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Hidden Details in Thuppakki | Freeze Frame | Avant Grande

October 20, 2019

KALAM – a big techno-cultural fest is going to occur in our college There are about 90+ events totally for technical and non-technical events… Music director Santhosh Narayanan is going to come for this event.. Date is from Feb 28th to March 2nd…Kalam’s website is given in the description box below… Plz do check it out.. It’s going to commense in Sri Shakthi Institute
Of Engineering And Technology, Coimbatore.. Let’s meet in kalam!! Welcome Viewers !! When a famous hero’s film is going to release.. Mass element, Hero element, attractive moments will be there.. In addition to this, if there is
logics and detailing works in it.. It would be great, wouldn’t it? A movie which came 6 years back but still feels fresh !! It seems like we aren’t getting bored, it’s magical…isn’t it So that’s why Thuppaki is still in our hearts.. We watched this film, they have kept a lot of detailings… We are going share the details with you… In Freeze Frame for Thuppaki…Every detail counts.. Many of us know the term “Sleeper Cell” only after watching this film, this is a normally used term.. It’s technical term is “Clandestine Cell System”.. In this scene, a book “Military Leaders till World War-2″… William, James, Edward and Collin..this
book explains these 4 members These four members are important Military leaders
of Vietnam war that took place after World War-1. Their opponent gang is Viet Cong.. Viet Cong gang used sleeper cells.. Eventhough sleeper cell concept has been introduced in World War-2.. Later Viet Cong used Sleeper cells highly…. It’s awesome to place the book..
To refer this detail… “IC58464 Captain Jagdish reporting sir !” will be said by Vijay.. From this we can identify him as a Captain in Military.. In this shot, he’s wearing a bag.. Below that letters “PT” is found in front of his name.. Short form of Captain is “Cpt”..they have mentioned it clearly here… When you see the photo frame behind … He’ll be wearing another military uniform… Actually, there will be two types of uniform in military… One is Camoflague uniform used for On-field actions and missions… This uniform will be used for office purposes.. Though Vijay was not involved in
office work in any of the scenes… They have given gud reference to this scene… When you note the fight sequence closely… We can clearly guess it as Military man’s moves.. His fight moves will not be random… His moves will be To Kill and To Defend..will be
clearly seen ..They’ve worked clearly on it… To know which team among the five teams have planned shoot out.. Villain will select one member from each team to
kidnap their female member in their family… Vijay will send his sister…and
she will be kidnaped in a signal.. Here there is a black coloured Skoda car…Vijay’s
sister will be kidnapped in this car.. After that fight sequence..Vijay will tell the girls that he’ll drop them
safely and he’ll insist them not to say anyting that happened there… Look here..He’s opening a black coloured car…which was in that signal….in which his sister will be kidnapped.. Indirectly director conveys that.. The car in which the sister is kidnapped.. He’ll drop everyone in that same car… In this film there’ll be lot of attaractive
scenes…twelve men shoot out is to say in particular.. It will be executed perfectly…vijay will say a dialogue… “To place the bomb at 4 different places ..Serial blast, we know that too” This is not to say in this film…but it’s a true incident in 1993, 12 bombs were blasted.. So to reply to that they’ve placed this reference… Apart from this…in 1993 bombings Most of the bombs are placed in the car and blasted… So to refer this, in the climax scene Vidyut Jammwal
will ask vijay to park many cars at different places.. Initial credits in this film will be in superb animation sequence The opening animation doesn’t just show the significant
places in Mumbai…but we feel it has more meaning …. When we decoded it…we discovered a lot of details…let’s dicuss it.. These are the real life incidents.. This is also to refer the incidents in the film… In this shot, red coloured bus can be seen… Many of you would have guessed it…
This is to refer the initial bombing… Apart from this, one of the 12
men shoot out will be done in a bus…this is also referred.. Gateway of India along with a small boat is shown here… This is the important factor…because Even in the shoot out scene..they’ll show the Gateway of India and that boat… Here they are showing the Dhobi Ghat here… This is the place where Vijay will do the shoot out actually.. Reference for the 12 men shoot out has been done brilliantly… In the climax sequence, Villain will ask Vijay to park the cars…. This was explained by Pradeep already…”How they matched it with the real life incident?” In this shot, they are showing the Victoria Terminus… Vijay will park a car here… They also showed the Stock Exchange…Vijay will park a car there too.. They have done the detailing works smartly here too… Apart from this, Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay title card will be shown.. When you give a good thought to it, one of the
greatest entry scene of Vijay is that Smoke scene.. So to match that..they have done this awesomely… In this shot, they are showing the Local Trains… You’ll think that Local Trains are common.. how can we
decode that when it is shown in the animation sequence.. This detail will be conveyed by Renny.. Let’s see how this scene matches with the real time incident…as said by Prince.. On July 11,2006.. 7 trains in ChurchGate station moves from Mumbai… Each train had a bomb and a terrorist attack… In 2008, Mumbai attack took place… First attack began at Leo Paul’s cafe… Villain will be speaking to Vijay.. Villain will give the location details of each and every 12 men to Vijay…and will threaten them to death… A bomb will be blasted in Infinity Mall… He’ll say a name firstly…that is Sidharth Shetty… When we question his location…. He’ll be in Leopold Cafe… Finally he’ll say a name …That is Surendhar… He will be in Churchgate Railway Station… Many realtime incidents are mathched perfectly acoording to the film here… We can see a beach behind… That’s the place where Vijay will be thinking…and also he’ll sleep and refresh himself… Each and every minute sequences are placed from
