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  1. It's funny how humble teachings of Jesus, teachings of selflessness, and frugality turned into a political powers like Catholicism and Protestants.

  2. I don’t believe this history a penny.because the Saxon invaded England who were stupid peoples at the time even wearing PYJAMA for war . How could they defeat the Saxon ?
    Please where those egotistic English placed the story of Dominic who built most of English castle when they invaded them ?
    Look at English military accoutrement red they borrowed from German (Prussia). Without Saxon, they would still wearing there Phjama to war. They thought we didn’t know there history.

  3. Here we go. They were impostors because they were not true kings Nd Queens.
    When Dominic built them castles, he started given those title kings, Queen, duchess etc.

  4. Thé house of Windsor should be Plantagenet not what the world is seeing today in England . The Plantagenet famille tree said it loudly and clear like water.

  5. Henry, son of Henry, fough Henry, the son of Henry at the battle of Henry in Henry22. This lead to the death of Henry and the ascension of Henry to the throne until he himself was deposed by Henry, the grandson of Henry in the year Henry39. This was known as The One-Henry Years War.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I don't remember history that well from school and did not appreciate it, although I was a straight-A student. I am now very, very interested in history, especially the timeframe you present. This is fascinating!

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  8. I'm born and raised in the good ole U. S. of A. But I'll say this…if I had to choose any other country to be from it would be England. I have never been there but I love the rich history. With the exception of you fuckers burning Washington in 1812, I and most other Americans consider you British as our brothers and sisters. We got most of our way of life from the Mother Country. Anytime we go to war you guys are right there in the mud, sand, sea and air right next to us. You gotta love a country that just cant accept any shit from other countries wanting to push them around. I'm always for The Mighty English throughout history in all the wars except the aforementioned fight you had with us. I like to think of tht as a misunderstanding. Lol We love England and all our British brothers and sisters across the Atlantic. God Bless all of you !!

  9. The subtitles are at times inaccurate. Not a problem for those of us who are familiar with the material, but in some cases misleading. Of particular note is the misinterpretation of "Jutes" as "Jews" at 12.24. Given the reaction of some towards the word "Jews" in various quarters this might be considered a serious, though I've no doubt, inadvertant error, resulting from a software shortcoming. If this is the case you may wish to correct the error to prevent future misundserstandings. Otherwise, a nice introduction and thumbnail of a complex subject (as human history always is).

  10. Some of the British comments below about an American doing a video on Britain are so pompous. Britain had its day in the sun and now is just an dark and rainy island full of Muslims

  11. In 1995 I got a job where I travelled all over the world, including Scotland and Ireland, (Belfast) and of course also England, but I referred to people as English and Scottish and Irish people got angry, I did not know about this with different countries and all this, and also, the word 'english' is a very easy word to pronounce

  12. So many facts wrong in this and it’s so boring, maybe do America’s history mate it’s more suited to you. If you get my drift. Kudos for trying though 👍🏻

  13. "Williams mother had a dream of a great tree extending over Normandy and England on the night he was conceived."

    First Woman in History to lie back and think of England.

  14. Those who trash talk the English (and British) need to understand that England and the Britisih Isles are in flux, constantly being faught over by various tribes. This continues to this day.

  15. It is fascinating that a document as monumental and powerful as the magna carta is predicated upon the idea that the king (ruling elite) is not greater than God. He cannot be an arbitrary tyrant. Interesting since atheist societies descend towards tyranny of the state. We have only really had a few atheist states, Nazi germany, soviet union and communist china.

