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  1. @MaskedMumblr As if any evidence would ever satisfy you. No matter what anybody came up with it's proof of a conspiracy. Oh, and by the way, since you're the one making the claim it's up to YOU to provide evidence of your claim, not the other way around. And, of course, you have none. And it's "you're" gullible, not "your." And you talk about someone else looking stupid?

  2. @MaskedMumblr I've only seen pictures of the Pope, but lots of credible people tell me he exists. In the same way, I'm satisfied by the fact that lots of reporters have had the chance to hold and examine the BC even if I haven't myself seen it in person. In addition, two birth announcements in contemporary newspapers confirm he was born in HI.

    Ask yourself: what evidence will ever satisfy me? If I had his original BC in my hands and it said HI, would I consider the possibility that it was real?

  3. @peterleemcp The person making the disturbance may not be a "partial owner" seeing that what was read was so offensive to them. Immigrants who become citizens swear an oath to uphold the Constitution not protest parts they don't like. If they don't like that part of the Constitution they can go home to where they came from and see if the dictator there would ever share power

  4. @cengime He won't present his birth certificate because it shows he was born in Kenya. Newspaper clippings are whatever the parents say they are. Journalist don't go to the hospital to watch the birth nor do they check the facts behind a birth announcement they just print what info the parents gave them. If you didn't know this you are pretty dumb

  5. @BrianTerrill You think his parents contacted two newspapers from Kenya to get them to falsely report the birth in case their son wanted to run for president some day?

  6. @LivingTapestry It's definitely not racism. And your facts are wrong. Just because his mom is a legal citizen does not make him one. If his mom is a legal citizen of the US and his dad is legal citizen of Africa, and Obama was born in Africa why would he be an American citizen? Obama needs a greencard, period.

  7. @MrOTLChamp "The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: … (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States…for…periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years…" – 8 USC 1401

  8. @LivingTapestry the US citizen parent has been "physically present"[6] in the US before the child's birth for a total period of at least five years, and
    at least two of those five years were after the US citizen parent's fourteenth birthday.

  9. All of you "birthers" need to do some extensive research on your leader and mentor Ms. Orly Taitz . I did. All of her moronic contentions are based on schizophrenic disorganized thoughts. She has just lost $20,000 (her house) for contempt of court from a federal judge. You are backing a nut case! She thinks Kenya Africa owns the US State of Hawaii b/c they won't supply her with a certificate of statehood. WTF is that anyway? The whole thing is based on a audio tape of Grandma Obama…

  10. @rivolifan2009

    Since you feel so strongly about this, you need to fly to Washington and file a complaint with the Supreme Court. Because until then, you're just trolling on youtube. Actually DO something instead of running your fucking mouth.

  11. …the tape was from an Anabaptist preacher who claims she said Barrack was born in Kenya. However, the tape CLEARLY says (in Swahili through a translator) that her grandson was born in Hawaii. But that ignorant wannabe lawyer from Philadelphia pressed on with his foolishness and wannabe lawyer Orly is trying to finish it. She has NOT passed the California Bar so how is she a legitimate lawyer? Where's her certificate.

  12. @Spookysr Actually, Orly Taitz is a licensed lawyer in California, which you can verify at

    Only one state allows people who haven't gone to an accredited law school to sit for the bar. Guess which one…

  13. BTW – the birth certificate image I provided was from SNOPES dot com. President Obama PAID for it from Hawaii Vital Statistics and supplied it to the Internet. The only copy he can't get is the VAULT COPY as in any US state NO ONE can get that PERIOD! That's why they have BIRTH CERTIFICATES. They are LEGAL documents which swear by oath that the vault copy is real and exists. You can only EYES ONLY the document NOT copy it. The nut-bag birther Taitz doesn't understand that. You don't either!

  14. @cengime – My bad. You're right. What I meant to say is she got her law degree from a California correspondence law school not accredited by the American Bar Association or the State Bar of California. This just after she immigrated from Israel 1987 and got her citizenship in 1992. No I have no unfounded suspicions about her and her husband's Yosef's true heretofore 'unrevealed' intentions/mission.

