Homeless Person Bill of Rights to Become Law in Connecticut?

September 18, 2019

we kinetic it is now the second state in
the country or is primed to to be as should say the second state in the country which will pass and the homeless persons
bill of rights the bill as being eight ninety six ads homeless people as a protected class
who cannot be discriminate against in employment housing or public
accommodations there are the bill as seven protections
one day maybe move freely in public spaces to have the equal opportunities for
employment three receive emergency medical care four register to vote and to vote five have personal information protected six have reasonable expectation of
privacy in his or her personal property and
seven receive equal treatment by state and municipal agencies now basically what this says is that you cannot be denied these things if you
lose your home so we’re not protecting a unique class of people per se we’re protecting all
people who in the event that day lose their
home for whatever reason and must sleep on
the streets cannot be subjected on that basis to some form of discrimination by either
the state or a private entities when it comes to employment or when it comes to voting eccentric satara the bill is now uh… awaiting covered ameloid signature once he signs it it is scheduled to take
affect of on october first twenty thirty mike i say connecticut is now uh… poised to be the second state in the country with uh… such a bill of rights for people who lose their
homes and have no homes uh… rhode island is the first and it’s possible will see something
somewhere in your knowledge and uh… oregon and delaware which are
considering similar legislation so uh… the good news and that accord and the

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