 2010 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. He was already President. FYI My wife is a very very dark skinned Columbian. I don't think she believe me to be a racist in the least bit. Buy hey, anything to tag someone who disagrees with you liberals a racist, right?

  17. @eqsmooth Oh, and while we're at it, what were obama's fantastic grades that qualified him to get into Harvard? Why doe he have them sealed if they were so fantastic? Rumor has it he had average grades and would never been allowed into Harvard.
    Another FYI on your "doe so because of affirmative action" I would have voted for Colin Powell years ago and Condaleza Rice in a heartbead because they were qualified.

  18. @eqsmooth "that is all you have" would an Obama Messiah orgasmic liberal like yourself believe my source? I figured you could google it yourself and twist the facts you find any way your tiny liberal mind would keep your Obozo hard-on unaffected.
    Talk about putting on a twist, since you made a comment about racism, I give you a black person I would happily vote for and you come back with "Condoleeza was Bush's ass licker". Bwah ha ha ha, I love going to battle with unarmed liberals.

  19. Hey guys, get you subtitles right. The inconsistancies with what your saying and how the closed captions read can affect YOUR credibility, almost as bad as Mr. Cain's murderous misqoute of the wrong doctrine. Just looking out for you!

    "and they get a wrong islamic gimmicks thinks about the constitution and get it wrong…" What is that supposed to mean?

  20. @jlk1775 *your subtitles* *inconsistencies* *you're saying* *wrong document* perhaps i shouldn't multi-task! Lol!

  21. There's only one Champion of the Constitution running for President in 2012.
    Don't fall for the false prophets of the GOP.

  22. Oh come on… Enough of your rherotic. Saying he did not read it really? Forgetting which parts of greatness came from the D of I or from the Const' are understandable. He is not reading a teleprompter… he's talking to people. Listen to his words and try to understand.

  23. @ClassicFIHD

    Did you go to a university? If so, your records are sealed too. Obama hasn't released them because it's none of your, or my, business what his undergraduate grades were. What is significant about his academic career is that he graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude and was the President of the Harvard Law Review. In light of those accomplishments his undergraduate grades really aren't important.

  24. @NoGuff "Liberals…don't even advocate following the Constitution in any way, shape, or form"

    Do you consider the ACLU to be a liberal or a conservative organization?

  25. @jlk1775
    The captions are a Youtube feature, not TYT. Google uses speech recognition software to make subtitles automatically.

  26. @kaysandesses You do know the Harvard Law Review was a student run organization? Where are the reviews with his name on it? They had to have been made public and yet not one can be found. Unless you mean the one and only piece Politico found unsigned that an unnamed source said he wrote.

    And what proof do you have he graduated "magna cum laude"? You have a newspaper article or movie clip of that so-called graduation.

  27. Herman failed the constitution, and so did his supporters. It's amazing how easily you can get people to agree with you when you use symantics and emotion.

  28. meh….shady stuff guys. I'm a fan of yall but this was pretty weak. Listen to the full speech of his candidacy announcement on cspan and you can see how this was edited. I love you guys but this was some bullshit. Straight up. Cain is a jackass and he does not need your editing to make him look like one. Cenk….before yall cut it up he mentioned the Dec. Of Ind. 4 times. Don't do that!!!! It makes you Fucking Fox news!

  29. Male version of Sarah Palin. All rhetoric and buzz-words, no substance. She tells us we need to look at the founding fathers and our history but doesn't know what they said and doesn't know the history. He claims we need to reread the Constitution and doesn't know it. That's why these people are so dangerous to our country.

  30. @believr77 Bwah ha ha ha "There's only one Champion of the Constitution running for President in 2012". You mean Obama? Obama who said in his 2010 State of the Union Address that all men are created equal was in the Constitution? Obama who said the total gun ban in Washington D.C. was constitutional until the Supreme Court of the United States slapped his ass down. That "Champion of the Constitution"?

  31. @williwo Excuse me? Who said a revolt is a violent thing? And when Jesus had thousands following him the Pharisees and the Romans were scared because it was a peaceful revolt from what was common at the time which is common now. Why don't you at least READ THE BIBLE. Good lord I did for 20 years so i think I know what Jesus did.

  32. @williwo Dealing with the poor? THAT IS NOT AUTHENTIC! Jesus had RELATIONSHIPS with the poor! You fool his disciples were FUCKING POOR! You are a fool! And need to REREAD THE BIBLE WITHOUT A CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE OR OUTLOOK

  33. @kaysandesses
    If you want to know my impression, I invite you to go read up on the ACLU, especially its founding. There you will find it.

  34. @NoGuff If I wanted to guess your opinion of the ACLU, I would have just made an assumption. Man up, answer the question.

  35. @kaysandesses
    For my answer to have any meaning you must know something about the ACLU first. Why do you refuse to learn about them? Are you afraid the facts will come into conflict with what you have assumed about them?

  36. So does that mean gay people can marry and the government has no place to say no? Oh, I guess you mean they can't pursue that happiness.

  37. @yanks9869
    "the Constitution is one of the most liberal documents"
    "the founding fathers were revolutionaries which is on the left side of the political spectrum"
    –That is, of course, ridiculous, because freedom and personal liberty are to the Right of a monarchy, because a monarchy is closer to "total government" than the American Founders were. They advocated less government, Leftists advocate more. But I understand why you can't or won't understand it. You're a Libtard.