  15. @mysuzuki1100gs – How in any stretch of the wishful thinking mind can WE THE PEOPLE "own" the House? Just b/c you pay (or somewhat pay) your taxes this makes you an owner? No one "owns" this country. What revolution? A TEA BAG version? Remember the Tea Party was originally created over TAXES not Barrack Hussein Obama! Sarah Palin's version is a racist abomination to Sam Adam's original poorly planned action 273 years ago in 1773. Yes were slaves to petrol but that's not Mr. Obama's fault.

  16. @mysuzuki1100gs – "Communism"? Please go take a Political Science course in some college! Barack Obama is a Democratic President who believes in Liberal Leftist ideals NOT Socialism nor Communism. Remember Prescott Bush (R-CT) was allegedly a Communist and a Nazi sympathizer. He lead the Whitehouse coupe of state against FDR trying to use General Smedley Butler (See Business Plot – Wall Street). How exactly is Mr. Obama a Communist or Socialist? Socialized Medicine is NOT socialism!

  17. @danielcooper1000 – Try learn to SPELL before posting out of context non-sequiturs. Also look up definition of "tyranny".

  18. @LivingTapestry – They are just as allegedly schizophrenic as their Israeli agent so-called DOCTOR Taitz! If they had a lick of common sense they'd realize that they are "beating a dead horse". The Gov. of Hawaii (Neil Abercrombie) just came out to say that HE WAS THERE on August 4, 1961 when POTUS 44 was born. He remembers speaking with the parents on that very day in Oahu! Are they now calling Gov. Abercrombie a liar? That's slander unless they can show contrary evidence!

  19. @MrOTLChamp Well, his mother definitely lived here from 1942 to 1958, so that would make both of her children natural born citizens even though her daughter was born in Indonesia.

  20. @MrOTLChamp – I think you are starting to sound a bit under-educated. Read US Immigration policy, especially for 1960's. ONLY ONE PARENT NEED BE A US CITIZEN TO QUALIFY. Not both. Now Sen. McCain (Az-R) might have been a Panamanian citizen as he was born on a US military base in Panama in 1936. Only embassies qualify as US soil not military bases. But since Roberta and Admiral McCain where both US citizens he was a US citizen in 1936. So climb off of Obama's back! He was born in Oahu HW!

  21. @MrOTLChamp – ""

    Stanley Ann Dunham was born November 29, 1942. Therefore she was almost 19 years old when she gave birth to her son POTUS-44 in August 1961 in Oahu Hawaii. Since she was in USA from her birth to 1958 she was 16 years old. This is stupid! Case closed (IMO)!

  22. @TitaniumByFire – What the hell R U talking about? Another TEA BAGGER heard from? Show evidence of Mexican thugs jumping fences and taking good American jobs. Its all fiction made up by a bunch of ADMITTED racists! Where's you angst against Canadian actors taking MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR jobs from good decent American actors in Hollywood? Are all of them legal aliens? Where's their birth certificates? The Constitution supports fools under Freedom of Speech. Just stay in context please!

  23. @TitaniumByFire – SOCIALIST? There is only ONE "Socialist" in office in America. And he supports the US Constitution too. US Senator Bernie Sanders (S-Vt) from Vermont. He was one of several Socialist Mayors in America in history. He was mayor of Burlington Vermont. POTUS-44 (Barack Hussein Obama) is neither a Socialist Nor a Muslim. He is a Liberal Democrat and a Protestant Christian.

    Get your phucking facts straight!!!

  24. @TheTalshiar – No that goes to Israel. Did you read in the news recently what they did at their secret nuclear facility in the Negeb desert? Why do they have nukes again?

  25. @rivolifan2009 – Where did she say this Einstein? The audio recording CLEARLY says just the opposite. Go to that moron's website and listen to the tape yourself and stop deluding yourself. Grandma Obama said just the OPPOSITE!

  26. @AMPatriot4Life – Yes Einstein it was created on a computer. The computer at the Hawaii Department of Health and verified by the Registrar. It was done on SAFETY PAPER (anti-counterfeiting paper?). Its prima facie evidence of the vault copy which is an EYES ONLY document. It will stand up in ANY court in the land! Read Hawaii Law HRS 338-13B and 338-19. Your DEAD wrong!

    Gov. Abercrombie said he was there in Oahu when he was born at The Queen's Medical Center in Oahu in 1961.

