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  1. Even if you want Trump impeached you have to realize it will never pass the Senate.

    Its too partisan in this country. Its embarrassing. Trump, Republicans, Democrats, Pelosi, all of them. You name it. Guess I am never traveling around the world thanks Party Politics.

  2. With no actual evidence, just Hillary appointees claiming they heard something from someone else.

    The Banana Republic is here.

  3. It will not happen. It never was going to happen. Some of the Democrats on the other hand might be facing some jail time for this desperate charade. Shiff might be facing some serious charges. And Pelosi's whole political career has been ruined.

  4. This is the definition of being railroaded. It doesn't matter if President Trump did anything wrong, as long as there are a wall of Democrats who want to impeach him, they're going to impeach him. I never cared for Donald Trump from The Apprentice, always thought he was weird. Thought it was a better choice than Hillary Clinton when it came to who was going to be president, and I stand by that. He is just weird when he addresses the camera , repeats himself, backtracks too much, and obviously sat on this story for what he thought would be the most opportune time, which is not right but who's to say that's wrong, especially if there is something to this whole Hunter Biden story and our former vice president AKA Hunters daddy, trying to suppress or cover up the story… Come on man, seriously. Yep, President Trump is being railroaded, any free thinker can see that!

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