House Judiciary Committee Debates on Articles of Impeachment
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House Judiciary Committee Debates on Articles of Impeachment

December 13, 2019

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  1. If they don't IMPEACH Trump. There's no doubt he's gonna do something else. I've never saw so much evidence. He even admitted himself wrong doing. He keep doing dumb mess and leaving the GOP to defend him. He asked for this fight.

  2. The only thing these hearings have shown is how corrupt, impotent and out of touch congress has become…. remove them all. Politician shouldn't be a job title, these people are supposed to be public servants but they talk in circles about bills they haven't read and get paid more than us to play house.

  3. I’ll never vote republican again and until Trump I’ve only voted GOP. I’m honestly baffled by the rep inability to stand up to this president. Do they really believe what they are saying or are they saying whatever they can for the sake of the party over democracy. I’m not sure which is worse.

  4. Collins is really bad at stringing together a genuine point. The republicans look asleep except for when acting out anger.

  5. I want to upvote for the non bias stream of this, but downvote for the content. I can't believe how that ended. I'm sure the democrats knew this was going to go on another day. Republicans were planning on going home. Biden is corrupt, doesnt matter if they think he is a key rival for 2020 or not. The new Ukraine president is all about weeding out corruption, even said he wants to drain the swamp in his country. Trump would have been more involved and cooperative if they had gone through the correct process for getting this done. Nothing wrong with anything Trump did.

  6. 32:23 Start.
    33:18 Clerk reports the resolution.
    35:08 Objection is heard.
    41:10 Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) Point of order.
    42:00 Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Response to point of order.
    46:19 Rep. Collins, Rep. Nadler argue.
    46:57 Appeal of the ruling of the chair, motion to table.
    47:50 Roll call.
    49:51 (23 ayes, 17 nos), Appeal is tabled.
    50:02 Clerk reads the first section of the resolution.
    50:48 Clerk reports the amendment.
    51:10 Rep. Nadler explains the amendment.
    51:30 Rep. Collins re: amendment.
    56:44 Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL)
    59:46 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Amendment to the amendment at the desk.
    1:03:05 Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI)
    1:08:21 Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ)
    1:13:04 Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO)
    1:16:04 Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
    1:17:48 Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
    1:22:45 Rep. Collins
    1:23:08 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
    1:27:28 Rep. Lofgren
    1:28:03 Rep. Jackson Lee
    1:28:24 Rep. Collins
    1:28:48 Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH)
    1:33:05 Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
    1:36:33 Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) Requests Swalwell to yield, which is denied.
    1:37:34 Rep. Lofgren
    1:38:21 Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
    1:38:30 Rep. Sensenbrenner
    1:38:58 Rep. Gohmert
    1:42:40 Rep. Jordan
    1:43:40 Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)
    1:48:30 Rep. Gaetz
    1:53:41 Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) (1:54:34) Interrupted, Disorder. Continued interruptions.
    1:56:40 Out of order.
    1:57:12 Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX)
    1:59:03 Rep. Jayapal
    1:59:29 Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA)
    1:59:59 Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO)
    2:04:03 Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ)
    2:05:05 Rep. Swalwell
    2:05:40 Rep. Gaetz
    2:07:41 Rep. Jordan
    2:10:56 Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA)
    2:16:06 Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX)
    2:16:36 Rep. Cicilline
    2:20:46 Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD)
    2:21:32 Rep. Biggs
    2:25:40 Rep. Buck
    2:26:45 Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX)
    2:29:54 Rep. Jordan
    2:31:48 Rep. Val Demings (D-FL)
    2:33:42 Rep. Biggs
    2:34:39 Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA)
    2:37:55 Rep. Gohmert
    2:39:55 Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD)
    2:45:13 Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND)
    2:48:30 Rep. Johnson
    2:49:56 Rep. Gaetz
    2:50:30 Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN)
    2:55:41 Rep. Cline
    2:59:10 Rep. Collins
    3:01:27 Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL)
    3:04:57 Rep. Jordan
    3:06:14 Rep. Gaetz
    3:06:55 Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA)
    3:12:06 Rep. Collins
    3:17:15 Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA)
    3:21:27 Rep. Cicilline
    3:24:55 Rep. Nadler
    3:29:20 (17 ayes and 23 nos re: amendment)
    3:29:27 Rep. Gaetz amendment at the desk. (3:29:29) Explains amendment.

