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Hidden Details in Avengers End Game | Freeze Frame | Avant Grande

October 14, 2019

Welcome U and I is a non profitabe organisation They have been helping out underpriviliged children By helping them in education, in building their personality And also teach all the necessities for one to build their career They are making this possible by having 1 Volunteer teach 3 students Coming Sunday (ie) May 5th at 6 AM in VOC Park Coimbatore A Walkathon event is to be held This might provide an opportunity to develop their organisation by getting more volunteers So lets all join in this event and extend our support to them So come walk with us, to make a change The registration link for this event has been added in the description box Don’t forget to register We would also be coming to the event Hoping to see you guys there The amount of expectations, hype and the difficulties involved in booking tickets for this film was on par with tamil movies with lead actors Avengers End Game, A cinematic milestone 11 Years in the making After 21 films leading up to it, End Game has given an epic conclusion So obviously there are a lot of call backs and references to the previous films Now we’re going to share all the details that we have noticed Since this is a Freeze Frame for a Marvel movie, what we have done is Marvel is always known for their End credit scenes With reference to that, we have also added a detail after the like share subscribe portion Don’t forget to check that out This is Freeze Frame for Avengers End Game Every detail counts This film marks the final camero appearance of Stan Lee There will be a sticker in the car Stan Lee is driving It would have the words ‘Nuff said’ This is a famous quote of Stan Lee “You know, I guess one person can make a difference. ‘Nuff said.” Stan Lee is that one person who has created so many awesome characters And has given this amazing emotion In addition to that He was also the Backbone of Marvel So in order to give a perfect send off for this special person They have used his quote beautifully At the start of the movie, Iron Man would be doing a particular recording In a dialogue he would mention that he has been stuck in space for 21 days No, 22 days is what he would mention What does this 21 and 22 refer to? If we see the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order The 21st film is Infinity War 22nd film is End Game At the end of the 21st film Infinity War only he is getting stuck in space In the beginning of the 22nd film he’ll be in space What would be Iron Man’s thought at that moment is He would feel he would pass away in space on the 22nd day But what they have actually tried to convey is He is not going to die on the 22nd day Instead, he would die in the 22nd film (End Game) is what they have tried to convey We are able to conclude this from When he is lying down all worn out Nebula only would lift him up and make him sit If we note that position His neck would be tilted towards his right side Now when we come to the climax portion He would pass away in the exact same position He would be seated and the neck would be tilted towards his right side So they have done a small foreshadowing work Denoting that Iron Man would die at the end of End Game After Iron Man dies, there will be this one single long shot in the funeral scene Would reveal all the characters who have are present in the funeral Such as Captain America, SpiderMan, Guardians of the Galaxy and so on There will be a boy standing towards the end We were not able to recognise who the boy was when we watched the film first time around After searching about it came to know that he is none other than The kid from Iron Man 3 who helps Tony out By giving his sister’s watch and help charge the Iron Man suit They would turn out to become good friends and this can be seen in the climax too So the boy in the funeral is that kid, he has grown a lot So respecting the relationship (ie) friendship between Iron Man and the kid Giving such a cameo in the funeral scene made it even more touching Iron Man would go to 1970 to obtain the Tesseract In that scene Iron Man’s father would mention about Professor Zola So who is this Profesor Zola? He is the one who would have fed his consciousness to a computer To live beyond his Physical Death Even in Captain America Winter Soldier There would be a scene where Captain America and Black Widow interact with Zola’s consciousness He would become terminally ill in 1972 So technically he would still be human in 1970 So Howard Stark mentioning Professor Zola is a neat reference to that In addition to that Zola will come as a villain in one of the Captain America comics Captain America will be aged in that comic book Even in End Game climax Captain America will get old So the name Zolo has all these references In Captain America First Avenger Film Steve Rogers would have promised a dance with Peggy Carter But because of the events in the climax he wouldnt be able to fulfil his promise In End Game Captain America would remain in the past after returning the stones So finally he would fulfil that promise after many years They would be dancing At that time, a song will be playing in the background The name of that song is ‘It’s Been a Long, Long Time’ It matches with the time they have waited to get that dance In addition to that, this song was a huge hit in 1945 All the soldiers who survived and went back to their homes This song would convey their feelings a lot If we see the song lyrics It would match their life situation