High-Capacity Magazines Are A Constitutional Right?

September 30, 2019

ron johnson is the guy who beat senator
russ feingold in wisconsin wisconsin used to be an incredibly
reasonable state course a little like republics from time
to time and i would like democrats but it has a strong progressive
background and cared about that have been stacked
now these days it election not jobs like ron jobs the fact matters though is he’s a sick demented you evil individual and
unfortunately i don’t think society can keep demented individuals from obtaining any
type of weapon to kill people mean somebody who wants
to purposely harm another individual is going fine method doing attn this
this is an issue about guns knows this is just really an issue about sick
demented individuals and it’s a tragedy and i i don’t buy don’t think there’s a
solution here in washington solve this problem nine oh what a lot for being with you
try to solve the problem lessening you know is they’re crazy people who can of
course i would agree suits right i’m sure i just would agree and what right does the says is we
should have no solution so they should be all be able to buy air
fifteens and shotguns and all that stuff until as many people in your local areas
they possibly can well government which is on the prop white keep going on if they’re anything that we as a society can do to protect
ourselves from these kind of twisted still
unfortunately i don’t believe so now that i would i wish there was a wish
i could wave a magic wand make this tragic away i wish i could wave a magic
wand pass a lock to prevent something like this in the future but you can’t act matters i really don’t
think there is other then look to our families that are communities secular
education system you know we’ve got a real still values in in in what we’re
teaching our children there but we could give me a magic one
we rehab outlaw it would’ve been there fifteen and the mags levels a hundred bullets it would have it then from nineteen
ninety four two thousand poured into a a magic wand it off it just took and politicians who cared
more courageous bill clinton that a pass now you guys are voting party in two
thousand four let that laps and would he have been able to kill as
many people without as they are fifteen of course not of course that everybody knows that
everybody has a concede that all about there’s nothing we can do it
now that we could do ron what you mean to say is there’s
nothing we can do it as long as i keeping donations from the n_r_a_ uh… i i choose not to do anything
because i’d get paid to be there bitch and and this has become a lunatic and i
believe it i believe it’s part of our three day
uh… now you might have weapon you like and
i’ll fight anybody like if this kind of quiet are produced i bet you run johnson would have said
the savings i’ve got nothing we can do it i was there was a magic wand to stop by
the propelled the days but obviously there is a hate you don’t work cancer go to war with iran because they
might get a new but is there no limit on the second
amendment ten bob down the street have a nuclear
weapon it says in the second amendment right to wear bear weapons the spell that comes nuclear-armed dorms at cincinnati
application so can bother a nuclear weapon but
there’s another way to do i wish we had a magic wand we just don’t will directly
to that point is mad that it all over the country and we got it
make sure we but they made their weapons that is we can’t really but where we saw held that republicans or
how they did and i do on keeping it from our committees and
their stays a madman which i keep the weapon from this
address is sending you were regulated six months crazy might use it so within this case it’s difficult for
your home and week bullies regulate that businessman
you know they can do about this the same thing no ashely right if you will really
believe is a little more represent from texas said earlier it’s all these
republics a that more guns equals more safety more
weapons eagles more safety being you should be ecstatic that are on might get
a nuclear weapon because the more weapons the more safe
we are right that’s your magic right keep it going to use runs out of propellers all criminals or always be
able to get a record of what i want to have a life threatening for for example
i mean black tries use the term assault rifles into really talking bolster my arm adequate means that really are used in hunting that’s
what happens in wisconsin these these are you know rifles and people use in hunting yet because apparently we have
incompetent hunters in wisconsin but it all school rifle gossip and
that’s instead we should have been able to go
with a little for them default alot dear actor that was a real man and a real unter wire on just the keep ingenious co it’s really an issue freedom and i dot i swore an oath defender fast usually part of that pastor shins sacramento
which guarantees a right to bear arms these types laws infringed by that right now in charge us imminent you can’t you simply can’t keep
these weapons out of the hands of sick demented individuals who want to do harm
lemon when we tried you restrict our freedoms net you can’t keep them out of