  27. @cengime – I'm sorry if I sounded rude to you. I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion about your motives/intent. I apologize profusely.

  28. @nebogipfel11 -B/C its a symbol of power and jurisdiction. USA is loosely based on the Roman empire in a way. Where do we get the concept of SENATE from? Just b/c Mussolini used it doesn't make it an evil symbol. It came before him. Even the Swastika is not intrinsically Nazi German it's ancient Navajo Indian and even from ancient India. Also where do you think Hitler got the 1-handed salute from? Yup USA in early 1900's pre-WW1 school children saluted the American flag like that. Look it up.

  29. @bryanguy1 – He did release it. You are just too thick to admit it. You (or birthers) have not one shred of evidence of what you contend yet you stand on your soapbox professing you know the truth! Yet you really don't… Why hasn't Supreme Court done anything against POTUS-44 like how they did during the illegal POTUS-43 election in Florida? B/C there's NO CASE here! its all just fiction from Paul Berg and Orley Taitz's alleged demented minds.

  30. Ms. Eleanor Nordyke did NOT obtain her VAULT COPY (aka LONG FORM) on her twins from Hawaii Department of Health RECENTLY. She kept her photostatic copy given her 49 years ago at a different Oahu hospital! HDH went all digital records in 2001. Mr. Obama ran & won POTUS-44 office in 2009 where the issue was raised by one Paul Berg et al. Like every Hawaiian citizen, after 2001, the vault copy was NOT available to ANYONE including the POTUS. Only electronically!

    You birthers are all wet!

  31. @LivingTapestry I agree. It doesn't matter where on earth he was born. His mother is an American Citizen therefore he is one! This movement has no basis in reality. Do your homework people!

  32. … the vault copy has been permanently archived (sealed like Juvenile Offender records) and now not available to ANYONE without some sort of special court order by a magistrate as BC's are now only available electronically at hawaii dot gov. Which POTUS-44 did order & posted for the morons! Do you expect POTUS-44 to make a special executive order just to convince some schizoids like Taitz, Berg, and Keyes to STFU? That's just stupid. Oh well… stupid is the operative word with birthers.

  33. Not only did the present governor of Hawaii say he was in Hawaii when Mr. Obama's parents notified him of Barack's birth in Oahu, the FORMER *REPUBLICAN* Gov. Linda Lingle was interviewed on New York's WABC Radio by host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and said "the president was, in fact, born in Honolulu, Hawaii". She had the HDH Dr. Chiyome Fukino (since the Dr. was the sealer) go look at the sealed/archived vault copy in 2008. BTW – There is no such document called LONG FORM or COLB in Hawaii.

  34. @LivingTapestry You're the one not aware of the facts. If his mother was 17 when she had him then he is not eligible. Also, if the mother gave up her citizenship, as some claim had to be done in order to live in Indonesia, then he is not a citizen. If either were "americans" they would have traveled with American passports which they did not. Even at 18 he did not use his (if he has one) American passport. I'm irritated too… of being called a racist because I believe in the Constitution.

  35. @yanki161 not based in reality.
    You cannot give up citizenship or have someone give it up for you until you are 18 yrs of age and have communicated your desire to renounce US Citizenship to the Embassy.

  36. @XxlivinwithitxX Mc Cain was born in Panama.
    US Military bases are NOT US Sovereign Territory (although the canal zone was :))

  37. @LivingTapestry – Sarah Palin is now siding with "Doctor" Orly "Birther" Taitz on this. I think the moron said something like: "I was thinking the same thing that Hawaii doesn't sound like an American name like Alaska does." I'm paraphrasing but you can see that she is a little light in the grey matter department like her new friend Orly. Did you hear how Orley's latest "I won't serve my CinC" soldier client? She dumped her like a hot crazy potato!

  38. Does anyone know why John Boehner (R-Oh) is weeping so much? B/C he is now literally 2 heartbeats away from being POTUS-45! And he has the powers to call for articles of impeachment of both POTUS and VPOTUS. Makes one shudder as to what these neocons have up their sleeves now.

  39. @louistheimpotant – The canal zone was NEVER (imo) a US sovereign territory. It was simply a US protectorate like Puerto Rico or Guam or American Samoa. McCain got in under the one or both parents were US citizens not that his dad was stationed at Coco Solo Naval Air Station. Otherwise he'd be a Panamanian citizen running for POTUS (President Of The United States).