So the song selection here is great Avengers will time travel right? The name of the mission would be ‘Time Heist’, but why that name in particular? The writers of Infinity War decided to write the story in a heist pattern This is how they have written it and they have mentioned this too They have followed a similar writing pattern for End Game too Thanos will go in search of the Infinity stones in Infinity War Avengers would do the same in End Game Nebula’s memory files would provide vital information for Thanos in Infinity War Same thing in End Game as well Thanos would come to know of important information through Nebula’s memory files Gamora will be killed in Vormir when they go to retrieve the Soul stone They would have followed a camera angle showing her death There will be a particular background score as well In End Game Scarlett Johansson (ie) Black Widow She will sacrifice her life for the Soul stone If we note the camera angle and background score of this scene too It would be same as Infinity War So many aspects Would match between Infinity War and End Game writing patterns That is the reason why they have retained the word ‘Heist’ in End Game Here the Avengers are time travelling to obtain the stones That is why they have mentioned it as ‘Time Heist’ Marvel’s two pivotal characters can be said to be Iron Man and Captain America If we look into how they have defined the character arcs of these two characters in their origin stories Captain America would be defined as a True soldier in First Avenger movie His main motive would be to serve his country He would be ready to sacrifice his life too without any hesitation for that But at the same time if we look into Iron Man’s characterisation He would be portrayed as a Billionaire He would be manufacturing weapons and so on But then After one point of the film his character arc will start From that point onwards
he would want to help others He would feel it to be his responsibilty as well He would feel like helping and protecting others is his responsibilty Be it the steps he takes after seeing Thanos’s army at the end of Avengers 1 This is how they would have defined his character So with relevance to that in order to save everybody’s life at the end Iron being the key to it has defined his character journey in a great way We know that Captain America would always want to serve his country They have written it in a way where he has fully served for his country In addition to that they have created an opportunity for him to lead a normal civilian life When he goes to return all the stones back to their proper timelines One can tell that they have done a small swap here Captain America starts his journey as a soldier and then ends it with a normal civilian life On the contrarty Iron Man’s journey begins as a normal civilian He gets the soldier arc in the end and that has been done very well In 1970 Iron Man and his father would be having a conversation At that time Iron Man’s father would tell his wife is pregnant Iron man would tell that he has a daughter as well Iron Man’s father would say it’ll be great to have a daughter When asked why he feels so, Iron Man’s father would say that if its a boy then he fears the boy would become like him looking for the greater good instead of his own self interest We know that his son is only Iron man So as per his words Iron Man would sacrifice his life for the greater good leaving out his family So what are they trying to convey through this is that Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan Would lead a life exploring her self interests Iron Man’s funeral scene has another detail as well Remember the long shot that we mentioned where they show all the characters in the funeral The last person they show would be Nick Fury Nick Fury would have a certain expression on his face Why is he giving such an expression? and why is Nick Fury shown at the very last has a significant reason At the end of Iron Man 2 Nick Fury and Tony Stark will be talking about the ‘Avengers Initiative’ There will be a report there The report will read that Iron Man is eligible to be an Avenger But it would be mentioned that Tony Stark is not recommended The scene ends with Nick Fury asking Tony Stark to be just a consultant with S.H.I.E.L.D If we what is happening in End Game Tony Stark is the one who sacrifices his own life and saves everyone So what they have indirectly meant here is The one person who they thought wouldn’t be fit to be an Avenger (ie) Tony Stark being mentioned as not recommended to be an Avenger That same person only has ended up saving everyone by giving his own life In addition to that Through that last dialogue ‘I am Iron Man’ They have sealed the fact that Iron Man and Tony Stark aren’t different in any way.
They are the same If you have liked this video do hit the like button comment and share with yout friends Do support by subscribing to our channel Don’t forget to click the bell icon as well All the films in the MCU will have post credit scenes But in End Game alone they didnt have any But actually they not kept it visually, they have added a sound at the end Its the sound of a hammer hitting a metal Thats the sound they have kept here This sound refers to Iron Man 1 When Tony Stark is building his first armour He will be hitting a metal with a hammer That’s the sound they have retained here Marvel Universe has gone on to become such a huge success Iron Man 1 is undeniably one of the most important reasons So with respect to that to Glorify Iron Man’s character They have retained this sound

