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Hidden Details in Pariyerum Perumal | Freeze Frame | Avant Grande

September 11, 2019

Welcome Viewers!! We have many happenings in the society!! Cinema is the easiest tool to reach the audience about anger and temper towards it.. Many Directors used this idea in the past.. This same idea is used by the director in this film.. From the start to end of the film every small details has been given crisply !! We are going to share the details with you.. In freeze frame for Pariyerum Perumal B.A, B.L bar.. Every detail counts !! At a point of time in the film, Hero will be dipressed after getting beaten up in a marraige function.. “Nan Yar” song will come at that time.. Artworks behind will reflect the feelings of the hero !! In this shot they’ll explain it, Like he got stuck by a snake, scorpion biting, eagle strinking Artworks like Crocodiles, lion will have a human in its mouth has been done.. It symbolizes a brutal behaviour… In this shot, we have two humans.. a male and a female.. They two are trying to reach out to hold their hands together… This is prevented by the animal attack..this is in sync with the film.. In a particular portion, a dog will help a human..has been picturized..which actually reflects his feelings.. In the climax, Dog “Karupi” will help the Hero His feeling and thought has been represented till the end of the climax.. Normally when we love or in a friendship with a girl.. We used to say that she remains in our eyes.. This has been shown visually by the director.. In a portion of film, Hero’s face will be in blue colour.. When you look at his eyes… Jo is here…there is a small detail here.. Some story will be conveyed beautiful by using the colors.. Black and white colour pattern has been used in Vikram Vedha.. You should have judged the colour pattern used here..It’s blue.. Hero will hesitate to tell about his dad and his work.. and brings in another person to act as his father after a point of time,the hero comes out of his nutshell and says I’m who I’m. Then,he brings his real father to the college keep this sequence in your mind.Before this, a song sequence appears and there, the hero is tied up here,the hero’s face is painted blue and he breaks the chair in which he’s tied up. the reason behind these actions tells us the hero is breaking his shackles and says he proud to be who he is. after this,he wears anklets that symbolically tells us about the hero’s father’s work. It also tells us that the hero is going to embrace everything that will come in his way from there onwards in that particular sequence. All this is fine.But why blue?The favourite color of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar is blue. To explain the ideas of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar,blue color is used. There is a quote here…It is the quote of Che Guevara He has given many quotes…what’s special about red color is that.. Colour of communisim is Red, they have played with this colour.. This film’s timeline 2003 to 2008 2003’s reference is…. Hero will be writing 10th standard board exam… 2003 has been mentioned in the board Later when he goes to college..2005 to 2010 batch has been mentioned in the ID-Card After that, a grandpa will commit a series of murders… First murder will be done by pushing a boy from the bus while hanging…it’ll come in news.. The first dalit President of India, K.R.Narayanan’s death day November 9, 2005 is the death day.. Note the poster near by.. The same Grandpa will hang a girl…the same will come in news.. Look at the poster SIBCL Protest.. This is the protest against Coco Cola company done by Tirunelveli people.. They have mentioned it here, it occured in 2006.. Look at the poster I mentioned earlierly, now its torn In this shot, students will move to 3rd year Welcome Poster has been placed here… This poster is about “Manjolai Padukolai”…this has been placed .. After that, at 2008 that old man will commit suicide by jumping infront of a train.This will also feature in the news. 64
00:04:37,204 –>00:04:37,148 If you see the poster,the year will be mentioned as 2008 Previously we mentioned about Manjolai protest [INTERRUPTS] Hey,that’s my dialogue. Oh so I should’nt say that right. So this Manjolai riots is the riots that happened on the 23rd july 1999 The workers in protested for the hike in their salary Then this protest turned into a riot When the workers tried to escape the riots,a lot of them drown and die in the river To throw light on that incident,there is a news poster that refers this incident. The poster also stated that there should be a statue that should be built in their remembrance. Also to build that statue,the people requested place for it. Below this particular news,the information about the kid who was hacked to death by the old man is also present So,in both the places,deaths occur due to drowning.This is highlighted has a reference and is donr beautifully done. In the movie there is sequence where both the hero and heroine get into a fight and she’s entering the classroom the classroom will be full of desks and the board will be empty. While she’s leaving the classroom,the classroom will be empty and the board will be full of 0’s. But,the desk in which the hero will be sitting will be present along with a note. That note is the note which the heroine gives the hero. The reason behind the board being filled with 0’s is because,the first incident in which the both of them meet will be the one where the hero writes only 0’s in his note. After the heroine leaves the classroom,Karuppi [the dog] enters the room. After the accident,Karuppi will be decipated.But, to bring realism to imagination,Karuppi appears with the wounds which beautifully works. As Pradeep said earlier, there is a lot of reference for Ambedkar..There’s a lot of art works too.. Normally there’ll be a lot reference to Dr.Ambedkar in Law Colleges His photo is in the table, documents and in that room This film is indirectly linked with Dr.Ambedkar Pariyen will be singing a song.. In this shot, we can note Dr.Ambedkar’s picture.. Pariyan will be preparing for exam..his hall ticket is in his pocket.. Between 2003 to 2008, there is a hit TV programme ShaktiMaan.. In this shot there is a small sticker of ShakthiMan On the same period, a dilemma existed about the number plates… In this shot, there’s a white colour number plate and black colour number plate.. In that same period, Sania Mirza was a sports star.. They have stuck her picture…Those books had Jyothika and Sneha pictures printed on it.. This is because they were famous at that time… A old man who will commit murder will be a Construction worker To symbolize that note his T-shirt with RAMCO concrete print….In last portion his T-shirt with Emulsion related print… Listen to this song portion.. ‘Song Lyrics’ Likewise, there is some artwork behind ‘Song Lyrics’ Kabadi Jersey of the Pariyerum will have the same artwork… Artworks are extraordinary in this film.. Reference about Yogi Babu’s dad will be the councellor In this shot, a guy will playing Flames….quote about Councellor will be written.. Hero will carry a gift wrapped with gift cover of blue color.. Color reference is matched here.. Home Town of Hero is Tirunelveli..Essence of Tirunelveli is captured like its Language… My Grandpa had the habbit of keeping the comb in the front packet…This character also had the same habbit… Beyond this, Lion Transport is famous from those olden days.. Those buses are used in this shot…They’ve crafted the movie very tastefully.. If you like this video..Do Like, Share,Comment and subscribe… If we have missed any details in this film…Do mention it in comment.. You have commented many films ..we are working on it..Freeze Frame will be released soon..

