House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: “We Couldn’t Stand On The Sidelines” | The Last Word | MSNBC
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House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: “We Couldn’t Stand On The Sidelines” | The Last Word | MSNBC

October 19, 2019

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  1. democrats smell "blood in the water"…..slow down and be careful what you wish for…poll how democrats would run against president pence….you might be surprised

  2. Why not, you stood on the side lines when Obama was selling guns to mexican cartels(fast and furious) and murdering americans when Holder wouldnt turn over the documents and voted in contempt of congress And paying Iran a $150 billion bribe to accept a treaty they didnt want or sign and murdering Americans. You Sho' 'nough stood on the sidelines then.

  3. Judging by the media and the democrats breathless reaction to this nothingburger, I'm starting to think Trump is the whistleblower.

  4. What great foreign policy hold Ukraine to nransom with money which is ear marked for them not from you from the USA. I wonder that money goes to a country at war with ooo Russia. So if you don't get help from Ukraine to get back in npower they don't get money for help for their people. Or missiles to get at Russia. I now wonder what dummy and Putin spoke about everytime he shut everyone except them 2 out of the room.

  5. No American should be smiling, laughing or making light of this situation, not even Late Night comedians. This is an incredibly serious situation and should be treated most seriously. The American Republic is now at stake. The Orange Stain will now be on the full defensive, and thus will use his full powers as president to destroy as much of the Republic as he can in order for him to emerge as the only leader standing. The Orange Stain wants to be the Dear Leader of the USA and does not care about who he destroys (in the literal sense) to get to that he wants.

    The impeachment inquiry is long overdue because the waffling gave the Orange Stain more time to erode American rights and tighten his grip on power in the USA and the world. It might already be too late to stop him. I seriously hope not.

  6. Fake news.

    Trump did nothing wrong at all.

    Lots of accussations no proof because Trump and the newly elected Ukranian president were discussing corruption.

    Both ran on a platform of "draining the swamp" meaning getting rid of cronyism and corruption in the politics of their countries.

    The Bidens were not .mentioned because of elections. They were mentioned because of corruption the topic of the conversation.

    The hypocrites in the Democratic party and the Fake News Media are seeking to claim, with no evidence, that the Bidens were mentioned because of elections. They were not. They were mentioned because of corruption.

    The presidents discussed corruption associated with the 2016 election. Apparently the DNC worked with people in Ukraine to start the Russian hoax.

    Trump and the Ukranian president discussed that aspect of corruption and the Biden's crony capitalism.

  7. Luhan of NM: you hide Richardson's pedophilia while he served our community! You knowingly fed that monster our babies so you could gain at the expense of they're safety, survival, and sanity! You deserve a life sentence in full security prison for the person you have shown yourself to be!! Please throw away the key on this lowly slime bucket!! For God certainly will: thank goodness.

  8. this is so wrong, to see America go threw this, but who is to blame just The President for this mess, outside looking in,, I have much respect for America, to see it in political turmoil is sad to me, and am sure many others in The Free World, The President is not a puppet period.>3 L LOVE TRUMP will always show respect to the oval office and 45 he will be forever,, he has served, maybe a one term President, but let us not forget the respect for Democracy! put all the facts on the table, yes reassure The Man, America owes him that, when he goes out to pasture like we will all end up doing. let him leave with his head held up high, we all deserve that! but mostly ALL PRESIDENTS! it is not easy to serve, Nancy Knows, God bless and we tryst

  9. What people are forgetting is Drumpf's love of Putin and Russia. His withholding money for defense was to allow Putin's boys to get in before the weapons came in. The Biden thing is Drump's idea about distraction. He is so lame, just using the same tricks he used in business, (which weren't very good) to divert attention from what he does onto someone else. He is the perfect example of a deflector. Everything he accuses someone of doing, he has already done many times.

  10. Trump is a colt leader! And no matter what he say and do, nothing happens to him, he would not stop do what is he doing and he does not and will not lose any of his followers! Open your eyes and see what is really happening


  12. You guys are a joke. Do you seriously think this impeachment will go anywhere ? If so you are stupid. But you are not stupid, you are liars. This impeachment is dead on arrival, the president did nothing wrong. It's all rhetoric, what are they impeaching for ? I agree with Adam Schiff's statement, this whole thing is a parody.

  13. I'm very disappointed in our DOJ. A cabinet who is there to protect the security of the American people and not defend a rogue "leader" who randomly condemns our own intelligence agencies… what a sad time in the history of our once great America…

  14. King Lier has been compromised…….Sit back get the popcorn….The sandwiches…..Soda…..turn off the phone…..And watch this Shakespeare play unfold ( Twittler) has been stopped.