  40. @XxlivinwithitxX – Yet YOU have no factual evidence whatsoever that he wasn't born in Oahu Hawaii nor was born in Kenya. So why keep belaboring a false premise that has been debunked ad infinitum by so many people more informed than yourself?

  41. @XxlivinwithitxX – So I guess your going to keep ignoring our postings in where we exhaustively explain this to ppl like you. We've already connected the dots. But like a child with severe learning disabilities (i.e. G. W. Bush) your just going to keep repeating the same incorrect bullshit?

  42. @yanki161 – Jeesus! She was 18 going on 19! And the law says 14. She had already lived in USA for 16 years before going to Kenya! BUT she had him in Hawaii NOT Kenya damn it! Two Hawaiian governors already attested to that. The one now and the Republican (your buddies) before him. Jesus how many times are you going to beat this dead horse? The guy is POTUS #44 and only has 2 years left before he has to run again! What's your problem with him other than he's not 100% white?

  43. @LivingTapestry – I must admit you know more about it than I do. I just thought that the dirty tricks FSecState (R) Katherine Harris and Gov. J.e.b. Bush (R) pulled about getting so many minority votes fraudulently disallowed was a Supreme Court issue of some sort? I still think that John Boehner (R-Oh) needs to be investigated for his part in the 2004 alleged rigged election using his state and the tampered Diebold machines. Nothing more was heard about that.

  44. @LivingTapestry You need to learn the facts. The Constitution clearly states what constitutes a citizen of this country "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."

    It just happens to be that your man is the President, you guys were screaming that McCain wouldn't qualify but McCain's father was on military duty when he was born in Pan and that was the reason he qualified

  45. @Spookysr If he was born in Hawaii show us the real birth certificate dupe. His grandma in Kenya admitted he was born there.

  46. @Spookysr Idiot, his dad was on military duty, a military base in another country is US jurisdiction. I'm through arguing with you people let's just have a civil war. Don't worry, Russia will join your side.

  47. @bryanguy1 – Well if you don't care then WTF R U doing here wasting our time? Read the god damn postings and learn something new. We all have been posting FACTS in evidence. The birthers are just posting wishful thinking pro-bigoted bullshit. How many times do you need to hear that Mr. Obama supplied to the Internet what Hawaii will only give him? He can't make them trot out sealed vault copy the morons incorrectly call a COLB or LONG FORM birth cert. They just don't exist in Hawaii since 2001.

  48. @BrianTerrill – STFU a military base is NOT US soil. The Constitution does not mention "jurisdiction" as a POTUS prerequisite. The host country can throw them out anytime they want (i.e. Philippines, Saudia Arabia, et.). I think Gitmo is different and no one will explain satisfactorily why. Something funny between Castro and US on that deal. And Vladamir Putin can go kiss your ass for all I care.

  49. @BrianTerrill 8 USC 1401 clearly says that people born outside the U.S. to U.S. citizens are citizens from birth. The United States has both jus soli and jus sanguinis citizenship. Read the law.

  50. @BrianTerrill – He already has dullard. And I'll keep bringing up that moron GW Bush as many times as I like as it is now part of American history; which you are trying to rewrite in your own dullard version. All the things Obama has done is try to CORRECT the bullshit legacy that moron Bush left for him in SW Asia. I guess in your twisted world a POTUS can wave some fucking magic wand and fix everything overnight? What are you 12 years old? Things don't work like that when they are this bad.

  51. If anyone is having trouble following this YouTube thread simply scroll to the bottom right and click VIEW ALL COMMENTS. Then Click FOLLOW THREAD (BETA). Everything will be put in threaded order so you can see who replied to whom. At least you can see what WE said about stuff. You can also click on our Screennames below to see what we recently posted. Also click @Spookysr or #Spookysr I think. Try it and see if it works.

  52. @AMPatriot4Life – *Sigh* There is no such thing as a "LONG FORM ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE" in the state of Hawaii since 2001! He supplied what they gave him. Haven't you been paying attention? Please keep up with us.

  53. @LivingTapestry – "You are just a bit nicer than I…."