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  1. Bro last la antha tea vechi oru close up shot varum athula ena sola valranga pls bro sollunga @avant grande

  2. ஏறும் போரும் ,எம் குல தொழில்…….. Vera level thank for that information

  3. இந்த படத்த எடுத்ததுக்கெல்லா ரஜ்ஜித் ஓவரா வாய் பேசறா ஆனா இந்த படம் ஒரு தவறான உதாரணம் பாெண்ணுங்க எல்லாரும் இவங்க பின்னால சுத்தர மாதிரி சித்தரிச்சு இருக்காங்க.

  4. என்" போன்ற"பரியன்களின் வலியை சொன்ன படம்….law collge Dr.B.R photo irukum defaulta But இந்த படத்துல முதல் principal வரும் போது அம்பேத்கர் இருக்கமாட்டர் அந்த principal சமத்துவத்தை ஏற்காதவர் …இரன்டாம் princpalவரும் காட்்சிகளில் மட்டுமே அம்பேத்கர் படங்கள இடம் பெற்றிருக்கும்…

  5. 2007 la use Panna water bottles miss pannitinga Anna movie la kamchu erukanga erunthalum SEMA super super

  6. You have missed to talk about the dialogues.. which has many hidden details! Maybe revealing it can create issues to you. But, being hidden speaks a lot than opening up. I can point the dialogues, if you cannot grasp it. I came here just to listen about it. Disappointed !

  7. In the law college scene after interval when the heroin is sitting in the table there will be a book Family of Law which resembles to a law college

  8. நான் கல்லூரி படித்து முடித்து விட்டேன் ஆனால் இன்றும் எனது கிராமத்தில் இப்படிப்பட்ட வாழ்க்கை இருந்துகொண்டே தான் இருக்கிறது

  9. Na mainna antha climax la tea colour vachu difference solirupangala athasolla maranthutigala but your all make a excellent job

  10. Brother blue colour vanda ennathaka vatchi irakangana ninga solrada pila ada jathiya kataradaka neravisayam sariya sollailla ninga blue is not proud it s something different

  11. Boss one small question
    Lion bus opposite side la oru car podhu parunga adhu eppo 🏎️ made pana car (Maruti Suzuki) ethiga made cars boss ☝️

  12. And hero law college avanga amma kuda pogum podhu okay mistake Anga eruku
    Canara Bank upo epdi simbol post panirun thanga ??

  13. பெரிய புலுத்தீங்க, தாயோளி சொடக்கு போடமா சொல்லமாட்டாங்கலாமா

  14. It was really a super analysis of this film. Kudos to the entire team- Avant Grande. Actually i am media student, and i am my research is about Mise-en-scene this film. Really good… Good Luck team.

  15. படம் நல்ல இருக்குப்பா. இயக்குனரை பாராட்டாலம். ஆனால் அவன் வெளியே பேசுவதெல்லாம் ரொம்ப ஓவரா இருக்கு.

  16. Bro 1st seen la paiyan team chinna kuttaila kulichittu dogla kulupattittu erupanga …..Vera cast pasanga vantha odane ealunthu poiduvanga….vanthavangalla oruthan antha kuttaila intarvel povan athu evlo periya mettra solluthu atha vittingle…..🤔

  17. Sodakku sounds in ur videos are highly irritating. 😁 Pls avoid. Other than that you guys r extremely amazing.👏👌

  18. அந்த படத்தில் கல்லூரி (introduction for college scene) நுழைவுவாயிலில் நிறைய கொடிகள் இருக்கும்.

  19. பரியேரும்பெருமாள் படத்தின் இயக்குனரின் மிக நேர்த்தியான கவனம் நீங்கள் கூரிய குறியீடுகள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  20. நடக்கும் கொலைகள் நிஜ உலகில் நடக்கும் கொலைகளுடன் பொறுத்தி காட்டி இருக்கலாம்.

  21. பரியன் பாடும் பாடல் இம்மானுவேல் சேகரனார் நினைவாக பாடப்படும் பாடல்

  22. அந்த தாத்தா பரியன் ஏந்த ஊரு னு கேட்டும் தும் பஸ் ல பக்கத்துல உக்கார மாட்டாரு

  23. Inum climax la varra tea tumbler ke artham padhi pethuku theriadhu…
    Blue(ambedkar) vandadku aprm dan kai kattellam udayum…
    Hero voda peru ku reason… especially "perumal" ku karanam…?
    BABL mela kodu meaning?

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