  16. Good stuff! Very informative. I just wish you had paused a bit more for punctuation. Space those sentences out a beat or 2. It sounded like someone had a gun to your head while recording this. 😂

  17. Thank you!!! I'm American. Does an eminence amount of English have direct bloodlines to the major people in this part of the documentary? I'm also a 36th great grandson of Alfred the Great (direct bloodline) by way of my 9th great grandfather, Captain Thomas Trowbridge (Captain for the Parliamentary Army in the English Civil War.). Grandpa Thomas's mother was Agnes (Prowse) Trowbridge. Grandma Agnes reaches Grandpa Alfred by way of his youngest child, Ælfthryth.. Grandma Agnes's and my direct bloodlines go back and forth across the water between the elites of Wessex, Normandy, France (Counts of Flanders, French, to Counts of Hainault, present day Belgium). Other parts of Grandma Agnes's and my direct bloodline go directly to my 38th great grandfather, Grandpa Charlemagne, through my 19th great grandmother, Grandma Eleanor de Beauchamp, whom first introduces our direct bloodlines to being Kings with my 19th great grandfather, Hugues Capet, The King of France. "The House of Capet". It's so wild to hear you document this history and it correlate with my bloodlines. Many can't see arranged marriages in their direct bloodlines where the elite tried to build alliances for political and financial reasons of such importance. I'm absolutely thrilled to read so many English comments about the accuracy of your work. I look forward to watching more of your videos because I have Viking Kings' blood, French Kings' blood, Italian Kings' blood (Pepin and Bernard), and multiple other elites. Thank you for all the hard work.

  18. Amazing video. Would you ever consider doing a bit of a follow up to this that focuses more onto the English language (moreso how it changed from Anglo-Saxon into the Old English where it obtained Norse and French influence)?

  19. I'd like to add that Britain was never a land of indigenous Celts. That is, whilst culturally Celtic the peoples were not themselves imbued with the same Celtic blood as parts of France say. They were racially Britons, a separate people. Also what about the Isle of Man? You know the island slap bang in the MIDDLE of the British Isles?

  20. 24:54 Never again would an Anglo-Saxon Rule England. Wrong!!

    During the time of Henry ll of England, his Mother=Matilda of England, Daughter of Matilda of Scotland, daughter of Saint Margret of Scotland, daughter of Eadweard the Exile, son of King Eadmund ll of Englaland in House of Wessex. Henry's great great great grandfather was an Anglo-Saxon, he is the descendant of all future kings and queens of England, but he spoke French not English. But the Anglo-Saxons still rule England.

  21. Check out Alan Wilson's incredible research on the real King Arthur, Troy, etc. It changes not just the history of early Britain but World history as well.

  22. England committed terrible acts of violence against humanity in the name of civilisation.. this narrator started the blog,with the old lie from Churchill days. You are pathetic, bullshit pure and simple

  23. from my own point of veiw us welsh never had much Land! to start of with we were happy with very litlle what we had! cos' home is a home how ever poor it is, just wanted to Conquor us! that goes to show, how sad you people are, doesnt matter what Nation or Country you come from wear all the same. we share the same Sun.“Recognize that the very molecules that make up your body, the atoms that construct the molecules, are traceable to the crucibles that were once the centers of high mass stars that exploded their chemically rich guts into the galaxy, enriching pristine gas clouds with the chemistry of life. So that we are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. That’s kinda cool! That makes me smile and I actually feel quite large at the end of that. It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us.” Dros Urdas all Life Lost in the Anglo Saxon Great Batlles! Lest we never forget them.  Pendragon arthyr and his boys never yeild to no man. with a population around 3 to 4 million and you English in the 60's to 70's im prould we stood our ground we are small batlle hardened celts, murder makes the world go around, i always say take the red pill 😉

  24. It's Great Britain because the 'other' Britain is in France- Brittany.

    In French, that province is called Bretagne, and Great Britain is Grande Bretagne.

  25. The Druids did not want to write anything down because they believed it would be bad for memory. Hahaha. Where have I heard that one before?

  26. Massive respect to Edward for expelling the Jews.
    It's always the cursading warriors (then and now) who spend their youth in service in far off lands who become wize and pure enough to see the real underlying problems in society when they return… Everyone else is too concerned with short term gain and feathering their own nests to even recognize the fundamental problems, let alone rock the boat… They're too afraid of conflict and loss to challenge evil, a weakness which soldiers exorcise early on. As long as the cowards are personally ok they can preach the so-called virtue of tolerance 'til the cows come home… They don't care what comes after them… If they did they would have crusaded like Edward.
    Mark my words; Only national service will save this country.