  7. I can't believe how delusional the GOP puppets are. Wow. Just wow. I've voted both ways, and I HATED the DNC after they screwed Bernie but the Dems have presented a very compelling case to the best of their ability with Trump stonewalling. The GOP should be very nervous. Hey senate GOP…
    We expect you to put the country first. Not this Malignant Narcissist p.o.s.


  9. Trump has the best defence duh not me I didn’t do nothing no way I’m innocent they did it who! What! Where! It wasn’t me!!!!!!

  10. Trump's first term has been the most eye opening Presidency of my lifetime concerning the bad intent and the bad character of career politicians. Based on the number of times it has been openly expressed, the whole subtext of the impeachment process is to prevent Trump from being reelected in 2020. This was the butt hurt goal of the Democrats before Zelinsky, as testified to ad nauseam from day one, abundantly demonstrated by the criminally wasteful, empty self serving, and ultimately laughable Russia BS. It is called "Trump Derangement Syndrome".

  11. Are the Democrats saying all people charged with a crime should be treated this way? I hope the Republicans are writing down these new rules. Fair about fair play. They will remember. I use to be a Democrat, not any more.

  12. Im an Australian and have watched all of this unfold for the last 3 years and only have one thing to say,

    If Russia did indeed hack the U.S election in 2016.

    I want to Invite President Putin to please please please interfere in our next Australian election so we can get our country back on track before it's destroyed.

    Please Mr Putin bring all our manufacturing back,

    put an end to the never ending regulation that has just literally burnt our entire country and killed 3 major river systems.

    Please Mr Putin, Interfere, bring our economy back and rid our government of the tyranny and career parasites bleeding us dry.

    We'll pay you!!!

  13. The next president will find the truth of what Trump was hiding in servers for the American people if they don't get current president to cough it up. That is if the Senate can't do their job

  14. Something that I noticed in this long day debate. When Democrats are talking camera shows Republicans gathering around communicating as if they're in recess. Democrats didn't do that to them when they were talking no respect Republicans

  15. Ten hours of republicans stalling just to set Nadler up at the end. Great work GOP, way to stick it to those fact-using Democrats. Everyone knows there was no quid pro quo because Trump said the call was perfect, no trials needed!

    What has our country become…

  16. Like, 7 of these people have their shit together 5 of which are Republicans. I want my taxes back with interest for this fubar

  17. You should all be excited for this impeachment because Democrats are too stupid and too desperate now they don't know it will end their party as we know it. Democrats' corruption will be exposed in a full-blown impeachment trial in the Senate controlled by the GOP. The Democrat Party will be totally destroyed in the Senate as GOP senators could then subpoena Adam Schiff, the fake whistleblower, Creepy Joe and Hunter Biden, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and even warmonger and crooked Barack Obama. Have fun!

    At the end of the day, the GOP-controlled Senate will dismiss Democrats' sham impeachment for lacking of any evidence and some corrupt Democrats will be referred for criminal indictment. Trump will then have landslide victory in 2020 and the Republicans will again control both the Senate and Congress.

  18. I think the republicans in Congress and Senate should be replaced with new people. People that doesn't have closed minds. Their there for us not just for their own parties. We the People all of us. What the hell does USA mean to them?

  19. Trump is the best! Trump made Obama irrelevant! Dems are haters headed my Obama! Bc Obama didnt like Trump, he authorized and weaponized FBI to spy on Trump! Sad to see jacko Obama had so much hate! But Trump drained the swamp!

  20. Democrats are going to lose hugely on this one, you can't impeach on your feeling and opinions. Without direct evidence, basing your feelings on what you think other people are feeling, what nonsense. The way this whole thing was handled, railroaded, is going to be yet another epic faceplant for the dems

  21. Honestly, we need to prevent people like Hillary or Obama from using foreign aid and meetings as leverage to get other countries to interfere in our elections to help them get reelected.

    We can not let someone get away with this. We NEED to send a clear message that it is NOT okay to extort our allies into helping them win reelections.

    If we do not impeach Trump, then someone like Hillary or Obama is free to do that. By not impeaching Trump, we're sending a message to THE ENTIRE WORLD that this is okay.

    This is NOT okay.

