Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson Subpoenaed By House Judiciary Committee | Deadline | MSNBC
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Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson Subpoenaed By House Judiciary Committee | Deadline | MSNBC

December 15, 2019

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  1. Pelosi has stated that Trump commits an impeachable offense every day but maintains that it's not politically expedient to impeach him. Where in the Oath she swore does it state that she would defend our Constitution but only if it's politically expedient? What's the difference between Pelosi and Trump if both put political expediency before the law and before doing their sworn duty?

    Pelosi has also stated the Trump is deliberately goading the House Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings by doubling down on his crimes of obstructing justice. She seems to be implying that if they take that step they would be falling into his trap! In fact, Trump is not goading the House but simply taking full advantage of her indecision in order to strengthen his position. How can anyone with average intelligence not realize that simple fact?

    Now she is insisting that the House should take a step-by-step approach towards impeachment. How many steps does she plan to take before arriving at the inevitable conclusion that the House has no option other than to launch impeachment proceedings? Of course, that is only inevitable if the House takes only steps forward and not backward. The longer it takes, the more aggressive Trump will become and the harder it will get to achieve the desired objective. WAKE UP, DEMOCRATS!

  2. Let them, one by one, defy the law for trump. When they get hammered, one by one, for loyalty to trump over country and the rule of law, the penalties will stack up and send a message to trump and the GOP in Congress. And not a day too soon.

  3. They know there are no consequences for not showing up. Congress is toothless and the Dems are scared to lose an election they still don't have a very good chance of winning. Nothing will happen to DJT. Not now. Not if he's re-elected and not when he returns to public life. This is a huge joke and good citizens of the U.S are the punchline.

  4. No members of Trumps cabinet are required to testify – Article II, US Constitution. You imbeciles are so naive

  5. I am realy confused, how is it that we are being slaughtered and my party seems to think we are 1 up. 5 monts no unredacted report, no taxes, no bank statements, subpoenas blocked, People in Contempt joking abot and now we are being Investigated. A group of delusionals talking impeachment when We are the Minorit. Anxiety and Panic Workshop read it

  6. Trump is fighting for his life. When Congress get a hold of the Deutsche bank financial info, the Mazars accounting firm financial info and his tax returns Trump is toast. There is no legal reason for this information to be withheld from Congress. It will take a bit of time for it to go through the courts but Trump's time is counting down.

  7. The URGENCY, Donnie Deutsch, to cripple Trump, is that every day he's in the oval office as a 'legitimate' president, he affects the lives of real people in our country. He's destroying our environment, our treasury, and social programs badly needed by the poor and disenfranchised.

  8. This is The Democratic Delay!! Nancy P. Could not hold over sight over a wet paper bag!! This fail attempt by her is all to familiar!! Impeachment is necessary and warranted!!

  9. Sorry Donny but the longer the moron sit in the WH the more damage he does and the longer it will take to repair IF it will be repaired. You see Donny Trump is not only destroying USA within but also destroying USA among its allies and the rest of the world, heck his policy even damage for other countries. Not only the fact that he destroys the economy in the world with his trade wars and tariffs and penalty on EU etc he also endanger it with leaving the middle east to Russia, threatening Iran etc.
    Trump need to go now and not by waiting.

  10. Hi Nicole.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Nicole.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Nicole.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  11. Subpoena everyone! Eventually someone will come in who doesn't want the contempt charge on their record.

  12. The Demonrats and fake Lying news media can't Except the Fact that Crooked Hillary LOST even with RUSSIA help and Ukraine admitting they helped Crooked Hillary with a fake Russian Steel dossier to Frame Trump so boo hoo and there is your real COLLUSION and OBSTRUCTION.

  13. Let's just keep having subpoenas ignored, & meanwhile, T keeps getting bolder & bolder to act like the destroyer of our democracy. Just stop.

  14. The next time a committee has a no-show, use that time to read directly from the Mueller report. Each member should read one of the acts of obstruction; why waste the opportunity to get the word out on live TV? No witness to question, so use your 5 mins to tell the world how Trump obstructed justice.

