Honda Odyssey Frame Restoration and Customization
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Honda Odyssey Frame Restoration and Customization

October 19, 2019

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  1. just move rad to the rear bar if it ever over heats and overflows the drive will be burn horrible . just thought .

  2. These fl350s tend to break at the cross bar where the engine mounts are. Would be a great idea to add some gussets 👍

  3. You should scarf the joints like aircraft do.. starts to show scarf joints at the 6:12 point. (Don’t know how to make the time clicky) Love your builds!

  4. Wait wait wait WTF happened to senderella in the background?! Is nobody else gonna notice the whole back axle is torn out??

  5. Everything is coming out perfect except that factory exhaust looks like it's weighs 100 lb I would have fabricated out of Muffler tubing and put a cheap aftermarket eBay Muffler can't wait to see when you finish it looks good

  6. See what you done with the socket to join the frame that thing is going to fold like a deck chair 😷😷😷

  7. you are about to give life to a dune buggy with a snowmobile engine, you are really fantastic! great!

  8. New sub here, you guys have some great fab skills and the camera work is off the hook!! Great work!!

  9. so when that radiator cracks or gets a leak do you really want boiling coolant spraying all over the back of you? get it away from your body!

  10. I used to tear across fields in my Uncle's Odyssey and field mice would end up in your lap. I loved the steering wheel layout.

  11. I'm curious what the aftermarket looks like for these. does anyone sell long travel kits or air shocks that have the same eye to eye length! and of course bigger wheels and tires.

  12. Make another playlist so they’ll play in order. Can’t wait for the next video. Run a snorkel system so you can hit some deeper mud/water holes. Think it would be a mad max look.

  13. Cada día me sorprenden más chicos, además agradezco mucho los subtítulos.
    Sigan adelante van por muy buen camino chicos

  14. Dude this thing is badass this what me and a buddy of mine do on are spare time, is build stuff that we find in junk piles most of the time🤘🤘🤘🤘

  15. Think a would have ran that exhaust only down the right hand side with a smaller silencer leaving room on the left for the radiator. Dont like the thought of that radiator near your head incase it gets punctured. Keep up the great videos guys and excellent work from Scotland

  16. Hi, yes, congratulations for the projects, I'm from Brazil, and seeing these projects, I want to invent some crazy things around here too (sorry if I hear any errors in the testo because I do not speak English and I had to use google translat)

  17. Great job guys! I’m currently working on a golf cart with a 1200 sportster motor my 3 sons think it’s sick.

  18. doing the exhaust pipe first is absolutely the correct way to build any two-stoke special! flashbacks to that hoonigan golfcart exhaust..

  19. What's happening I think it's pretty cool that you're redoing an odyssey I used to have one long time ago when I was a teenager man brings back a lot of memories what years that was mine was in 87 lines of 350 did you say you're that's 800 you're putting on that but I think it's pretty cool yours is probably going to be a lot cooler than mine was but I think it's awesome have a good one

  20. Build barbie kart with this type engine

  21. Love watching your videos, keep them coming!
    Out of all the videos though I really would have mounted that radiator elsewhere, lots of room to get it away from the drivers head…. just saying, burns suck.

  22. I really enjoy your projects. This should be a hoot. I bet the u joints will be the first casualty from the 800cc engine.😁

  23. Would be pretty cool to build a tank like go cart using the tracks from two snowmobiles, one on each side.

  24. will you guys ever do a 2 stroke jetski build or any other watercraft? i can totally see you guys with a kawaski sport cruiser!

  25. Hey guys i don't know where else to drop this info. I was in the livestream chat and mentioned SAAB B234 for the taco, and even the E36 if you wanted to. Cheapest RWD option transmission is 1998-2001 isuzu rodeo 2.2 2wd WCT5. BMW trans are also usable with a PMC adaptor plate. I can provide more info, i have a bunch of notes for this, as i'm doing it to my e36. For power, you just need a motor from a trionic5 car and a TD04 19t saab upgrade turbo from ebay and you can make 350-400 on the stock computer. They can be programmed like standalone with the rightt software.

  26. Come on guys put the built projects away or cover them at least. Everytime you guys grind or weld over the projects it makes me cringe. Your air intakes should be snorkels seeing that the engine is so low. Keep up the good channel!

  27. I like the build & all BUT; i would definitely reposition the engine{(IF AT ALL POSSIBLE)if not just be safe)} maybe turn the top end forward/down so that [big nasty(name/kind of pipe?)] pipe will be more outa the way of elbows & top portion of seat,.. we all know that byotch gonna get hot AF!!! possibly an accident w8n to happen,.. pipe burns are some nasty burns, i've seen skin get stuck to fatty pipes b4, dude was stuck to it and had to pull himself free leaving most of the skin/meat from hand & forearm, not to mention the smell when it began to burn off afterwards. That's a KickAss build fellas, i've enjoyed watching build process, best of luck..

  28. Looking sweet. Couple things I noticed. The radiator right above your head and neck is placed well for optimal air flow but I have a feeling you will regret putting it there the first time you ever blow a hose and have hot 190 degree water down your neck and on your head.
    Placing it on an angle on the rear down tubes of the cage would be a little safer still plenty of air flow still plenty of room for maintenance.
    Exhaust is way too close to that seat. Even the heatshield won't be enough. Moving the seat 3 or 4 inches forward would be beneficial.
    Also would be good to see that 2 inch .180 wall tubing for the bottom rails as well. Alot of power and twist and a really long extension.

  29. Extra cooling is good. Means you can mash the throttle for longer without worrying about overheating.

  30. Lol one exhaust pipe nice easy to work with mine has 3 pain in the ass to fit them in chassis

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