House Judiciary Committee to subpoena Strzok
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House Judiciary Committee to subpoena Strzok

November 19, 2019

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  1. Funny how Spanky and his swamp don’t like the DOJ, FBI or the free press. Criminals have never liked cops… all hail president 🐖 eyes!

  2. The American public has lost all faith in the justice system now as the corruption of the FBI, DOJ and Federal Judges have all become political hatchet men of Democrats socialist policies.

    You have two choices Washington either you start sending these people to jail or We the People will march armed and ready to start the hangings/ Once we do that the swamp will turn on everyone of the guilty.

  3. Hey I'm a piece of shit under educated deplorable. Um nor am I under investigation. Wow investigator 2 3 or 4 from where I am I'm way more confident.

  4. Moron Democrat. We are not trusting any Swamp Creatures, when we have the evidence of a treasonous coup attempt from within the alphabet agencies, right before our very eyes.

  5. The entire FBI needs to be fired and replaced simple as that when the Top FBI people lie it affects all of the FBI. Drain The FBI

  6. How to " whistle past the graveyard" by John Summers. Hahaha! I wonder how many possible strategies he had to go through and discard to come up with that one.

  7. When will the people awake to the fact that there was an undercover coup d'état
    attempt against the election, against the people of the United
    States (the voters), and the constitution, done by the Obama
    administration using the justice department, and it is still going on?
    Sadly some republicans in congress should be considered conspirators due to the
    fact that they are turning their heads and doing little to nothing about

  8. For using the FBI to influence an election? Russia isn't our biggest Enemy, the Democratic party running the DOJ and FBI definitely is.

  9. Just smoke and mirrors. Congress wont do anything as usual. They protect each other. Because if one gets charged it sets the stage for others to be held accountable

  10. I thought he was gonna stop Trump from becoming president. I voted against him,that was more than this slug did. Go get em Rudy, clutch them straws.

  11. 37k? Really? Bigger than most us cities. And no one is tossing the baby, its the head quarters and that is part of the deep state.

  12. Ummm, The bias isn't just bias, it also proves conspiracy or at least intent to conspire. Here's a hint, Until the answers we get make perfect sense according to common sense we will never trust any branch of the government again.

  13. This guy making excuses makes me sick. They left Peter strzok in there to cover this stuff up. So Hillary Clinton destroys all the evidence these people for the past year-and-a-half have been covering and destroying all the evidence and that's their defense is that there's no concrete evidence.? The FBI deserves public ridicule at this point. Yeah we know it's not the whole agency but the corruption is at the top level and who runs the agency the people at the top.

  14. No trust in these process. Don't trust anything (prosecution) comes out of them. The whole place is so filthy stincking that it is going to be a spaghetti whip on their butts!

  15. Is this the same age agent who will voluntarily testify…so why do this song and dance…oh I c…because the House Intel Committe can pretend it still has balls after Nunes sliced them off…yeah right…
    Prepare your sorry asses when you get voted out…
    Resign Trump to MAGA 2018…

  16. Wait, aren't we supposed to forget all about the corrupt FBI and focus on child/parent separation at the border that's been happening for years but is now a national emergency?

  17. If President Trump wiped his ass with Russian toilet paper, the media will spin it into him investing in Russian businesses. It is a witch hunt.

  18. You know they keep saying that it was only a handful but they were all upper management
    And sh_t doesn’t roll down hill??? We are tired
    Of all lying politicians and quit trying to pass
    The blame around your the government your all guilty as hell Washington Sucks they are destroying America

  19. the leftist morons keep saying that " it's just a few members at the FBI who misbehaved…." It was the top 5 lawyers with the top 5 job titles at the Bureau… they need to be held accountable…. this is not a training issue…

  20. That's right dude , we're not going to trust the IG in this matter … as for your "then who do you trust" question , the answer is the US Constitutional body charged with oversight responsibility of the DOJ , FBI … guessed it yet (??) … it's called the US CONGRESS Intelligence and Judiciary Committees … Sen. Grassley , Rep. D.Nunes and gang …

  21. He first says conclusions do matter then says evidence matters. Those 13 Russians he's talking about Mueller indicted them only coz he expected none of them to defend themselves in US courts but one of them is prepared to do so & even hired american lawyers o prepare his defence. I hope that case starts soon so we can see how credible those indictments really were.

