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Hidden Details in Vada Chennai | Freeze Frame II | Avant Grande

September 9, 2019

We know that you’ll be in bad temper… We couldn’t release the freeze frame on the given date There was a small technical error We don’t want you to wait anymore Let’s move directly to the detailings This is Freeze Frame for Vada Chennai…Every detail counts Like we say Kaali is Vigorous Goddess In those days, before going to war Blood offerings will be done in order to prevent the blood fear amongst the soldiers Above that, we followed some beliefs that death won’t be near Likewise, in this film Guna’s gang will plan to kill Senthil In that Carrom Board tournament scene As soon as Senthil comes out they will kill him In this scene, before he comes out …his hand will be hurt and will bleed Take a look in this shot, they have kept Kali Goddess picture There will be some change in situations where Dhanush will have to kill Senthil But Senthil won’t die… Here we can see the blood bleeding and Kali Goddess picture How did they relate this??..How did they think this??….My God!! In the previous video, we have introduced the Riple effect concept.. Let’s see how it works On a stable water, I’m dropping a stone Immediately the riples will occur and travel We just dropped a small stone but the riples will move for a longer distance Similarly, we gave this name because a small action produces a big reaction Here, we are going see about the two small actions of Rajan.. The first action is ..In the intro scene, he will get down and come walking from his boat…there will be some children playing Goli.. Here, a boy named Amid will ask for Binocular and Rajan will give him that… Lets keep this mind.. Amid is a friend of Dhanush He’ll use the same binocular….and spot Aiswarya Rajesh They’ll approach her to get the machine back She will refuse and so they’ll go to jewel shop to meet her dad Lets keep this aside Rajan will buy a jewel in a shop for Andrea in a song sequence Here, we can see Aiswarya Rajesh father…he is the tie in character After Rajan’s death, Andrea will sell that jewel to take revenge.. She will be in the same situation to be in the same jewel shop They have set the sequence so that two important character come to the same location But how did Andrea know that Dhanush is the key??…We can be succesfull only if we move with Dhanush..How can she judje??? It’s not possible So to overcome this.. We know that there is character Fortune Teller Lady She’ll say,”Chandra,He is the son of Manimegala..I said that…he wil come searching for you,didn’t I ??”… These are the two small actions of Rajan…this is very important to join these Two pivotal characters…. Rajan will build SingaraVellar Ninaivu Mandram for the local children…. This is because…..He is the first man in India to initialize May Day or Workers day celebrations.. Not only that, he is from Chennai and is from Fishermen family…so to mention that.. In this scene, his photo is painted on the side of the Mandram In this film, there are a lot of recurring characters..but they didn’t have many portions.. But still, they’ll come all along the movie.. A Contracter character will be blackmailed by Guna to get all contracts In the last portion of the meeting, a road contract will move towards Guna.. After a 15 years gap, the same contracter will give the contract to Guna.. Next a MLA character will be from Rajan period who will be sitting amongst the people In next shot, he will promoted and will give away the prizes to Dhanush In the final meeting, a person who was sitting amongst the people is now sitting in the pannel Can you see that aged person??…he is that MLA A police man will cut the funk of some… There …a guy will say that he is from Guna Label…and escape.. He will be standing along with Guna in this restaurant… Finally Andrea will say that these guyz are the real right hands of Rajan… We can spot these guys with Rajan in the restaurant after his marraige….and on a bike ride.. Outside Rajan house there will be a problem …we can spot these guys there too Finally Rajan will thrash Java Palani, Guna, Velu, Senthil….we can spot these guys there too…. So these small characters are placed correctly at every part of the film….this is great work.. Movie’s timeline will be in perfect sync along with the real life historic events In 1986, Pope visits INDIA Radha Ravi will address that Pope will visit us the following year…. From this we can define that Movie begins from 1985 Later in 1987 Rajan’s death will coincide with Dr.M.G.R’s death In 1991, Anbu’s storyline begins with the death of Rajiv Gandhi’s death Later character Shakar will be dead In this shot, 1997 condolence poster can be seen We can see a lot of newspaper Articles.. In this shot, director Rajkumar kidnap news can be seen..this occured in the year 2000 Later Dhanush will come for asking his bride permission… In this shot, August,2000 calendar has been placed Immediately in the jail sequence, there will be a carrom board competition.. In this shot, Aringyar Anna’s Birthday Celebration has been mentioned His birthday is on 15th, September So the timeline of the Historic events been properly used Just think about the art works given… while there are a lot of art works … Character Shankar will come to jail.. In this time period… they have placed Vinayagar picture and Thiruvalluvar picture.. When Dhanush comes to same jail, we can see Muslim picture and a Murugar picture These are two different timelines and extraordinary art work.. In Rajan time period…Rajini and Kamal will have a huge fan base Here Paayum Puli Rasigar Mandram board(Rajini fans)has been placed In Dhanush period, Thala and Thalapathy boards has been placed.. After marraige, Rajan will love his wife more so that he’ll name his boat as Chandra… So ..the film is full of Art works and detailings….this is an great work.. Lets see about some funny facts in this film.. Dhanush and Padma’s father will be speaking in a scene.. We can see a painting ” En Rasavin Manasile ” behind There were a lot of films in 1991 This film has been mentioned specifically because…this film director is Kasthuri Raja Kasthuri Raja is the dad of Dhanush.. In this scene, when we take a closer look we can identify him as Velraj Cameraman of VadaChennai… He is the VIP film’s director…he has given a Cameo role If you like this …Do Like, Comment and Share…more impotantly Do Subscribe If we have missed any detailing work do mention it in comments… We are eagerly waiting for the arrival of VadaChennai 2…to give a Freeze Frame….

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  1. Other Details that we were not able to mention in the video due to lack of time are
    1. As many had mentioned the way Jawa Pazhani gets killed and Senthil gets stabbed by Anbu are parallels to how they attacked Rajan. There is a parallelism even in Anbu and Rajan's way of marriage proposal.
    2. In the scene in the Jewelry shop after Rajiv Gandhi's death where Chandra sees Anbu we can see people having pink slips in their hand, likewise in the scene where Rajan buys Jewels for Chandra we can see bill books with pink color slips in them showing proper continuity.
    3. One person named Narendran Santhanam had mentioned in the comments section that when Rajan goes to meet Chandra's father he will say a dialogue, "She is the one who acted in Aayarathil Oruvan" this is a reference to Andrea who has acted in the latest version. But he is actually talking about Jayalalitha as we can see the newspaper article in his hand has a news about her.
    4. Anbu will inform Guna's gang people about Sampath (The guy who buys meat inside the jail). Sampath would have stolen their money and would have bought some extra meat to sell for his own benefit. Anbu does so because he is loyal to Guna but he can not show it out directly. Thats the reason behind that action. In the scene where Anbu gains Senthil's trust in the first viewing it can be seen as though he is taunting Guna label guys but he is actually giving a sign that he has gained trust.
    5. Few had mentioned about the Calendar that clearly matches with Rajiv Gandhi's death day (21.05.1991) in the scene where they inform about his death, it would also match with the timing of his death.
    6. To show that Rajan is an MGR devotee we can see him wear a ring with MGR's picture.
    7. One person had mentioned that the voice in the Radio that informs about MGR's death was accurate to the 1980's.
    8.In the year 1997 Anbu will kill Jawa Palani and when he escapes from the spot he will wear an Indian cricket jersey which was actually used in that period.

  2. Semma details movie ku award kudukalam BGM la mass pannirupan santhosh vetrimaran is a gem of script writer from Aadukalam 👍

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