  15. Could it happen that Trump could finally haul off and direct the US military (of which he is the commander in chief) to take up defensive positions around the White House where he and all his cronies (most of whom having been subpoenaed) are holed up waiting to be air lifted to Air Force One for further transport to Russia of Ukraine? Tom Clancy, are you busy right now ? (IDK, Just thinking.)

  16. yes… leave trump in longer… if he is a puppet for putin, im sure leaving him in could do absolutely nothing to damage the country in the meantime… nothing at all…

  17. To JAIL with MCGAHN. he is a lawyer and he knows the laws. And also disbarred him.,WHO need more crooks lawyers?

  18. In order to get impeachment going the American voters must have or produce a non-partisan individual for it to work smoothly

  19. I had no idea about this person Annie Donaldson. There is no way that the trump circle can ever put out all of these fires 🔥
    Nancy Pelosi, what an extraordinary intellect. Jerry Nadler, He is Tyrion Lannister. This is a man small in stature, high in mind, an extraordinary intellect. Adam Schiff, Charles Schumer, and soooooo many others.
    Using reproductive rights as a distraction is pure evil. This will backfire on trump because the intent is to protect trump, not women, not children, not life or choice or anything other than trump . Not to protect our country….beautiful, wonderful, not perfect (we have a long way to go but look how far we have come) truly awesome country. We have many beliefs that have to do with love. And there are some that have to do with hate. We are to love one another, cherish all life, and support the value of that life forever…..all of us loving. Agape love.
    If your not ready to do that then you have no say in the decision of life you don’t support wholly, loving, supportive…..always

  20. Remember, EVERYTHING CONGRESS DOES ON THIS ISSUE SETS HUGELY IMPORTANT PRECEDENT. It’s vitally important they do this right

  21. Because of the damage to country, the caged children, the bombs dropped, whilst you're stacking your chips Donny. It's why police don't meander to crime scenes and use APBs, because the perp is AT LARGE.

  22. Guys, this is almost over for you. The actual exculpatory evidence for George Papadopolous is being declassified next week. This whole idea about the Russian investigation starting with George P is about to get blown up. Dems are on the verge of impeaching a President based entirely on a set up.
    George's conversations with Halper, Downder and Misfud were all recorded and were withheld from the FISA court, despite the fact that George states that Trump had nothing to do with the Russians and that doing so would be treasonous. In other words, it is evidence that disproves the Dem/MSM/FBI narrative. Fine if don't believe what I'm saying, but it's all going to be out in the open next week. Sorry.

  23. Steyer needs his head shoved all the way up his butt and kicked rolling all the way to getmo traitorous pig

  24. And just like that the chess pieces of PAWNS are starting to fall then comes the horseman and DON the CON right into the slammer !

  25. So if everyone is under orders from Trump to defy their subpoenas, and we're going to jail everyone that defies the subpoenas, let's send one to DeVos too. In fact, this could be the year the entire Cabinet goes to jail simultaneously. Yippee.

  26. Suppose Pelosi comes out tomorrow and says, "We're doing an impeachment inquiry." Using Donny's poker chips analogy, how does that take away any of our chips – or prevent getting more chips? When does the public get an appetite? You'll never have more than 45% – could easily lose that. Only the public spectacle of impeachment will engage the public. Risky, but integrity means doing the right thing no matter the cost. America needs integrity.

  27. Listen, as I see it, the sooner one of these people who has ignored a subpoena is marched before the Committee in handcuffs the sooner all those who have been subpoenaed will be happy to co-operate

  28. About time !! Go for the PSYCHO, his family of arrogant brats, his corrupt administration, and the racist GOP !

  29. Hope Hicks had great hopes for her career when she left Trump early. But now she may face a withering of her blooming reputation like anyone who works for or ever worked for Donald Trump has experienced.

  30. Pelosi is the chess player, go girl. The stack of cards that is the Republican Party is starting to crumble.

  31. Stating the obvious here, but if a certain POTUS, is “innocent”, why all the blocking ? Looking more and more guilty every day !

  32. Goexplain od show!
    Luckily they will never ever talk to the penguin in charge and the moron demorats in the House.
    Now maybe it is more important to talk about the released documents by Collins…something with Comey and Lynch…
    Some other stuff coming out too, tapes of Papadopoulos, Ohr testimony on the Steele dossier?

