House Judiciary Committee approves impeachment articles against Trump
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House Judiciary Committee approves impeachment articles against Trump

December 16, 2019

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  1. Two words – the Senate, lol. Obstructing Congress 🙄, they don't need any help with that, where's that budget at? You know their number one responsibility to the country….

  2. I wanna add trump on my Twitter now just see what stupid excuses he writes or who he attacks haaaa next stop jail body

  3. Democrats Darkest Day! They lost and still losing the braindead that follow these treasonist traitors will weep,because they are sheep.

  4. F the whole Democratic terrorist party. Vote these Crooked SWAMP Bottom Feeder's OUT. Nothing but American TERRORISTS. F em All

  5. And this is the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party in the US. Soon to be gone the way of the Whigs, Bullmooses, and Federalists.

  6. Trump is going to be an impeached president when he goes to bed Christmas Eve. This brings me happiness. We'll cross the Senate bridge when we get there.

  7. And the same morons who thought Trump was a Russian agent and the Mueller report would bring down, the same people who thought he was going down for obstruction…now they think this will pass the senate….and they wonder why we say they are delusional.

  8. The Democrats are committing political suicide. No strategy in place. Goodbye libs and good luck repairing your once great party.

  9. The Washington Post has become total trash. They have destroyed an remnant of any  prestige in which they may have once had only to repeatedly debase themselves with Fakenews and an Orwellian SJW agenda. 🤦‍♂️
    The fact that YouTube promotes this garbage collective of Propaganda outlets that have been pushing the same Fake Russiaphobic fear mongering for the past 3 years is just evidence as to the real Collusion between Corporate Media Oligarchs and the Orwellian Tech Oligarchs that mine our data.
    Ironic how the only Foreign Agent found to be trying to influence the election in this witchhunt is the one that was hired by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 🤷‍♂️🤨

  10. After moving goal posts numerous times, the Dems finally settle on the flimsiest of articles. Love how they wave the Constitution around yet abuse it themselves

  11. Waste of time and resources, I want us to get to the real problems. All evidence is completely, "I feel he did this" or "this article said this". Meanwhile we got problems with working class American families that no one seems to care about or is trying to fix. I don't care if you don't like Trump, get over it and quit playing games.

  12. I hope ALL of the DemocRATs can sleep well because bye this November, most of the them WILL BE VOTED out of office. Well, hopefully the ones who vote for them have a brain and see the lies from them. They lie, cheat and steal !

  13. Dems swear to protect the constitution but let people flow across the border freely into our country, get free healthcare and gov assistance, while our citizens suffer, our communities are riddles with addiction, our schools lost various music programs and activities. Yet, just here in the comments minorities praise these people. I have news for you…they didn't do this for you, they did it for themselves and their own career.

  14. Dems swear to protect the constitution but let people flow across the border freely into our country, get free healthcare and gov assistance, while our citizens suffer, our communities are riddled with addiction, our schools lost various music programs and activities. Yet, just here in the comments minorities praise these people. I have news for you…they didn't do this for you, they did it for themselves and their own career.

  15. Elections have consequences.
    And putting the Democrats in the House of representatives has been a DISASTER.
    All they've done is stoke discord and propagate their ceaseless witchhunt.
    Although to be fair they have made some achievements like banning plastic straws and complaining about cow farts.😏🤦‍♂️

  16. If this goes farther than it supposed to the Republicans can we have a subpoena against each one of those people that voted yes on that panel. It's going to be good they're going to be under oath they already lied to America already. Now lying under oath in a court of law. Wow. Especially the woman from Detroit Michigan that wanted Trump gone way before this and we got video on her saying it. There was no crime here they know it. Democrats made of a crime they think they're helping the people of United States but they're not. It goes back when Bush was in office in everything plummeted it was the Democrats that did it the people don't realize it. The people that represent California we're not even helping that state right now they don't care about their people. It shows

  17. So historic. The first time an impeachment procedure has been held based on no witnesses. Can't wait to hear the leftists baying at they sky when the Senate says go to hell, then President Trump wins again next year. Now THAT will be historic.

