Hidden Storage Behind a Picture Frame
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Hidden Storage Behind a Picture Frame

October 20, 2019

Combine the fun of a hidden compartment with
the usefulness of a storage cabinet in one great package. I am going to turn a medicine cabinet into
a framed picture with hidden storage behind it. This is great for bathrooms, bedrooms,
really anywhere you need some extra space but want to keep the room looking nice and
clean. Before you start, you’ll need a standard recessed
medicine cabinet – one that’s meant to be installed in the wall between studs – and
a framed photo that is big enough to act as the front door. Remove the mirror from the
front of the cabinet, but keep the hinges attached so you can replace that mirror with
your picture. And depending on the type of hinges you have,
you may have to use a chisel or a Forstner bit to recess the hinge plates into the picture
frame backing. Screw the hinges into the picture frame, and make sure that your new picture-door
closes completely and sits flat against the cabinet front. Now it’s time to install it. Once you know
the general area where you want the cabinet, you have to find your studs. If you don’t
already have one, you will want to pick up a stud finder. This one also finds pipes and
wires, which is a great feature for working on interior walls like this. Trace the back of your medicine cabinet onto
cardboard and cut out a template, and then you can use your stud markings and this template
to trace where your hidden compartment is going to go. When you are choosing a location, some things
to keep in mind: If there is an electrical outlet, a switch, or a plumbing fixture adjacent,
there is likely to be wiring or pipes in the wall, so be careful. Also, wires usually go
directly up and down inside the wall to feed a switch or socket, so don’t position your
cabinet directly above or below a socket or switch. Cut the opening with a drywall saw, and test
fit your cabinet. If it all fits nicely, you can add some support for the top and bottom
of the cabinet. Measure between your studs and cut 2 2x4s to length. Put them into place
and screw them into the studs securely. Now you can place the cabinet in, and use
your level to make sure it is positioned properly. Use the provided hardware to attach it to
the studs, and check that it’s in there securely. Perfect! You’d never know there was hidden
storage behind this picture, would you? If you enjoyed this, make sure you visit Lowes.com/HowTo
for more exciting and fun home improvement projects.

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  1. What size frame did you use? What exact size do you use for a standard recessed medicine cabinet? i.e. frames are sold by the size of photo, not the size of actual frame.

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