    I'm startin' to get my Irish up and bucko' that's na' pretty sight ta' see. They've got me speaking French now don' ja' know? (I.e. Excuse my French? Get it?) LOL

  54. PLEASE HELP, TRYANNY in California. The Judicial branch of California through an act of legislature has addmitted two be corrupt and has been granted retro active imunity from prosicution. (SEE) SBX211

  55. @LivingTapestry If citizenship was abdicated, at any point after his birth, even if she was a citizen at the time of birth, it was abdicated later. It doesn't matter that you USED to be a citizen. The abdication applies to them both as they were together entering Indonesia, whether they entered from Hawaii or Kenya. The real question is why spend over a million dollars fighting it and just show people the certificate, pass port, school papers, etc? The fact is, he can't.

  56. Obama supporters in a nutshell:

    "Obama (as if to be praying), Obama, Obama, Hope, Change (crying as Boehner does when "change" is said) Obama, Obama, Obama

  57. @Spookysr No, the law is 18. I'll see your 2 governors and raise you several Kenyan officials and citizens who attest to a Kenyan certificate. I am neither Republican nor racist nor would it change the facts if I were.

  58. @Spookysr No I don't read anything you say. Obama supporters are stupid people who need to tax everyone else to pay their bills, why should I take the time to read what you say.

  59. Even if Obama was a natural born citizen which he wasn't, his citizenship was lost when his mom made him a citizen of indonesia, a country that does not offer dual citizenship too, yet on his school records he is listed as 1) a muslim and 2) an indonesian citizen

  60. @LivingTapestry I get really fed up with the idiocy of the non-birthers who don't demand accountability from government officials. Even when Supreme Court Justice Alito openly refutes Obama's allegation as 'Not True', don't have the hutzpah to stand on the side of truth and would rather condescend into the anonymity afforded by a gutless sheeple. Here, watch for yourself as Justice calls Obama a liar:

  61. @XxlivinwithitxX If someone is born in Mexico to parents who are U.S. citizens, that makes them a U.S. citizen, yes. You should really read the relevant law, which is 8 USC 1401.

  62. @yanki161 You obviously haven't read the law. Since Obama's mother was a U.S. citizen who had lived in the U.S. for five years, including two years when she was over 14, he is a citizen from birth no matter where he was born. Google 8 USC 1401. There would be absolutely no reason for Obama to lie about this.

  63. @KalachakraandOBeast I've read a lot of arguments in my day for different political and religious leaders being the Antichrist, all of which were about equally convincing. If it wasn't Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, or George W. Bush, I don't see why it should be Barack Obama.

  64. @cengime silence the people with the your power and lies mr congressman lie a little more everything will get better in hell .if you had some ice water.

  65. @cengime Well that would be true if she had been a US for 5 years since the age of 14 but she was only 17 so he wasn't a citizen but lets say his mom WAS 19, he still is ineligible because he was not a …(wait for it…) NATURAL BORN US citizen!!!! Do your homework LOL

  66. That "Guest of the House" was absolutely correct…Obama was born in Kenya and therfeore not eligible to serve as US President, that fat guy was rude to her

  67. @greenearthnazi20204u The time's right now with the Tea Party entering Congress They have loads of birthers. Ga Gov-Elect Nathan Deal sent a letter to Obama asking for his birth certificate. Nathan Deal's no newbie, he has 9 years' Congress experience. Obama only had 2.

    The funniest thing also happened to Obama: on his victory-day in Illinois, the Lottery drew 666. Heaven spoke through the Lottery.

    Announce this good news to the world folks, this is the end of the fraud in the White House.

  68. @JacOLanternMovies She only had to have been physically present in the U.S. for two years after the age of 14 to pass on citizenship to a child born overseas; read 8 USC 1401 for yourself. Also, Obama's mother was 18 when she had him.

    Not that it matters, since Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

  69. @JacOLanternMovies And how does being born a citizen not make someone a natural born citizen? You obviously haven't read the law on this for yourself or even looked up the dates of birth of Obama and his mother, but this seems pretty clear from the meaning of the words. The OED defines "natural born" as "having a specified position or character by birth", a definition they date to the 16th Century.