  18. Unfortunately, the Senate currently sees a Republican majority so I wouldn't count on a fair hearing.

    But I'll take this small win at least.

  19. The democrats have done nothing for the American people sand only focused on their hatred for President Trump. They hate that an outsider beat them and will falsify and lie to remove him. Biden, Pelosi, Clintons, are all corrupt to the core

  20. Point of order. The Judiciary entered no evidence, but entered an article. Thus cementing that they are a Soviet politburo styled kangaroo court building a police state of guilt by accusation.

  21. They're only doing what their constituents want. The radical California & New York leftists demand this because they can't handle the election results. They're still losers.

  22. Cross your fingers. Side note since the articles of impeachment are now validated by the house. Trump has now lost the power to pardon anyone for any reason. this is now a mark on his record for the rest of his life and written history. Hopefully he’ll never be able to escape from this and follow him where ever he goes.

  23. Very sad day for the sixty three million Americans who voted for President Trump!
    Sorry your vote doesn’t matter Americans

  24. Gotta love the look of some of the republicans voting no you could see the shame on their faces and how they know supporting trump lost them the seats in congress. All the republicans should be voted out when they're up for re-election, the know trump is guilty as charged. Too bad the republicans in the Senate will not remove trump from office, they all are on a sinking ship formally known as the republican party.

  25. Everyone take note of the yess let's get them out of Congress and politics. Those are the ones paid by speacial donors and interest.

  26. At least I don't have to hear Auntie Maxine's "Impeath foety five" chant for awhile. That is until the Senate shoots this down and the next trumped up clown show begins

  27. Brothers and Sister: GOD is steadfast love♥️. If you loved your mom, how can you say GOD doesn't exist? Please hit the like

  28. "We vote to impeach because we think he's a meany!" Legitimately….the democrats even decided to not say any specific crimes. Clowns.

  29. If this gets overturn, then the ones whom said "NO" should b voted out of their postition, this country, runs on democracy, not by mob actions!!!

  30. Nothing burger you say? I bet Paul Manafort would love a burger, and he can get one in his fancy white-collar prison. Good thing he didn't have to go to Rikers like all other tax fraud criminals. Paul Manaforts charges: False income tax returns (five counts), Failure to report foreign bank or financial assets (four counts), Bank fraud or bank fraud conspiracy (nine counts). What a nothing burger right?!

  31. History will remember this day…

    As the day the current Democratic Party is forever labeled as supporters of treason and corruption on all levels of local, state, and federal governments against the protected rights of the people.

    This Democrat Party should be a synonym for the word “Traitor” and “Treason” in all accredited dictionaries in the world.

    The current party is a plague. Worse than any known in the history of mankind.

  32. the second they found something that could be spun into "breaking the law" (I don't know how asking for a favor to investigate corruption is breaking any law, even if it is for political gain, I mean it's not for political gain first, it's for justice, and the facts so happen to help trump win so what? fabricating dirt is one thing, finding someone covered in it is another.)

    they called trump many names like impostor. um he was fairly voted by the people. wanting this president out just because you didn't vote for him is treason. it is treason. you should be ashamed. u can't get your way. and America is 2 years in his presidency and it's already getting better, 4 more years of trump it will be greater than ever, no one else can do it. no one