the start to end to refer something perfectly.. After bomb blast in the bus, Vijay will have captured the terrorist… He’ll identify places by using the paper
which was with terrorist and the map… As soon as Vidyut Jammwal gets an info that his colleague
has been caught, he’ll send a message to execute plan B.. Vijay will know that when a terrorist has been caught admist of the plan..they wil Plan A is to blast that 12 places… Then..what will be plan B? When we decode Plan B.. As soon as 12 men shoot out is over..Vidyut Jammwal
will come to find out the guys behind this shoot out.. He will view the flow chart of the place where the 12 men shootout is done… In this shot, name of the places is written where the shoot out took place… When we locate those places in Google maps…it gives this structure… So, the structure of Plan A and Plan B is different… So, According to plan B all the terrorist are moving to a Petrol Bunk.. These places are identified as petrol bunk because… In this scene, can you
locate a newspaper article.. In this article, “These are moving towards petrol bunk” has been printed… Vijay’s room has many art works…we decoded it.. Jagdhish’s character, book preference and movie preference can be decoded… In the first half…In this shot, a movie named Thunderball poster is placed…it’s a James Bond film.. It is released in 1965.. Apart from this…Dragnet series poster can also be seen..it’s
from 1950’s and 60’s and it’s a famous crime series.. Charlie Chaplin’s The Vagabond movie poster can also be seen It’s his all time classic film.. So, we can understand that he
watches these kind of movies.. In this shot, Robert Bly’s book is placed there… Robert Bly is a poet actually.. He has been writting many poems since 1960… We can understand that he reads
that time period poems… He’ll be reading a book…and also he’ll sleeping by keeping the book aside… From this shot, we can understand that it is “Gang Wars Of The North”.. This book is about a real life crime story..so he’ll read this kind of books too… Additional detail about Robert Bly is… He’s been writing poems since 1960.. As Pradeep said about that Vietnam reference…He has also written poems about Vietnam war.. To refer that… this book has been placed… Lido’s dance poster can be seen… We can understand that he
loves this dance too… A 12 men shootout will take place… Eventhough his team mates will be in
confusion..Vijay sir will have a clear view.. They’ll have to seperate as they have work at 12 different places… In the film’s initial stage, Vijay sir will solve Rubix cube… When he starts sleeping..the cube will fall down.. The cube is solved here… He has figured out the 12 men shootout plan already… We can assume it by looking at the solved Rubix cube.. We saw about the artworks based on Jagdish characterization .. Let’s see about the General artworks… In the climax, Vijay will be in a situation to make a bomb.. Handicapped Military officers will be there… They’ll be in their place and will be speaking… In this shot, Circuit Division has been mentioned… The major component to create a bomb is the Circuit… So to make a bomb they have to speak to their
division..They’ve used this logic perfectly… Kajal Aggarwal and Vijay will be in a situation to go to Jayaram’s House.. In this shot, “The Right Moment” book will be placed.. This book is about world War-2 and Jayaram is
Military officer this link is given perfectly… Villiain Vidyut Jammwal will be in Gulmarg… In this shot, can you see a artwork? I saw this same art when I travelled to North India.. I’ve never seen this art in South India.. They could’ve created that scene by making a set in South India or
they could’ve created a that scene by travelling to North India.. According to me it’s a great reference to that scene… Vijay will go to Kajal Aggarwal’s house… There we can note 2 twins…. In this shot, their shoes also will be a identical
pair…so they have used it as a perfect reference… In the opening scene, vijay will
have a attractive fight scene.. In this scene we can note his shirt…. Along with his shirt, we can note many other Vishal, Neelamani and Siddharth… These three names can be seen, they are the team mates
of Vijay..we can note that in the final scenes… Above that, usually friends or team mates will hang their dress together… That logic is super, In this shot, a guy is cheering… In this shot, we can note that guy in tweleve men shoot out… There is a bus ticket behind… I think you can note it…this bus ticket is from the scene
wher Vijay sir will catch a terrorist nearer to a bus… Obviously, if he wants to travel in a bus..he has to take a ticket.. This bag is his own… Bus ticket is placed here… The film will be in a flow… Sleeper cell term will be introduced in this movie.. A person will explain what sleeper cell means… In this shot, Karthikeyan Rtd CBI
officer tag line will be mentioned… He’s Rtd CBI officer in real life too… The movie will be in the flow.. Kajal Agarwal will come to Cafe Coffee Day to meet Jeyaram.. Here, “Wrong timing Come back later” sticker is placed… A small sticker is stuck here… Kajal Agarwal will call Vijay continuosly but he’ll hesitate Does the sticker seem to match with this scene… If you like this video, Do Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe… If we have missed any hidden details in this film do mention it in Comment section…

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