History of Victoria Parliament
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History of Victoria Parliament

October 27, 2019

Hon. Bruce Atkinson: The Legislative Council was actually the first
house of the Parliament established in Victoria. It was established in 1851, and it essentially
had the role of drawing up Victoria’s constitution, of commissioning the building of these houses
of Parliament, and of introducing the secret ballot. So three fundamental activities that
were crucial to the establishment of the parliament that we have today, were undertaken by the
Legislative Council between 1851 and 1855. The reason for 1851 was because that was when
the New South Wales government granted separation to the colony of Victoria. Hon. Christine Fyffe: This beautiful
building was built during the gold rush, and actually the first federal parliament sat
here while they were building in Canberra. It’s quite interesting that although the parliament
was established in 1856, women did not get the vote until 1908, and it was quite a number
of years later before we saw the first woman elected into the parliament.

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