  38. @NoGuff What exactly does "less Government" mean? I mean you say it like it will be better in every situation but it seems to me like there are many situations where more Government involvement would be beneficial.
    I think you are just spouting Republican rhetoric.
    Your a CONserva- ok, that wasn't even funny when you did it…

  39. Actually, Cenk, if you bothered to read the Constitution, you'd recognize that the "Blessings of Liberty" cited in the Preamble is a reference to the Declaration of Independence, meaning that the principles enshrined in the Declaration have quite some bearing on that which constitutes our government.

  40. @yanks9869
    "And have you looked at a political spectrum?"
    –No, I've NEVER EVER EVER looked at a political spectrum!
    "a monarchy is on the right of center and democracy is on the left of center"
    –That's one type of political spectrum, but its hopelessly flawed and outdated. A far simpler & more accurate political spectrum has total government at the far left end and no government at the far right end. Thus, monarchies & dictatorships are at the left side, free societies are at the right.

  41. @WWEUFCTNA1240 like osama saying corps-men,,and the host messed up saying hermans last name and he was reading it, and to think he can read the constituion.,,i garuntee osama couldnt say from knowlage anything from the constituion, he dont bleev in it.

  42. Think I remember Napolitano saying the Declaration of Independence is actually a part of the U.S. Code, which slightly vindicates Cain (whom I do not support anyways) and, even more interestingly, legalizes the overthrowing of tyrants. Good luck getting a court to interpret it that way of course.

  43. He sounds like all those black preachers that get their congregation really fired up but really don't know shit about anything.

  44. @OpinionatedJosh Yes, but in this case Herman Cain not only quoted the wrong document, he quoted the wrong document while claiming no one reads the document in question, which multiplies the funniness of this incident by 4 imho. Of course, what I want to know is did he misquote on accident, or do it to see just how stupid his supporters are for his own amusement?

  45. Don't tell me that anyone who looks down on the man has read the full Constitution himself. Moreover, tons of politicians haven't even read the Constitution, or Declaration of Independence, or either in a -long- time. Of course he made a mistake. But you cannot refute the brutal fact that his experience in the world of business, the competitive marketplace, the economy, is better than most. Many politicians, liberals and conservatives alike, have made much worse quotes than this.

  46. @TheQwertyRoll Yes, Hermain Cain does have a lot of business experience, but what is the #1 priority of a business man? Himself of course. Do you think that'll change for Herman Cain just because he get's elected?

  47. The constitution is %100 against the Federal reserve but this guy wants to protect it with his last drop of blood.
    This guy is about the biggest puppet of them all.

  48. @ChakatBlackstar He is his number one priority? You can't just assume that a businessman only cares about himself. That's is stereotyping. Don't tell me that most politicians are philanthropists in the first place. Don't forget that many other conservatives hold the same ideologies as he does. Doesn't mean they only care about themselves. To assume that is ludicrous. Why are you being so cynical? He knows how business works, dealt with it first hand, and I applaud him for that.



  51. I think the fact that Herman Cain is polling so highly right now shows two things… 1. The media controls peoples minds. 2. People are somewhere between stupid and retarded.


  53. If the Declaration of Independence is not the founding document of our nation and upon which the Constitution is built, then we would celebrate our independence From 1787 instead of July 4th 1776.

  54. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    It's not enough to say "Vote Ron Paul"
    In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That's the toughest part.
    IF YOU WANT TO VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don't switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some states from now) YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!
    Go to BLUEREPUBLICAN(dot)ORG and register ASAP! Copy and paste this everywhere! Thumbs up to help this be on top.

  55. Not ONE mainstream media network picked this up. Herman Cain has NEVER been called on it. This is one of the reasons this country is becoming a laughing stock. This should have been all over the news immediately and Americans should have laughed Herman Cain out of running for GOP nomination. Instead, he said it, most people who were there didn't pick up on it, the media didn't talk about it, and today he continues talking out of his ass. It's absolutely pathetic.

  56. @djloot916 I guess a lot better than Cain, because Obama was a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago

  57. A wise man once told me that "40% of what politicians say is pulled out of their ass, 40% is pulled out of someone else's ass, and 20% is true".

  58. John Boenher did the same thing — and Bachman, standing behind him, was nodding like a defective bobblehead. And the TP audience cheered.

  59. Politicians should at least memorize (as I have) the Preamble to the Constitution; you know, the part that says "this is what all that follows is intended to achieve." These six goals are: "1. Form a more perfect union, 2. Establish Justice, 3. Ensure domestic tranquility, 4. Provide for the common defense, 5. PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and 6. Secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity". I added the caps on Number 5, because that's the one the conservs love to ignore.

  60. @chuc555 That's right, he is a clown, but that's no reason in order not to become president of the USA. See the past!

  61. @bntyhunter654 Uh huh, you and your stupid kind are a mistake. "herman cain 2012" go eat shit and die. Herman cain followers are fuckin igorant and truth comes out in the end.

  62. @chuc555 The notion of "sticking to the Constitution" is silly. WE need to design laws that fit modern-day life. Ron Paul is wrong about quite a few things. He's not the answer any more than Obeezy is.

  63. No, he needs to re read the constitution. And he should stop there and think to himself "Am I reading the Constitution or the Declaration Of Independence?"

  64. Maybe what Herman Cain meant to say is that we should re-WRITE the constitution, rather than re-READ it, so that we can incorporate ideas from the Declaration of Independence into it?

  65. Haha he mixed up the constitution with the Declaration of Independence what a fool really is this what America has come down to??!

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