    Possible obstruction? MF imbecils.
    What the heck are you going to do when your fantasy tower falls (which will be soon)?
    Now how about polls, more and more people want an investigation into the FBI and CIA etc? No news there right?
    Seems the 2015 narrative keeps on going and you keep digging you own graves. It's time to lay down in it.

  33. NOT 1 SINGLE PERSON is going to change their vote dependent on the Dems impeaching or not impeaching………

    SMH – weak Dems.

  34. Let us not forget that Trump said his Daughter Ivanka is Hot and he would date her!!!! Yeah incest, I see what he has in common with his base.

  35. The reality is that all of Trump's supporters know exactly what he's doing and every day that he doesn't get put in check is another day they know they can get away with murder or ruining the country even more.

  36. Democrats are everything they accuse this our President of being. Sore losers are never going to be Americans. Let them dwell in their misery!

  37. Can you hear that Democrats! That's the sound of justice coming for your precious Leftists. There is nowhere to hide now. You better hope you have enough Rino's on your side!

  38. It is SO SAD that we all ARE SO ECSTATIC , thrilled even shocked when Judge ACTUALLY RULE AND MADE DECISION BY THE LAW, NOT for Trump's sake.
    We all behaved like ….IT'S CHRISTMAS PEOPLE

  39. I agree with: "Pelosi is playing trump like a fiddle – let him hang himself, keep the heat on, keep building the case, keep doing investigations. Time is on her side. We have until November of 2020. There is no reason to say "I am going down an impeachment" and immediately giving trump 'They are trying to take me away' narrative without the backup to it. Let him stack up so American people can see/hear more witnesses and trump's criminal behavior. Democrats will go all in at some point – why not have as high of a stack as possible. The impeachment process is not a legal one, it's a political one…"

  40. Hope Hicks is currently under wraps. She is being pumped and prepared by professionals in public relations and masters of legal ambiguity at debate.The rumor is that they are so serious about prepping hope they hired a personal trainer who wames ber at 3:30am to a metal trash can slammed against her headboard and a 3 mile run then a breakfast of cried chicken mashed potatoes n gravy collard greens fresh biscuits and buttermilk then her choice of apple pie , cherry cheese cake and bannana split.
    A loud speaker system was brought in to train her staying on point despite any distraction. A massive lunch following Boxing lessons at a private gym in Virginia then more pumping and prepping before spa treatment and relaxation therapy.
    24/7 intensive preparation. She is totally incommunicado.
    Try to find her.

  41. The only one that Nadler hasn't issued a supoena to is Kermit, the frog. He's wasting taxpayer dollars. Why don't the democrats want to help the American people? They are like dogs chasing their own tails.

  42. Pelosi is executing the wrong strategy. In Bill Clinton's impeachment, this was overreach by the republican's because extra marital affairs does not rise to an impeachment and the American people was clear on that. In this instance, this is about the rule of law and corruption, if the Dems hone in on this, the American people will be behind impeachment. They should play this out in plain sight. The republican's will fold and they will turn.

  43. It alway been rumor or of Hope being Trump side piece hoe first working at Trump Tower for Tump then for Ivanka fashion line in Trump Tower then Trump campaign trial and then the white house and Omarosa say she was clueless on the campaign trial and complete dumb in the white house.

  44. Why not make a short movie about the mueller report. So that people will be able to visualize scenarios of incidents in the report and understand what happened. Kind of like DATELINE. Some people don't have time to read and watch the news. If Congress wants to tell a story or describe a narrative, maybe a movie or documentary will make them interested and say, " Omg! POTUS did that? Impeach Trump!"

  45. I really hope, for the sake of the US people (and everyone else on this planet) that Pelosi knows what she is doing.

  46. Bs! Build the case against him on national televised impeachment hearings! If Donald trump gets re-elected it’s the Democratic Party’s leaders fault and they will need to be replace.

  47. Stay with Nancy Pelosi, because Trump started with a million dollars from his Daddy, Fred Trump, and a billion dollars from Russian oligarchs. But he lost all of that:
    Trump Casino: bankrupt
    Trump College: the students want their money back
    Trump Airline: never got off the ground.
    Trump looks like Dracula.
    Trump is now deeply in debt so he will have to go to debtors prison

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