  22. 2,23 You are wrong – the mischief cause by a few, is not a few but the few decision makers that can cause a citizen to go to jail or a president to be impeach. So stop watering down and get down to serious staff that is have a crime being committed, within the constitution and laws of the US, not base on bias migrating factors. Let the Judge decide in the court of law.

  23. 5,33 You are wrong again – pro Mueller why is people from the FBI that want to testify are given warning not to testify and as far as Mueller investigation go it is pick and choose case – there was a lawyer who want to testify but Mueller did not call her even up to the her lawyer wrote to Mueller – the whole smack of Bias and conflict of interests – Due Diligence has been trow into the Rubbish bin.

  24. Listen to this moron Democrat… there was no deep state plot? Uh and yet there WAS a deep state plot. Demonrats love to wash things by talking about an ENTIRE group rather then the small amount of OBAMA APPOINTED FBI COHORTS!!! Demonrats need to be destroyed completely! The entire party is corrupt and should be dismantled!

  25. not that this is big but how many times was HRC instructed on how to handle classified information she know what she was doing 150 million in the clinton foundation she know and she is laughing at use the deplorable this was a joke you or i would be in jail

  26. Go ahead and fire this guy. It won't change the fact that Trump works for Putin and Fox fans are closet Commies. Disgusting Traitors.

  27. There are two types of traitors. The first are those scorned in our culture, such as Judas (mythical biblical betrayer of Jesus), or Benedict Arnold. The second traitors are the one's who leave one side and join a principled cause, such as Cato the senator/assassin who defended the Republic, or George Washington who betrayed the crown and its theocratic monarchical rule. I urge Strzuk to betray this dark deep state culture in the FBI.

  28. Fox News – Everyone I know including myself has zero faith that Robert Mueller and his team of Trump hating / DNC donors will do the right thing or that they can be trusted. I have never in my life seen more corruption or political bias which suggests that the Inspector General is either part of the deep state or they have dirt on him and he caved to their demands. I have never had less faith in the FBI, CIA, or DOJ and even the current leaders of those agencies all seem to be part of the swamp.

  29. Don’t you just love John Summers statement that “we have to trust the conclusions of the IG report”. WTH … we are in this mess precisely because we can no longer trust the entities we are constantly being told to trust. White washing this isn’t going to restore trust … It will have the opposite affect. The federal government and all of its agencies need to be gutted, and we need to confine all of the federal government to a budget not to exceed 5% of GDP. Take away the money and you remove the reason for the swamp. The swamp exists because there’s opportunity to gain money and power. The only way to fix this and for good is to eliminate the attack surface and the incentives. If you don’t, we will be right back in the shit as soon as the next wave of the corrupt cabal gets its hands around our throats.

  30. How come we have not heard ONE text from the FBI anywhere since 2015 that supports Trump or his supporters? Not one text, email, tweet, FB post, NOT ANYTHING supportive of Trump. All biased, all negative, all criminal, all Treasonous, all Threatening to our president. Is this an agency that needs to continue?????????????? Not. The FBI is now Liberal, Tainted and Criminally biased and needs to be shut down forever.

  31. James Comey "There is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia" over a year ago, IF CONCLUSION MATTER WHY IS MUELLER STILL WITCHING HUNTING!?

  32. All he has to do is refuse to comply; he knows nothing will happen to him because the precedent is already set.

  33. Who do we trust? Comey? Lynch? Strzok? McCabe? Hillary? Obama? … ? There president was right when he said he inherited a huge mess.

  34. The real issue here is the disgusting thing some call their president. Decent Americans demand that pervert be locked up!!

  35. It is time to disband the F.B.I. It is clear the agents lack honor, chacter, and integrity. They tried to overthrow the government. Close them down!!!

  36. God Bless the FBI for fighting against these crooked politicians. How much money did they get for this treachery. Is this really where the 1.5 trillion is going. Crooked politician offshore accounts? I never met with any russians. mmm hmmm right!

  37. PETER STRZOK is being subpoenaed. YAY!! I bet you there's no such person as PETER STRZOK and LISA PAGE. Have you ever seen them, besides in photos? No TV appearances? No videoa available of weddings or births?? I say they're the ALREADY DEAD PATSIES going down for the others.

  38. Haman, will be hanged in the very same gallows he built to hang Mordecai. Thank you very much for sharing and God Bless All Righteous People Around The World and the unrighteous to seek God's face for their mercy and salvation. Time is of the essence!

