House Impeachment for Thanksgiving, Senate to Vote before Santa?
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House Impeachment for Thanksgiving, Senate to Vote before Santa?

October 17, 2019

Welcome back to, I’m Carl
Cameron. Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the
European Union, is scheduled to testify before the House impeachment inquiry that President
Trump warned Ukraine to investigate political rivals before he would agree to any Oval Office
meeting with Ukraine’s president. That actually validates the inquiry’s central
charge that Trump continues to invite foreign powers to meddle in U.S. elections on his
political behalf. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has
told Republicans that the House could pass articles of impeachment by Thanksgiving, and
the Senate could vote on removal before Christmas. State Department officials are now openly
accusing the White House of trying to sideline career diplomats by letting Rudy Giuliani
and other non-government employees secretly meet with foreign leaders to seek political
favors for the President. That alone is a crime, so is failing to register
as a foreign lobbyist. One of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s
top aides actually told Congress he resigned over it. Trump has little understanding or experience
with U.S. and foreign governance…so much so that he pulled US forces out of Syria and
abandoned our Kurdish allies who are now being slaughtered by the Turks. How clueless is he? Trump defended his disastrous, deadly betrayal
of Kurdish allies against Syria and ISIS saying “It’s been going on for a long time. Syria may have some help with Russia. And that’s fine. It’s a lot of sand. There’s a lot of sand over there. So, there’s a lot of sand that they can
play with.” Let that sink in for a second. Abandoning allies is shocking. Handing things over to Russia and Syria -our
adversaries- is not just stupid, it is a betrayal of our service men and women, our veterans,
the United Nations, and NATO, and all allies around the world -who can no longer trust
the American President…and, by extension, us. Thanks for visiting Please share us on social media, and subscribe
to our newsletter, and get involved. We can all do better at protecting and defending
our Constitution and country and the world.

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