their hands you’re choosing not to and by the way the second amendment the very first phrases uh… well-regulated militia at well regulated militia but he was although i think it was on
the same as was back then they didn’t mean well-regulated they meant to cocoa puffs or estas frankly stars hell well regulated what you guys are
strict instructions you wanted to see jumping sacrifice it
because it’s just a so you also a bear arms if you’re part of all well regulated
malicious hoarded tissue hoped for but contentment we’ll all the same and just don’t quote
right well but there’s nothing we can go yell
out a lot you strong milled around how about applying he can he have i_d_’s what is he now i can you bring in a tank
to have movie theater the start shooting it that you know that some people do have
things in this country work world we lost our lives in this country for weapons at okay i mean by guest we’re going to be tested
on how many people were willing to get massacred before we turn around
on these laws and ron johnson saying this interview basically i don’t give a damn how many people are murdered ever going to turn around and this and i don’t think that this right is
limited in any way shape or form or should have been sick leave any
regulations i think to that point do you know the
republicans voting down heard bill say that people on the terrorist
watchlist candid guns do you think you got a terrorist should
have guts steven jones you strong jobs and i think that’s that is the truth this i mean irresponsible individual
have been caring weapon maybe maybe you prevent some of those deaths some
goals some those injuries and this is the truth and maybe you could have had a
fire fight and killed many more people these are people in a theater but but
this is a matter at a massacre as it was with them understand that’s right bucket so he had thrown smoke canisters first it’s a dark theater dark theater smoke everywhere ron johnson brilliant senator from
wisconsin his ideas pull more guns how do you know the second shooter is papa good guy our bag i remember it
in columbine colorado only about fifteen miles from aurora colorado there were
two shooters labeled an aris so how do you know people in the same t how do you know we’ve seen the first
shooters on or before shooter how do you know when the cops come in who issue as
four guys eight guys have their guns full what the hell icon supposed to do this a recipe for disaster and i tell you all this but because of what’s already happened
that’s oredi holborn tragic and often as you can tell a very emotional about but i’m telling you you think it’s over where no we’re just getting warmed up businesses that temple dot icebergs these guys are convinced the country to
buy more more weapons were buying for nap million tons a year in america you know how many of these massacres in
a breakdown and yes the next time somebody else is
going to have a gun does not agree scared to death on the guns so they’re
gonna protect themselves and then next time two or three people are gonna start
shooting at each other and it’s gonna be a nuts media market they are definitely gonna happen and while massacres this has become part
of the american culture everybody cat can anyone denied that we
won’t have another massacre guys firing semiautomatic weapons with that with magazines that hold
dozens of bullets thus anybody think that’s not gonna
happen again and real soon but you have centers like johnson saying
uh… what there’s nothing we can do about it because we get paid by the n_r_a_ and
we’re shows a not to do anything about it genius ron johnson one more but i also i really would hate to see a
tragedy like this used to promote a political agenda to reduce americans freedom enough of
our freedoms have already been taken away we want to stand to lose any more no because republicans don’t want
politicize a tragedy white nine eleven which they ran on for
nearly eight we say iran all of their campaigns on we see invented a country that let me
know with it picnic red email any norman’s jain into
a political campaign what are you a little more politicized
tragedy this anyone believed to be sure was iranian agent that we would know ready have launched
bombs on on now nothing seriously freedom muslim act say that he wasn’t iranian aging kit
shot seventy people in that when we fear in colorado twelve of them debt right he shot six year olds who as i think that the republican
report of size that and right now because of it full-scale invasion of overall note you are only a lot of politicize
the tragedy since republican purposes and it hurts their funders like the
n_r_a_ that all alright colleen shiite i don’t
believe anybody would politicize this track this tragedy is political is because of the political decisions the republicans are made and democrats
have can work too and oftentimes supported that these people are getting killed
more and more of them are getting filled by these assault rifles semiautomatic weapons at endless number of course in these
magazines it is there pulls i’m not missing words that maybe or anything like that more people got killed because of these politicians refusing to do it anything about these
incredibly deadly weapons it is your co-author ron johnson is that clear enough

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