History of Victorian Parliament 1836 – 1851
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History of Victorian Parliament 1836 – 1851

August 24, 2019

RAY WRIGHT: If we’re talking about the evolution
of the Victorian Parliamentary system, I think it’s useful to divide that up into four
distinct stages. The first stage is before we had a parliament, so between 1836 and 1851,
the area we now call Victoria was a squatting district of New South Wales, it was known
as the Port Phillip District of New South Wales and it was governed entirely from Sydney.
Revenue raised in the area was spent elsewhere in New South Wales, we had very poor levels
of representation, it was really very inadequate. So that right through the 1840s there were
calls for independence and separation from New South Wales. That eventually takes place
on 1st July 1851, so that brings to an end our first era.

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