  70. Any one with brains understands the rule of law. And the constitution is the law is it not? or shall Americans go back to "earning" their rights?
    There is a huge difference between a Certificate of live birth and an actual birth certificate. So, how is it that Congress is excluded from understanding this?
    Show me the birth certificate you ignorant bastards!

  71. @cengime – If it is varifiable & part of public records there is no need for me to be so concerned or for jackels like you to heckle others whom are doing their patriotic duty.
    Look at the 15 pictures on the bottom of the page. We have a problem with his eligibility. And, we have problem with nearly all of his acitons in office. This man is destroying our country. Do we care about the truth? or is that optional now? God Bless America!

  72. @Spookysr If people kept calling my birth certificate fake, I'd just show it to a federal judge and videotape him approving it. A bit suspicious he won't show it to anyone in person.

  73. Please Help. Tyranny in the juditial branch of California. Though an act of legislation the California juditial system has admitted to be corrupt and had been granted retro active imunity from prosicution. (see) SBX211
    the government needs to right this wrong beause it is clear that the judges will not judge against themselves.

  74. these so called public servents don't give a damn about the people. oh and by the way if you need a good judge I know of 463 of them that will decide in your favor for $50,000.00

  75. @CaJeffO I don't like Obama either, but he's a natural born citizen, he's thirty-five years old, and he was elected president on December 15, 2008. The way to get him out of office is to make sure that somebody else is elected in 2012, which seems likely if unemployment stays as high as it is.

  76. @MaskedMumblr *sigh* but he did! There is no solution with ppl like you! Several reporters examined it PERSONALLY. Do better research…

  77. @BrianTerrill – You show a total lack of understanding. Nothing you have said would have impacted POTUS ineligibly. You need to take a poli-sci course!

  78. @BrianTerrill – B/C I am the YouTube voice of reason versus racist-partisan-inspired opinions/propaganda like yours (et al).Somehow you think its bad to make the rich pay their portion of taxes they NEVER paid to USA? Why do you think so many of them are in jail today? Tax evasion. It's time they paid into the system and take the burden off of the ones who can least afford to pay them like you and me.

  79. @Spookysr Obviously Obama did not cause the recession, though I don't think he's helped either. Regardless, I think that 10% unemployment will leave the voters with the sense that he's not doing everything he could, and they'll throw him out whether he's responsible for the problem or not. Then again, FDR went into an election with 25% unemployment and got away with it by blaming it all on his predecessor, so who knows. Search "Peter Schiff mortgage bankers speech".

  80. @yanki161 – What Kenyan officials and citizens? What Kenyan certificate? You mean the ppl proven to be liars and the hoaxed Kenyan cert that was a poorly researched fake? Try doing better research. You are way out in left field here.

  81. @cengime – I hope Obama has a FDR experience. Except strike the polio, World War, death in office, and the Wall Street BUSINESS PLOT lead by Senator Prescott Bush (R-CT). Google General Smedley Butler. He was the 1930's equiv. to our Joint Chief of Staff today. He was tasked by Bush via the American Legion to lead Whitehouse coupe against FDR. He failed as the General refused to comply. Makes one wonder why Boehner weeps so much (tears of anticipatory joy?)

  82. @cengime – I think if he institutes the CCC again like in 1929 Great Depression would be good for unemployment. Smoke Jumpers, firebreak diggers, conservationists, tree huggers (LOL), etc. He can use money from EPA, HUD, and other secretly financially exploited federal agencies. Ask your grandpaw about it. It actually helped the economy. Well WW2 did too as the military industrial complex went literally ballistic financially (i.e. tanks, bombs, bullets, guns…). Prescott Bush did well w/Hitler.

  83. @cengime — You obamites are full of opinions and know nothing about the facts. Try this – GOOGLE: "CAJeffO Obama close up"
    I see lots of people who won't debate me in public. Cause you woule look so very bad. GOOGLE: "CAJeffO debate any one"

  84. I don't blame that woman for yelling her opinion to the House floor. Whether Obama was a natural born citizen or not is big debate among billions of people, including me and a co-worker of mine. He told me that if Obama is a natural born citizen, why did he spend so much money making sure that his birth certificate and other paperwork was hidden from the public?

    I believe congress should indeed request Obama to release his birth certificate to verify that he is a natural born citizen.

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