House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Evidence Hearing
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House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Evidence Hearing

December 10, 2019

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  1. I'll change my opinion about impeachment if anyone can explain – How getting Ukraine to investigate Burisma and Biden's push to fire the investigator could possibly do more damage to Biden than these hearing or for that matter statements made by Guiliani in the press before any of this started. If Ukraine investigating was for political gain for Trump, these hearings are too.

  2. Can we as people stop I love Republicans, Democratsare crap. I love Democrats, Republicans are crap. And just instead focus on what the candidate has to offer and what America NEEDS.
    It needs more love and Trump isn't it! Theres global warming going on and it needs taken care of. I'd like to die from old age vs dying from lack of resources and not getting the medical help I need cause my insurance doesnt cover this or that that I need!!! I want my kids and grandchildren to live in a sustainable environment. There are so many other bigger issues than just loving Trump for his luscious locks, does he have any plans on fixing these bigger issues??

  3. If Trump wants to clear himself of any wrong doing, then why won't he testify before congress etc. People, it is because he is guilty, and he doesn't know how to speak intelligently. He is afraid that he may put his foot in his mouth. The dumbest president in history!

  4. I will give these Republicans credit for one thing, they are experts at ignoring facts. The fact is, from Mueller's report, he listed ten different things trump had done that he could be indicted on once he is out of office. I should have been there to help the Democratic congress to be as nasty and lying as the Republicans are!! They are great at ignoring facts, the fact is their is no defense of this rogue president. There is no way, a young, vulnerable, new president, like Voldmyr Zelensky is going against trump, who has intimidated him, to say, "trump did all these things!!" Ukraine is dependent on trump and Zelensky, while trying not to do what trump wanted him to do, doesn't want to come up against trump, in any outright confrontation with him, which is so damned nasty of trump, he deserves worse than impeachment!!! There is no question in every way, trump has proved he is pro-Putin, he has to be, Putin put him in the White House for a reason!!! The Democrats are exactly right, trump has conducted himself, in this investigation, once again, one he brought on himself, just like he did, Mueller's, exactly like he did in that investigation, it is his M.O.!! I think the Democrats have absolutely no choice but to impeach trump. I for one, would be very angry if they let trump get away with all the crimes he's committed and worst of all for being Putin's asset, and has been doing his bidding, but this time, he got caught in the act!!!

  5. If the Bidens are not guilty of anything then let the WORLD investigate them. Trump has been investigated with no problem, but for some reason the Bidens are off limits. An investigation is NOT cheating, Obama did it for Clinton. They have done it to trump for 3 years and still doing it. How hypocritical. Because Biden is running for president he is not a criminal and the president cannot find out if he is or is not. What planet are they from?🤢

  6. I cannot wait to watch Steve Castor's facial expressions on SNL this Saturday! lololol And, Collins is not going to like his SNL character either. What a dumbass

  7. Republicans are like public Defender. All they say is its a hoax joke witch hunt. But they have yet to say that the testimony of others are LIES!!! They have yet to dispute the facts.. Only to say the same thing that's no defense.

  8. Do you ever try to do a crime in front of a Police officer?

    So why do you think Trump tried to do a crime with the FBI And the justice department on the call?

    Do you think Trump is so stupid?

  9. 10 fucking hours god damn I just wanted to watch someone get impeached I don’t even know what going on but 10 damn hours how can they sit for that long

  10. I don’t know what’s going on but this nerdy dude is getting yelled at by all these old guys and it’s fucking hilarious

  11. Hold up…did the old dude from wisconsin really give criticism over a surveillance state and boast about authoring the patriot act in the same sentence? can i wake up from this dream yet?

  12. The Democrats, each one of them, have lost all credibility not only within the political landscape, but as honest US citizens. They are all impostors and no matter what they say, I only hear lies. It's like listening to people on the psych ward. I listen, but I know that they are all delusional.

  13. If you be a democrack vota, and you buy into this demo crap. You be a damn foo. And as the plantation democrat hank Johnson would tell you at 6:52.00, "jibbidy' jibbitty', bibitiy' jibbity',. Jibbity jibbity, jibbity bibbity." To quote jessy Jackson.

  14. Be aware of precedent: there is no Fourth Amendment protection (no expectation of privacy) for mobile phone metadata. Analyzing phone numbers connected with Nunes' or Rudy's phones is fair play / no warrant required.

  15. Dear Matt Gaetz we all know there are hundreds of bills that have been passed by the house.. that are sitting dead on the senate majorities desk … we all know this … quit lying … we are not buying into your false narrative .. and guess what … saying it a million times doesn’t make it true and doesn’t make us believe it and is wrong and a sin … that stupid saying “if you say it enough times ppl will believe it” was a lie from the start … a lie that you liked and adopted as your own …,
    Your lies are getting old and have always been offensive to the American ppl …. you’re just making yourself look bad .. grow up you’re not impressing anyone

    Have a great day.