  39. Horowitz is a goddamn idiot. Tons of bias,but no proof of it affecting the email investigation? Fucking insane


  41. Sorry, dearie, but yer fulla horse feathers. "Bias didn't play out in the investigation"? WHAT INVESTIGATION? And if there's no BIAS, where's the MULTI-COUNT INDICTMENT of HILLARY FRAUD 'EM CLINTON for the Server & Pay 2 Play Foundation?("Reasonable people" are asking.)

  42. Listen to this bullshit, 37,000 FBI agents did not investigate, a handful of leadership did. It is those people who lead the FBI who are in question. Bringing up the entire roll call is not relevant at all, this is the typical democratic responses, I guess to hell with our democracy, turn it over to the elite in the justice department as they know the american people are too stupid to allow the legitimate democratic process.

  43. a mole for Hillary or Obama or both? there's more of them in the feds….all of them just puppets on strings…..stalling to let their treasonous leaders off the hook……keep deleting you slavery swines.

  44. The Russian medaling in elections ( Internet postings ) has been happening for many elections, smoke screen to keep you from seeing fbi doj corruption.
    and Mueller is just like his best friend Comey and the other top fbi corrupt people.

  45. He, Strzok wants to volunteer because at any moment he could walk away that's why a subpoena is coming.

  46. shit is hitting the fan and ALL of America will soon know the truth.. Yes even the Dirty Dems can not twist this anymore.

  47. Jon Summers: "If we can't trust the Inspector General (Horowitz), then who do we trust."
    Dems 2017: "If we can't trust the Dir of the FBI (Comey), then who can we trust" (Fired, under investigation for perjury, leaking, obstruction of justice)
    Dems 2018: "If we can't trust the Deputy Dir of the FBI (McCabe), then who can we trust" (Fired, criminal charges for perjury pending)
    Dems in 2016: "If we can't trust the FBI, then who can we trust" (6 top level FBI fired, demoted, resigned, and 6 more under investigation)
    Sound familiar?
    The lies have become a broken record. Wash, rinse, repeat.
    Who's buying this anymore?

  48. Guess all patriotic fools, especially those on the left, if there are any left on the left, the FBI is no different than the KGB. Their best work is their work to keep them in power.

  49. All the last administration is backing up as fast as they can.. now saying the dates they were involved were earlier, and earlier, as the lies fall apart. They cannot cover indefinitely for Obama and his administration in creating the 'witch hunt', setting spies to set up potential witnesses, blackmailing and bankrupting potential witnesses, having the Mueller team hide potential witness testimony by representing the very people guilty.. like Mueller's lawyers representing the Guy that beat up Hillary's phones and ran her private server as the 'IT' administrator.. deleting e-mails.The FBI 'fixed' the Hillary investigation, the same FBI agents started the Trump investigation. First they decided Hillary was innocent before hearing witness testimony, then they decided Trump was guilty before even starting the Trump investigation!The result of 'Weaponization' of Agencies Obama needed to 'Fundamentally change America', the co-operation of the media, Comcast, Verizon, AT+T Streamers deciding what stories their owned 'News sub corporations' would run while donating 100% to Democrats……….. The SWAMP… is boiling mad they cannot buyoff or threaten Trump like all politicians always have been for sale….'Deep State' is just a metaphor for Corporatism, making money, and it shows just how little it requires to spend to get government employees to do what corporations want and the fundamental problem Government workers have, they suck… seriously, can be directed like any simpleton, fresh from college, actually start believing their own B.S., as an excuse for being corrupted by the Pied Piper- Obama!

  50. Congress been wearing brown. Lip stick. For. Year ,,half. ,,, Fromm. Kissing ass,SS. ,, FBI,CIA NSA 17. Spy agencies;;;;;;;. Their. Handle;;;;. Kiss my ass. Beg,,, ffffffkkkk u;;;;;;????????? What's new!!!!???

  51. Peter Strzok – if you are reading this – you are the biggest embarrassment to this nation that I've seen in a very long time. You apparently have no shame in your crimes – given your attempts to interfere with the PEOPLE'S election process – and I'd be willing to bet that you and your criminal cronies are STILL trying to think up ways to unseat our president. You deserve to be in prison – you deserve to be fired – you deserve to be deported for your crimes. You – in your pride and out right liberal arrogance decided that "you" knew better than WE the PEOPLE -YOU and your cronies have infested the FBI's good standing by running your own lit' mafia at the taxpayers' expense. You sit in your lit'l swivel chair thinking you hold all the keys to the Kingdom. FYI – you do not. The only thing you will be left holding will be the shower soap in lockup – THAT is where you belong – and that is where I pray that you are soon headed.