  15. @MSNBC Is the full text of the letters between the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Compass Rose Legal Group available? I am curious about the context of Jason Klitenic's statement regarding the validity of the phrase "urgent concern" with respect to the whistle-blower's complaint.

  16. Oh I see, the King lead reign across the castle letting all his bishops and knights take the hits and fall. now death has caught up to him… down with the kingdom, down with the kingdom!

  17. He'll survive this just like he survived everything else. Can you imagine how much his supporters will be mobilized after this? He was right. This only benefits him politically on the long run. Sadly.

  18. Yooo hold up everyone. Donald J Trump is now the biggest flight risk on the planet. We cannot let this man out of the country ever again.

  19. The flagrant injustice that tRump did to America has to end with kicking him and his wife and family out of the WH, impeach the insane weirdo 👺👺👺👺👺

  20. Let's see if you can erase this one YouTube dummies…..talking about censorship

    1. Adam "cuello de lapiz" Schiff lied to Congress by reading a "fake transcript" of the conversation between POTUS Trump and the Ukranian President…..

    2) Adam "cuello de lapiz" Schiff lied to the American people when he pretended he had evidence against Trump regarding Russian collusion, he LIED.

    3) Lawrence "mentiroso" lied to her audience when she supported stories based on no evidence about Russian collusion and now her channel has less viewers than Nickelodeon

    4) Both of them are ignoring the fact that Biden's son and John Kerry's son colluded with an Ukranian mobster to launder money through LNG contracts and as result, $8 billion USD of tax payers money are missing..

    Trump set up the tramp and the Democrats fell for it… AGAIN…

  21. McConnell, you know Moscow Mitch got his handle by selling out the country for an aluminum plant in Kentucky. Bill Barr is on a mission he thinks that since he was successful in the Iran Contra thing he can pull this off. But this is pretty unique. I mean you got Barr blocking at the DOJ you got Mitch at the senate and I just do not see how you can take one down without taking the other down. These are a clear and present danger to our very democracy. I still say we must take the hint from Puerto Rico which for you trump idiots is part of this country and Hong Kong and shut the whole thing down until these men are put under restraint until they can be charged tried and then go from there.No wonder the DNI is between a rock and a hard place. The same place that McCabe was in.

  22. LMAO how can anyone betray the USA elections they are saturated with corruption internal corruption they are probably the most corrupt in the civilised world. And it looks like Biden has been paid off by the Chinese as well as Ukraine. but of course, that's just money so Americans will be able to understand that. what a joke best get hands on hart and sing the National anthem again. LOL

  23. So Pelosi obstructed and opposed impeachment. Pelosi lost the momentum from Mueller Report.
    She belittled and mocked those that understood that a required duty of congress is more important than political optics. Now its obviously and she has no more excuses the spin on how she is a strong leader…strategic genius…
    Please. Pelosi should be embarrassed to call herself a leader. AOC and others led. Took risk for what's right. They led while Pelosi ridiculed and undermined.

  24. ahahah I dont know who you are I stumbled across this video but I gotta say…You are the singe dumbest media actor I ve seen. LOLOL you are a farse pal!

  25. Doctors should also continue to take the Oath to their Patients instead of letting outside control and manipulations for their conflict of interests

  26. "The Speaker always has a plan." Wow. How ridiculous. Her plan was to cover for Trump and keep raising money off the threat he poses to our nation she never wanted to do anything about him. She'd rather Trump win reelection than we get ab actual progressive president like Bernie.

  27. Biden cooerces a prosecutors firing . His son gets 600 k with no experience? And you are complaining sbout Trump??? Wow.. You guys are so screwed .

  28. so this is the reason jim bolton left or was fired by trump a few weeks ago. everytime someone left or was removed, i believe was because they refused to do his dirty work, be involved or voiced concern over his wanton prolific bad acts that he dragged all of them into. the typical bully. to hold them hostage with the threat of 'you'll go to jail with me because you did such & such'. he is cunning & deliberate, but a complete moron.

  29. i can't believe mcguires defiance. he's telling them what the dmi orders are when receiving a report that has been explicitly deemed urgent & a serious threat? is he another trump appointee unfamiliar with the duties of his office? or is he just incompetent? making excuse after excuse.

  30. "I didn't withhold the funds but I will AGAIN in the future"…. Seriously, Wtf… I will AGAIN? But I didn't do before? Man trump needs so help. He is his own witness against himself in the crime.
    Judge: ok lets here our first witness against the President.
    Lawyer: Ok your honor, Mr.Trump please switch seats and let us know what you know about PRESIDENT Trump, aka yourself. Speak into the mike please so that yourself can hear yourself.