  33. I was a Republican from age 18 until I heard Newt Gingrich speak (yes, I am from GA and Rep. Collins is despicable), then I knew the party was morphing into something unrecognizable. The minority members of the House embarrassed themselves during these days of discussion about the articles of impeachment. They omitted facts, minimized facts, misstated facts, attributed false statements to the majority, and spent their time pandering to the POTUS and to whomever could stomach watching their obfuscation of these important facts. I cannot comprehend how someone as loathsome and untrustworthy as Trump can command loyalty from so many people. The GOP wanted to tout the POTUS's "accomplishments" as justification for not impeaching them; the equivalent of saying Bernie Madoff should not have been convicted for his theft of millions from investors because he gave to charity or was a loving grandfather. Ridiculous! Plus, the bad things the POTUS has done far outweigh the boon he gave to corporations and the wealthy with his tax cuts. The facts are: the Ukraine had been reviewed in 2019 and found to be suitable (due to its efforts to fight corruption, in part) to receive U.S. aid for its military to combat the aggression of Putin. However, Guiliani hooked up with "exiled" corrupt oil and gas magnate Firtash through Firtash's Washington attorneys and their assistants/translators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (now in US custody). Guiliani received a document written by a shamed and fired prosecutor who had lost his job for failure to prosecute corruption as he was sworn to do; this sullied and shamed man, Viktor Shokin, wrote an affidavit FOR the corrupt Firtash indicating Shokin was an anti-corruption warrior when he was actually ousted in the spring of 2016 for being soft on corruption. Vice President Biden , other U.S officials, European and UK officials supported the firing of Shokin. The replacement prosecutor was seen as a true believer that the horrific level of corruption in Ukraine should be eliminated and was willing to take up the sword against those corrupt politicians and businessmen. Guiliani used Shokin's false affidavit to start his big lie about the Bidens being involved in Ukraine corruption. Then, the POTUS and his minions decided to take it to the next level and demand newly elected Ukraine President Zelensky to state publicly he was going to investigate the Bidens (the POTUS and his crew often used "Burisma" synonymously with "Biden") in order for Ukraine to get almost $400mm in military aid to fight against the Putin invasion and for Zelensky himself to get a White House meeting. That was the July 25, 2019, phone call the whistleblower referred to in his complaint. Zelensky and his officials had held meetings to try to figure out how to placate Trump without getting involved in a US election in 2020. Before Zelensky took any action, Trump learned of the whistleblower's complaint and started the process to release the Ukraine funds he had wrongfully withheld. [On April 21, 2019, Trump called Zelensky from Air Force One to congratulate Zelensky and to tell him he would send someone very high up in the US government to the inauguration, told Zelensky he would eventually be invited to the White House, and Zelensky requested at least twice that Trump himself attend the inauguration in Ukraine.] Then, the POTUS and his toadies tried to hide the recording (or transcript?) of the July 25th conversation between Trump and Zelensky on a top-level security server not typically used for this sort of material as there was nothing apparent in the conversation pertaining to national security UNTIL the backstory was discovered. Trump made the call to ensure he would have international "dirt" on his main political rival in the 2020 election, Joe Biden, so Trump could attend his GOP campaign rallies and generate hate with, "Lock him up! Lock him up!" just as he had done to Hillary Clinton during his campaign for the 2016 election. Trump decried the call as, "Perfect," on too many occasions to count, publicly asked China to aid in an investigation of the Bidens, told his staff not to testify in depositions (even if subpoenaed) conducted by the majority in the House as they looked at the possibility of an impeachable offense, and told his staff not to respond to requests for and subpoenas duces tecum for the production of documents (hence, the obstruction of Congress charge). As one witness after another came forward despite Trump's expectation of them to stay silent, the picture became clear of the breadth and scope of Trump's nefarious plan to engage the foreign country of Ukraine to involve itself in the undermining of our 2020 presidential election. Our belief in fair elections as the basis of our beloved democracy makes what Trump did a matter of national security that threatens the very core of our republic. The Founding Fathers included impeachment in the Constitution as a way to get rid of a president for failing to fulfill his oath of office to serve and protect the United States of America WITHOUT the necessity of waiting until an election. Donald J. Trump should be removed from office forthwith and only be remembered in infamy.

  34. Fantastic. I'm already sick of hearing the Republican party cry and try to prove lies. Also, preach misleading statements.

  35. Everyone of those old sour faced traitors to America that voted no…Need to be removed from office!

    They obviously care more about partisan support than they do about evidence, facts or the abuse of Power!

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