  27. The romans didn't like sacrifice, crucifixion was ok though.
    Yay, an American that acknowledges Caesar didn't gain anything after his 2 attempts invading Britain..
    All other America utube sites re thst subject, all claim Caesar won & etc etc ,,, ..
    I'm impressed so far ..

  28. You didn't mention, the ICENI were one of the original tribes to welcome the Roman's.
    Along with the trinovantes & others down south.
    Mainly because they'd spent the last 100 years under their Catuvellauni over lords .. unhappily.
    So much so they preferred the idea of Roman rule .

  29. Saxon era, way oversimplified, the green area wasn't all Saxon.
    StAlbans wasn't Saxon until early 7th century.
    StAlbans is centre of your green area ..
    Other places like StAlbans were still self governed long after historians initially thought.
    Archaeology provides that evidence.
    Viking Britain, again way to simplified.

  30. Edward confessor DID HAVE A HEIR , WILLIAM DUKE OF NORMANDY was the legitimate heir,
    Harold was a usurper ..
    I dunno where your info is coming from, but it's very well documented that William wasn't confident at all, nog until the battle was won

  31. It wasn't a civil war ,, Stephen v Matilda .
    You give the words Henry supposedly said, but you never mentioned Beckett & Henry were best friends b4 he made him archbishop.

  32. Edward the 3rd defeated the Scots army & put their king in the tower of London ,
    Along with the French king captured previously at battle poitiers or at crecy ( cant rem without Googling)
    So I don't know whsts classed as little success….

  33. Edward 1st learned how useful the deployment of archers using the long bow were when fighting the Welsh, soon after every able Englishman had to learn/ practice using the longbow, it was fighting the Welsh that English had to change the standard use of cavalry , and where the men ar arms fought on foot in certain situations,
    The Welsh English battles taught the English about a whole new way of fighting, its lucky Wales wasn't as big as Scotland bc they were better fighters .
    Scotland taught English nothing new , unlike the Welsh.
    England did want to fight the French 8n open battle but the French preferred to hide in their castles, which forced the English to use diff tactics to make thd French come out & fight , a chevauchee where the English would march across France spread about a mile long burning & killing everything in their path , until eventually the French had to come out & fight … & lose ,,, lol

  34. A good video, I enjoyed it, although you crammed too much in , should've done it in several parts .. 2000 yrs in 50 mins , it wasn't bad tho considering how much history England has.
    The tudors were usurpers , Henry 7th should never have been king , he had no proper claim , his father was a
    piss pot emptier, .
    Awful dynasty the Tudors. Paranoid Henry 7, selfish Henry 8th causing untold crap changing English religion from catholic to protestant just to marry
    Edward a nutty protestant, destroying centuries of historical buildings bc they're too catholic,
    Mad Mary , a nutty catholic burning 100s of innocent people as heretics.
    Elizabeth, married England, so had no kids , meaning a Scottish king was her closest relative.
    My interest in history ends after Richard 3rd diesl

  35. The term British/Britain is a term introduced by the royal parasites to diminish our nationalities. Now we have the European Union trying to get us to say we’re european now.
    That’s the easiest way to rule if everyone identifies as one group!
    Shame they never pulled it off….
    Or was that the plan….
    Divide and conquer
    Keep filling countries with different groups because they know there will be conflict like there always has been!

  36. Just to add,,the map of the UK at 14:16 in the video ,,Wales and/or the welsh people were refered to as Cymry/Kymry until around the year 1560 wales was then called Cambria

  37. modern day England and WALES, the modern day Welsh are the Britons at that time the english were in germany , this is Welsh history NOT english history at this time

  38. lol the saxons. came to defend. english be like:"thanks for helping here is land!". stays. have families. invade the freaking english afterwards.

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