  52. So lets end this Meuller fake investigation started by bogus evidence pushed to FISA judge by lying Dems. How many Democrat moles are there in DOJ? IG Horowitz was able to find Strzok text that FBI could not? Also need to take a very closer look at Strzok new hires at FBI as he was “demoted” to Head of Human Resources.

  53. Those, republicans in congress, are trying to spend this Russia investigation by going after Strzok. They, have no evidence, that he done anything wrong, regarding Russia investigation.
    Perhaps, he did not like Trump. Many people, do not like their boss, on a job. That, does not mean, that he did anything wrong, with the Russia investigation. House have no evidence
    of any wrong doing, regarding Russia probe by law enforcement. Cohen, may flip and perhaps some of the current republicans, in Congress are part of this Russia crime, along with the
    Potus. Once again, many people, do not like their boss and text things or talk about him or her, to someone. However, that does not mean, that Strzok, committed a crime. Remember,
    Russia was found, to have tampered in US election?

    Those are the fact. There have been some arrest of money laundering and other fraudulent activities by associates of the Potus, that campaign, for the Potus and some, that were part
    of his Administration, that been arrested, already. Also, there are warrants, for numerous of others, that do not live, in US; regarding this Russia tampering. No need, to get side track p-
    eople. Weigh the entire evidence, that were disclosed, thus far and you can believe, that more evidence are behind the scenes.

    Cohen and others probably already flip, on the Potus and it have not been reveal yet. I think, they may tell it all. It may be bigger than Watergate. Remember, the Potus had no experience,
    in political office? There are plenty of sharks, in the Republican Congress and other sharks, that had their hand in Potus election. I actually believe, that it goes beyond US boarders. Any
    law enforcement officer, is not getting paid. to like his or her boss. They, are suppose, to get paid, while protecting and serving, as law enforcement officers, in US. According, to the laws
    of US.

    For, the record, each person, that Congress want to subpoena, can refuse or plead the 5th. They, have not been charge with a crime. It is a hearing. You recall, that Jeff Sessions, was not
    truthful, when he testified and often deflected, from the questioning by Congress. He knew, that he was not charge with a crime and refused to answer simple and basic questions. This
    is only smoke screen. The Potus and plenty of those in Republican Congress, want to end the Russia probe because plenty of skeletons would come out of the closet and the American
    citizens and others, would perhaps witness, the evil, that been going on, for such a long time. Way before the Potus, was in office and after. There is a long history of corruption, in the
    WH and Congress by some.

    Listen, many of us witness recently; little children being placed in cages, as animals by the Potus Administration and every member of Congress, should have cry out against that, along
    with every American citizen. We are living, in a precarious time. There is hope, in God. If, any government or adult, can place little children, in cages, that is a sick government. Little c-
    hildren, cannot defend for themselves, in the court of law.

    It will get worse people. If, they can lock up, little children. You or I, mean nothing, to Trump Administration. I understand, that illegals, are in this country or trying to get into US illegally.
    However, it is inhumane, to treat any children, in that manner. I understand, that there are immigration laws. However, that does not justify, placing children, in cages, as animals. US, is
    a rich nation and they could have done better. Look what happen, to Puerto Rico, after they suffer two major hurricanes and US drag their feet, to help them; under the Potus administr-
    ation. He started saying, they owe Wall Street, doing their early suffering.

    Puerto Rico, is own by US and there are several countries, that owe US and some, never paid US back and US forgiven them. See, it is not really about party affiliation folks. Placing chil-
    dren, in cages, is sort of barbaric and who to say, that they are not planning, to place Americans and others in Fema camps, to further their agenda, in the very near future. There are so-
    me loving people, in the world. However, there are some hateful people, in the world too. Do you think, God is going to sit back and see those little children suffer, at the hands of adults,
    in US, for crimes, they did not commit? Where is the fear of God, America?

  54. BULL$41T !!! If you think that there isn't rampant corruption in the FBI, you are a complete moron. The good folks in the FBI are ABSOLUTELY in the minority. Corrupt police departments are EXACTLY the same way. IT IS NOT JUST A "HANDFUL" OF CRIMINALS BEING BAD. It is a Criminal Entity pretending to be good.

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