    The only solution is to impeach Trump. We literally have no choice.

  22. At the debate: Ms Demings talked about “abuse of power”??? “Faithfully execute the law”??? “Suppose to have public interest”??? Calling the kettle black don’t you think? As if we didn’t forget the abuse of power they did, having public interest as number one!!!! How they forget (may not be the white house ) but some played very unfair games that effected the people and trust: you remember: Donna Brazile-giving debate question to Clinton, Brenda Snipes- systematic sabotage, and another state- found garbage bags of uncounted ballots on the second counting. We need to watch them more than the President, dirty players. They got caught. at the last election, the left did more damage to this country, people, and financially!!! Right now there are over 10,000 illegals from Africa entering our country as we speak and you want the left to win and give these illegals free sanctuary, with free food, medical, free rent, free social security, free education, free scholar ships, free cell phone, for drug users, free needles, free showers. this news should be on every new broad cast!!!!! god Bless our Senators at these committee debates. Prayers for the left too.

  23. i hope this impeachment destroys the demorat party. they should never have been allowed to reconstiute after the civil war. just sick people. the president should never allowed the deep state to hold their jobs. after this is over, every one of them should be fired. time to clean house.

  24. **WE THE PEOPLE CITIZENS OF AMERICA.DEMAND agree that Nadler and his Mob of Democrats Are and have been, Breaking the Law.. .Nadler's Empty sick hear say ,Making up anything ,as he goes along .They have no evidence beyond reasonable Doubt Nadlers words mean absolutely nothing,Action must be taken soon, to remove him and this wicked case dismissed. **Nadler Abusing Power and Sedation, is occurring right in front of our eyes..This Sham wasted taxpayers money based on lies.That sux and smells of dirty 3 Rats,Pelosi Nadler Schiff all liars totally obsessed..With No real evidence only Really cheap hearsay.We are Tired of them saying anything at all, to get*
    them into the *President's white house and their need to remove and control president**A handful of crazy people, are going against 64 Millions voters and more,who legally voted wanting President Trump to rule,***Did NOT VOTE for these creepy lunatic 3 Nadler ,Pelosi, Schiff . These 3 all need to be investigated, and locked up..for breaking the law, with their false court cases and their deliberate lies, their Mindless lies and Toxic accusations,are very clearly dangerous Nalder Pelosi and Schiff are all a Real threat to national security,it is dangerous to continue this game of lies.His new Rules,that they have made up are hideous ..will need to be checked, by a seniors and the president ..We the people are OUTRAGED!!!! get him out of that chair, This case is riddled with lies to the Max.Not Good enough for them, to carry on, giving America a bad reputation.people are already saying **America, is unjust and All because of Pelosi,Nadler ,Schiffs corrupt conspiracy they need to go**

  25. You know…what I am gleaning from all this is WHY cannot the Libertarian Party take advantage of this? And especially with this phony "crimes and misdemeanors" nonsense. Libertarians could make political capitol 'hay' out of this whole farce! Up until now, basically the Dems. in the House have GONE SO MUCH OFF THE RAIL IN EVERY DIRECTION, actually ACTING AS SUPREME AUTHORITY AND DUMPING THE RULE OF seperate and equal BETWEEN THE THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT! There is no BETTER TIME FOR THE LIBERTARIANS to RAISE THEIR VOICE IN OPPOSITION TO THESE VIOLATIONS AND ALMOST AN ATTEMPT AT A POLITICAL TAKE OVER VIA A PACKED KANGAROO BODY "VIS A VIS" Leftist Democrats! And if some weird way Biden becomes President, and the House becomes largely Republican and the Senate is still pretty much Republican, then we are going to be in a much "STICKY WICKET" THING…..poor "ole" Joe SHOULD BE IMPEACHED! THIS ASSHOLE BUNCH KEEPS SAYING "DEMOCRACY" THIS COUNTRY IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!

  26. Al Green, with all due respect it does mean it’s over if nobly convicts him. Now stop wasting my money and time on this nonsense and go help your constituents.

  27. I like how they streamed short enough to not make Nadler look like a douche when he cut the meeting off and postponed the vote to tomorrow to get the most viewership on tv. He promised a vote today and backed down for the narrative making him and dems look like assholes(I mean they already do). But oh well it wont change the outcome and I cant wait until 2020 when voters make house and Senate all Republican. Plus Trump is going to win again anyway. Only helping his campaign at this point.