  31. Congratulations to US Speaker of the House of Representatives – US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for having the courage to organize an Impeachment Inquiry in US Congress

  32. Wait…..they have to go on vacation first!!! Then they'll get to the impeachment inquiry and FALL FLAT ON THEIR FACES!! TRUMP 2020 and we thank you all for your help in making sure that Trump will win! We're tired of all your witch hunts!!!

  33. The Democratic Manufactured – Russian witch hunt coup "FAILED" ! The trump tax return attack "Failed"!  The Democratic Manufactured  Kavanaugh  coup "FAILED"!  Now the Socialist Seditionist are trying a Ukrainian coup witch hunt ! These Socialist Domestic Enemy "TRAITORS / SEDITIONIST will never quit . We need the Military to round them up for TRIBUNALS TO FACE THEIR CRIMES OF SEDITION & TREASON !    We fought Socialist for over 60 years!  This country is going the way of NAZI Germany !  WTF?  It is OK for Biden and his Sons to Blackmail Ukraine with Government money as long as they belong to the Socialist Party.       This is what they call "SOCIAL JUSTICE !"  By a Cold War & Combat Veteran

  34. I can't stand hearing the theatrics. "Our founders blah blah blah…..".

    Just say "We found enough evidenced to begin an impeachment inquiry. Any questions?"

  35. nice distraction, smoke screen . all this crap…this is a total freak out of the criminal deep state.plain and simple. IT sure seems to work'for some'.the sad thing is they have buried the criminal organazation news on EPSTEIN AND THE SECRETS OF THE MANY ISLANDS???????.I THINK THE TIME HAS COME ABOUT FOR A REAL BIG STORM. and not chemtrail clouds.CNN THE REST OF MAIN STREAM NEWS. ARE BRAINWASHING THE SLEEPING wakeee wakee.

  36. Fake news. you will be disappointed again when you find out this all a big lie your being fed once again. You'll cry just like you did when killery lost in 2016. Boo hoo for you

  37. 24/7 pathological liar Trump is So corrupt, illegal president. This all only proof that Russia did help Trump. Trump got away with it the first time, thought he would get away with it for second time. THE WBLOWER IS A HERO. Trump presidency is illegal, its stolen.

  38. To be honest I don't think Pelosi is the right person to get on the TV and lead the Impeachment. I think she stumbles through her speech and comes across on the TV like Hillary used too…and Hillary is what turned a certainty into a loss (of course their were other reasons but Hillary ran the worst campaign possible doing stupid insulting things, like pretending she walks around with hot sauce in the hand bag ffs)

  39. The sooner Pelosi makes her mind up and fully supports the Congress to go their absolute hardest at trump, no hold barred, start putting people in jail for Contempt, but do it on a Friday afternoon as late as possible to make it more and more difficult for trump to get them let out. Nevertheless, start putting people in jail for contempt and give them a few hours taste of what the next ten years of their life could be like. Barr, Jeff Sessions Giuliani that Tax Form withholding big lipped fool and every single one of them, one after the other, before they start tell them "If you are found of "Contempt of Court" and YOU WILL be sent to jail for 48 hours on the first case. Even if they do two hours it will have half these cowards wetting their pants and realising quick smart the Democrats are now being serious in this. Also every pardon trump makes, every phone call he makes to get these people out of jail will be just another form of guilt. Letting them out after legally finding them guilty of Contempt for lying to Congress.

  40. You do know that they changed the form so that the whistleblower did not have to identify themselves ONE MONTH BEFORE THIS PERSON CAME FORWARD. STRANGE THAT MSNBC DOESN'T MENTION THAT. And there was NO REASON to
    change the form, nor did they tell the PUBLIC THAT THE FORM WAS CHANGED, nor did they have due process to change the form…. DEMOCRATS YOU ARE CAUGHT RED-HANDED. This was back in August 2019 and the whistleblower came in September 2019? This was a setup…..

  41. You do know that they changed the form so that the whistleblower did not have to identify themselves ONE MONTH BEFORE THIS PERSON CAME FORWARD. STRANGE THAT MSNBC DOESN'T MENTION THAT. And there was NO REASON to
    change the form, nor did they tell the PUBLIC THAT THE FORM WAS CHANGED, nor did they have due process to change the form…. DEMOCRATS YOU ARE CAUGHT RED-HANDED. This was back in August 2019 and the whistleblower came in September 2019? This was a setup…..

  42. Oh Jesus Christ lady in red .So up until Sunday you were scared shot by impeachment
    We don’t need cowards like you

  43. Whistleblowers only okay when they help the Democrats or GOP against the other for political points but if they expose the criminality of the American imperialists forces war crimes then they are hunted down and in Obama's case ,you wage war on them.


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