  16. Approx 2:47:00 They ask for a recess. They vote, they roll call. During which one of the Republicans yells out that this request for recess is so the Democrats can do a interview….after roll call they recess for 15 mins. Immediately cuts to a Republican doing an interview….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The hypocrisy never ends. It’s just weird but it only proves the point more that the circus that the republicans display is simply a distraction. Again they waste time throw out points of order etc to distract from the process. Points of order can always be made at appropriate times and they do it whenever they fell like it. The one point of order claiming the opening statements were not done under oath was explained that they were not witnesses they were giving opening statements as counsel representing the majority and minority. Not once have they done the oath for either side for opening statements. I guess the fact that counsel was sitting in front of them confused them as to understanding of what their position was lol. Or it was because Minority counsel gave and opening statement and then was also a witness. 😂😂😂😂Nadler then gave the oath to both witnesses when it was their turn to do their opening statements. I don’t know anything about how this process should work but when they first started having the public hearings they stated how it goes….it’s not hard to understand directions. All these republicans must be those kind of people that when assembling something they just dump all the parts on the floor and start trying to make pieces fit without ever reading the instructions. Did u notice that Majority counsel had plenty of references to go to when giving their statements? How about majority’s first witness? Lots of stuff to show (text messages, phone transcripts, video) Not once did minority reference any facts to back up what they say. There’s a reason for this. There is literally not one piece of information they have to back up any of their claims. Why? Because the guy their fighting to protect didn’t give them any. Trump, Pence, Giuliani, OMB etc all could of provided some kind of info to back up their claims….If he wasn’t asking for the investigations for personal gain, show us the proof you were asking otherwise. Where’s the text, calls, emails etc showing orders given to do so…at what point did anyone do any further investigating into Ukraine to prove or expel the corruption that they claim was the reason for the hold of the aid….where’s the alternative to the delay of the WH visit? All they would have to do is show proof someone else was looking into Ukraine and their corruption. We know Rudy was looking in Ukraine for something….but why would u send Rudy to do business regarding national security? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t send a civilian to do that type of work you send ur ambassadors etc. It was never on the list that’s why. Because it had already been approved and aid should of been sent.

  17. And if this doesn’t stick the Democratic Party will push for Something else
    Let’s go too trial
    As Trump is knowing to demand

  18. Fat Nadler starts lying @ 23:25 This is in the public domain, upload it to your channel them when CNN Fake News does a false copyright claim report them for it !!! this is going to be my 3rd time filing against them!!!

  19. 2:51:12 (R) Doug Collins of George, first to give an interview during recess gets asked what he thinks about Rudy Giuliani continuing to do investigations in Ukraine while the impeachment proceedings are in progress…..”I don’t have any comment about Rudy” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 of course you don’t.

  20. What a joke, GOP best argument is that dems wont play the stall court games to fight Trump telling others not to testify or turn over documents and instead just impeach and this must mean the dems dont want them to really testify……….WHAT lol. WHAT A FLIP JOB LOL. I love that reps are upset about this

  21. Another scam by the filthy democrats! Just a bunch of sore losers who are still butthurt over the 2016 election WIN by your Favorite President!

  22. I don't think the guy yelling heard the hammer. And get rid of them all, from top to the bottom. The highest office down to the janitor.

  23. His ass should have been impeached last year stop playing games. There's no way Obama would have gotten away with all this s***. You can tell how America is still a racist country and that's what Trump represents and that's what people like.

  24. And not us ever forget Obama and Clinton Presidency
    That we All avoided
    Know let’s realize we have to put people in Jail,,,, Sorry
    Obama and Clinton have to do time too death

  25. The Republicans say that we are doing better since Trump has been in office. So let's just let Trump continue to lie, corrupt, chest, and get away with him not being impeached, because it's WORKING. Hummm!

  26. We could give the Republican party 800 days to review those 800 documents and they still would just bitch and cry about the way the hearing is unfair.

  27. Rep. Powell of Florida is convinced that Russia hacked the state election. So by her theory Russia helped her get elected.

  28. So tell me again. Who is on trial here, Biden or Trump. Repub's have NO talking points so it is deflect, deflect, deflect.

  29. How dense do republicans have to be to not see an impeachable offense here? Trump was right. He could literally stand in the middle of this hearing and shoot five people and the republicans will still pull excuses out of their ass. Deplorable people indeed💀

  30. This is absolutely ridiculous! Republicans are "playing" like they are lost in some sauce, this is really sad! Impeach the crook already, Gosh!!!

  31. I find it demoralizing and fear moggering that in this day in age the National security is at risk. Am I the only one who knows of nuclear ballistic missiles ? Every day that these weapons exist is a threat to National Security. I'm willing to get that people think Russia would attack always across Europe and the Atlantic some 5000 miles , instead of using the 3 miles or so that separate the Russian border and the U.S border. People please use your brain not not what the news outlet or political parties tell you.