  28. 3:37:00
    America is the last best hope on earth, were the words of freedom founders, not the words of socialism framers !

  29. Why aren't the Democrats bringing up where is Devin Nunes? He's being investigated for being apart of this investigation.. There is an F E C complaint Against Donald Trump
    4 Foreign Governments complained that Trump solicited their Government for Campaign Donations..This was June 2016.. Democrats need to call Paul Ryan he signed the Complaint..Trump solicited The UK..Ice land..Scotland and Australia..So The F E C knew of the Solicitations and did Nothing.. The Trump Campaign sent emails to several countries..The campaign said Trump would match any Donation with his own money.. I have a copy of the 11 page document..

  30. The amount of people who hold political office that say "The Ukraine" when they talk about Ukraine is absolutely staggering. How can you investigate or make a counter argument to an investigation when you don't even know how to say the countries name correctly that this investigation is about?! Maybe adding the word "The" seems small potatoes but aren't our leaders supposed to have a full grasp of the topics and you know, the names of other countries? 2019 is a trip.

  31. While this has been going on, Trump has actually been doing real work for the American people. Heard about the potential China deal. The stock market took a big jump. Thank you President Trump. You are the best president ever.

  32. Do the Dems actually think anyone with a brain will totally miss that the Articles of Impeachment don’t list an actual crime? Are we supposed to think they chose to leave out bribery and extortion, because abuse of power and obstruction of congress are stronger charges? Lol. These are some severely dumb folks. The Dems have no consistent message, other than Orange Man bad.

  33. Lol “stalinesque” that hillbilly must have never opened a history book cause Stalin would have had everyone who disagreed with him in that room executed. Talk about hyperbole l

  34. The Republicans whined about coming back at 10 am. THEY are the ones who prolonged the meeting until the late hours with their obstructionist demands for Amendments requiring votes and roll calls. All they do is complain about the process. They do not care that the WITNESSES who were subpoenaed refused to appear BECAUSE of Trump's instructions that they should NOT appear. The unwilling witnesses who were in contact with Trump and do not dare testify under oath, apparently (rather than offer any contradictory testimony to the other credible witnesses who DID appear). Adam Schiff is my hero, BTW.

  35. This is a partisan impeachment because Trump has hijacked the Republican Party. Now you are all about party over country.

  36. Hey Collins why don't your buddy Jordan get out of government u are both ranting asses and neither of you racist jerks know the law.Neither of you have read the Muheller report go home.

  37. Honestly, The fact that they are scrambling to protect the Bidens is STUPID. If Joe Biden is innocent he has nothing to worry about in an investigation, there's ACTUAL evidence of C.O.I. with Hunter. It is a win win for the country if Biden is investigated by Trump. If he proves innocent then impeach Trump for attempting to sabotage the Bidens, if Biden is guilty, the president has successfully started draining the swamp.

  38. I stopped watching this. Didn't vote for Hillary or Trump, and all for impeachment if deserved.
    But, the dem party talked about umpeaching him before he was even elected. Russiagate was a fail…Mueller said there was nothing. Ukraine has been witnesses giving opinions, but no facts…and the dem party keeps changing the charges because they keep failing at proving their charges.
    Even some democrats are starting to balk at this imoeachment.
    I'm an independent, and have voted both sides of the isle. But it will be a loooooong time before I vote D again. This entire, and very expensive, going after Trump from day one is a farce.
    Trump will get my vote this election.

  39. LOL @ Democrats, We don't have to go to court, wait, Trump has to stay in check by the Legislative, And Legislative is held in check by Judicial so they can't overthrow a president?!!!?!?!?!?!

  40. The democrats have fucked themselves so hard with this bullshit impeachment and it will come down on their heads. A lot of Americans are waking up to this democratic wickedness and will never vote democrat again no matter what happens.

  41. these dems sold their souls to Satan quite some time back, although it's good to see it becoming more apparent to everyone each day

  42. I've been watching for long time this was not not a fair process , it all rules for the Democratic , just was so unfair for the Republicans side , this is very bad in my judgement , Democratic party is a one track mine and so much hate in themself,


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