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  1. Doctor Strange will see that 1 success rate in infinity war and he will know that iron man will be that one who will save the world and he will sacrifice his life in endgame. Hence, he gave the time stone to thanos in inifinty war to save iron man. But previous scenes, he will say that he won't care about anyone while saving time stone.

    Doctor Strange will raise his pointing finger in endgame before iron man snapped his finger. That pointing finger denotes that 1 success.

    Love u iron man.

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  8. Black widow jumped off the cliff by herself. This is not a sacrifice made by Clint Barton. He should’ve pushed here. And, Iron man could’ve killed Thanos without even making a snap as Thanos was nothing without stones.

  9. Aayirathil oruvan, Anniyan, hey ram, dasavatharam, mankatha, polladhavan, vettaiyadu vilayadu

  10. Freeze frame in your video,one of the guy wore avengers special t-shirt symbolizing love for marvel😊😊😁

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    அவெஞ்சர்ஸ் எண்டு கேம் படத்தில் கொஞ்சம் நஞ்சமல்ல மிகவும் அப்பட்டமான லாஜிக் problem நிறைய இருக்கின்றது அவற்றைப் பற்றி துளியும் சிந்திக்கவிடாமல்,
    படத்தை ஆஹா ஓஹோ என்று பாராட்டும் நபர்கள் போடும் வீடியோக்களுக்கு லைக்கும் கமெண்டும் வந்து கொண்டே இருக்கிறதே நாம் ஏன் இப்படி இருக்கிறோம்.
    ஆன்ட் மேன் டைம் டிராவல் செய்யும்போது குழந்தைப்பருவம் இளமைப்பருவம் முதுமைப்பருவம் என்று மாறும் பொழுது ant மேனனின் சூட் உள்ளேதானே இருப்பார் ஆனால் கேப்டன் அமெரிக்கா மட்டும் டைம் டிராவல் செய்து பின் வரும் போது இறுதிக்காட்சியில் தனியாக வந்து அமர்ந்து இருப்பார் இது எப்படி சாத்தியம்?

    அந்த கற்கள் பதிக்கப்பட்டு இருந்த கையுறை அணிந்து கொண்டு helk snap செய்து முடித்த பிறகு ககையிலிருந்து கழட்ட முடிந்த அவர்களால் ஏன் கடைசி காட்சியில் அயன் மேன் கையிலிருந்து கையுறையை கழட்ட முடியவில்லை,
    இதை நாம் சிந்திப்பதை விட்டுவிட்டு அயன்மேன் இறந்துவிட்டார் என்று கண்ணீர் அஞ்சலி போஸ்டர் ஒட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்க. Hmmm

  14. If we combine all the duration time of movies of the MCU then its total is 3000…that's why tony always said i love u 3000…small detail…all time fav iron man miss him in MCU

  15. Bro
    If Infinity War is 21st film, 22nd film is Antman And Wasp.
    23rd Film is Captain Marvel…

  16. Bro nan late but, civil warla cap vandhu tonytta nee dangerous illa, aana selfishnu solvar aana endgamela adhu poi nu tony prove panirvaru, selfish a ilama sacrifice panitu mculaye biggest villianuke nan dangerousnu prove panirvaar

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    And 3000 na all marvel movies oda play time

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    Another hidden thing..movie la credits apram scene ila..but credits mudinja apram marvel studios nu logo varum apo hammer hit pandra sound kekum "tong tong" nu adhu Ironman first part la mark 1 armour seira apo avaru hammer use pandra apo vandha adhe sound

  20. Iron man 1970s la avanga appa va meet panrapo oru dialogue irukum. Antha dialogue than Thanos KITA irundhu easy ah infinity stones ah collect Panna help pananum… Athu tha miga mukiyamana dialogue within the movie connection la. Atha sollama vitutinga @avantegrande

  21. Bro I hav one doubt….gamora stone kaaga sethaa….aaana time travel device moolamaa Ava thiruppi vanthaa…athe stonekaaga than black widow sethaa avala en time travel panni kootitu Vara mudiyaathuuu

  22. @3:30 he is not that guy
    Iron man 3 la tony stark oda mandrian ex girlfriend oda paiyan bro
    Because antha age categoryla antha paiyan varuvan

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    1. Antman avanga daughter a parka veetuku pogum pothu oru paiyan kitta pesuvan. Avan normal characters ah or someone special in tat movie. Because avan look konjam different ah irukum.
    2. Bad Nebula will get only 1 time machine liquid only so first she ll come to present. But Thanos and soldiers how they come next

  25. Better you should agree to negative comments and put like for those comments too.. Only u put likes for positive comments and appreciations.. Thing you agree or suggestion comments also u should respect… Thumb down

  26. 3:57 Tony Stark's father is Howard stark is not zola , he is the head of Hydra after the pass of johan Schmidt (Red skull)

  27. Bro idha miss panniteenga. After infinity war only captain marvel released. Total 23 films. Plz refer Wikipedia

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