  32. 3:15:31 Counsel Castor: “The chief allegation in today’s inquiry has been trying to access whether President Trump abused his power of his office with a quid pro quo. The secondary allegation has been whether the President obstructed justice during the inquiry. The evidence doesn’t support any of those allegations. Abuse of power: the inquiry has given no direct evidence.” This statement is False. Phone calls, testimony, text messages and emails all support abuse of power. Asking for a favor from a foreign leader to investigate the presidents political opponent is using the power of the president to do something no one else can do. No one else is the President and he directly asks for an investigation into the Biden’s during the call. Now break down the impeachable offense:
    1)Asking a foreign leader: Trump was on the phone with Zelensky the President of Ukraine.
    2)Asking for a favor: Trump says “ I need you to do us a favor though”
    3)Investigate a political opponent: Trump says “look into the biden’s.”

    Witnesses have denied any criminal activity (it doesn’t have to be a crime) or an impeachable offense.” Witnesses are not meant to be used to decide whether an offense is impeachable or not. Witnesses are there to provide an accounting of events that support or deny the accusation.

    “On the presidents state of mind there is no clear evidence that the president acted with malicious intent.” This is false, it has been testified by and evidence shown what the intent was. There hasn’t been evidence shown that their was an alternative intent other then what counsel is stating. If the intent was anything but malicious there would be proof to show such intent. The minority has yet to show any evidence to the contrary except counsel stating it wasn’t malicious or it wasn’t what you think it was. No emails no texts no witnesses. The idea that corruption was the reason for the hold of aid was also never mentioned in any phone call, email or text.

    “Riddled with presumptions” many witnesses testified they were clear and understood the request for investigations. Many witnesses testified they didn’t believe the request for investigations was following the national security plan was. Not only the investigations but it became understood that the aid was being held for the same reason.

    “President Trump voiced concerns about Europeans giving their fair share in assistance” It has been proven this is also not true.

    According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, EU institutions top the OECD’s list of the top 10 donors of official development assistance to Ukraine, with $425.2 million contributed on average for 2016-2017. The U.S. was second with $204.4 million in assistance, closely followed by Germany, which contributed $189.8 million on its own, in addition to contributions it would have made through the European Union.

  33. My God. Is this woman's name Scanlon or Scaglon? I think the latter is correct.

    Right, Zelensky couldn't say no to the demand but he didn't do it did he? What a bunch of BUTT FUCKS the DEMS are.

  34. The true enemy of the United States and of its people are not at the gates or in foreign lands they are within our walls, a true evil that has forsaken their eternal souls for an earthly power and wealth. They undermine the values of humanity and God's given rights of the individual to pursue happiness. They suppress the freedom of expression and even in the belief in God its self. But I say to these prodigy that the bell will toll and your contract with the son of the mourning shall come to account. And the judgement rendered on to you will be damnation and death of the your eternal soul.


  35. These clowns are living proof, their ,daddies did not have it all the way in , when he made them .
    Amazing ,trump gets anything done , for the good of the country .



  38. Steve Castor is taking all these punches, no one Republican was able to assist him in what matters.
    Danil Goldman is very impressive, not only giving complete answers but also filling the holes Republicans tried to dig.

  39. I think Shiff, Pelosi, Nader & the whole lot of them should be arrested & thrown in jail for treason, for theft of taxpayer money & time stolen for this farce that is so riddled with lies & the insulting of our intelligence. The people of the country deserve 5he truth, the whole truth and to be proud of their country! Instead the professional liars are humiliating us in front of the world stagez! You can't have the fox watching over the hen house-~ that is to say these so called people are corrupt as the get & I don't think it should be legal for ,e to have to give up my very hard earned $ to pay their Salaries! Not one cent for this joke of this so called house. They are making a mockery of the so called system of justice this country once had for this embarrassing invented sham They all need to be removed from their so called offices and for their abuse of power to END/ to STOP!! Right NowZ! I can smell the stench of their corruption from clear across the country and I will never fogive myself for having , now adult chidren & grandchildren who will never be able to relax & enjoy their lives because these people don't care about anything besides their agenda, and the taking of our money, resources & our FUTURE!!! GODDESS please help us all to survive this nightmare that's trying to take over our world and everything in it! Amen!

  40. How come the US seems to be the one country that the rest reply on, for help?
    Pretty silly. There are resources closer to the actual issue, surely.

  41. 1:59:00 will they also look at Biden in the same light?–dj2-CY

    Can we sue the Dems after this crap is over?

  42. No matter how sinister they try to spin this it just comes off as bias and corrupt of the 700 billion dollar DOD "DEEP STATE" desperately trying to keep there empire going…


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