House Judiciary Set To Debate The Two Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC
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House Judiciary Set To Debate The Two Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC

December 22, 2019

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  1. Even if the Senate subpoenas Joe and Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff and all the rest, what makes them think they will willingly comply?!? Some would but I suspect that some would thumb their noses just as the Republicans and Trump have to the Congress. And then too, there's always the 5th amendment. This should be interesting to say the least! I have a feeling this is going to be long and drawn out….ho hum….

  2. Whatever Putin say's in the morning, Trump say's in the afternoon… and fox noise and the repigs inculcate incessantly the next day!!!!

  3. Every day I hope a vessel pops in dotards head and thus ending this 💩show before next November, when he will unseated anyway…

  4. Trump demanded a kick-back for "himself" from the President of Ukraine. He and a bunch of "criminals " trying to help him get that "got caught". That kick-back scheme is what he is being impeached for. Question: Why is it none of you people use that word kick-back?

  5. Never before have i seen 24 cowardly democrat puppets reading their fake scripted speeches than during the articles for impeachment, what an incredible despicable creatures, how can anybody vote for those criminals….

  6. Take away the title of the office he holds and you have a have D.T. a person that thinks having money he can do what ever he wants to do, Getting elected president hasn't changed his thoughts

  7. Did anybody of you already apologize to Michael Flynn and Carter Page….guess not
    Pelosi a 'leader', no a coward , in 2002 she was briefed on warcrimes (torture of prisoners), and she didn'nt do nothing about it, that is the kind of horrible creature she is….

  8. Republicans: let the ballot box solve this dispute! Let the people decide!

    Trump: imma asking foreign interference from Russia, Ukraine and China so I can win this election!

    Republicans: 63 million people voted for Trump. Don’t cancel their vote!

    66 million Hillary voters: what about OUR vote being cancelled?

  9. All of Trump's tariffs, and sanctions are set up to be circumvented by Trump through bribes and Kickbacks that sends the money directly to Trump off shore bank accounts.

  10. It seems that no-one is more obsessed with impeachment than your own network. Do you realize we are just over 1-3 of President Trump's time in office? I'm still not 100 percent certain impeachment will pass the House floor. We'll see.

  11. There is not a part of a company or part of government that I could go and look into and find various levels of bad practices but generally people only come out with those practices when the bad practices are part of something bigger.

  12. I think he is upset about impeachment because he is walking on thin ice and could possibly be removed. He cannot be sleeping good without meds.

  13. @3:27 psyops "tactics intended to manipulate one's opponents or enemies, such as the dissemination of propaganda or the use of psychological warfare."

  14. IG Report was….only….about what the FBI did. Durham will prosecute and jail…the Democrats outside the FBI….ppl like Obama & Co.

  15. I don't understand once your impeached I don't see how you are allowed run a campaign again. Especially for the same position you were impeached from

  16. The Illegitimately Chosen One has never been and will never be a real president. "He is a con man. He is a racist. He is a cheat." – Trump's personal attorney while under oath.

  17. A handfull of crooked FBI agents altered e-mails, manufactured evidence and unlawfully spied on a presidential candidate. Just a few of the list of charges listed in the IG report.
    Best part, it's was all paid for by….wait for it….the DNC.
    Do not act surprised when Americans vote for Trump again in 2020

  18. DEMOCRAT DEBATES: All socialist Plans! TRUMP! US will "NEVER" BE "SOCIALIST" That is Trumps crime against Democrat Socialist.

  19. He is an illegitimate president and a terribly small and pathetic man. I think that there will be a few asterisks, relating to his presidency.

  20. Trump would have an asterisk next to his name, even if he wasn't impeached – he's the worst president in US history. He just needs to get over himself!

  21. fRump is worried that the impeachment would hurt his re-election chances and he knows the Southern District of New York is waiting for him.

  22. Economy isn’t booming

    No record jobs numbers

    His trade deal hasn’t passed yet and doesn’t help America

    His tax cuts were a scam to benefit the wealthy

    He supercharged ISIS by abandoning the Kurds

    No wall has been built

    Every “achievement” is a lie. No promises kept. #FAIL

  23. Remember Putin helped him cheat his way into the WH. He is not an honest man. And, Republicans around Trump are dishonest too. Moscow Mitch said he is the grim reaper. Looks like he is proving it. He said that he will acquit Trump if he gets impeached. Republicans are cheating using Taxpayer money to campaign in those rallies. That is very unfair and cheating.

  24. I will never vote for any dem again after this joke of an impeachment you lost me and some friends dems i will vote for trump in 2020 after this because this is making this country a joke

  25. Trump is so angry he had to pop a few Adderall's and a few shots before he went to that rally cause his speech was slurred like a MF!!!

  26. What the GOP can't figure out is that Trump will be gone by 2024, after which he'll get Caponed by the SDNY. How will they explain that ?

  27. His long term Alderall use is making him more paranoid, as he really magnifies and is over concerned that the Democrats are out to get him. Yes, they are, and yes, he is really aware and worried about it

  28. Pelosi is a puppet of her donors. She is just as disgusting as Trump. She didn't impeach Bush Jr. when he committed war crimes, and she did her best to keep from impeaching Trump. Finally his stupidity won out. All of these establishment hacks need to be removed.

  29. Republican Senators should realise that Trump doesn’t care about their re-election? He believes that his followers will vote him back. He is full of himself that he cannot understand that he is considered a danger to Democracy, to the Constitution and intelligent Americans are going to dump him. When they do wake up, it may be too late. They will lose their seats and Trump will be toast.

  30. Flimsy ugly.? Trump describing himself and his supporters? Trump didn’t win legitimately….lost popular vote and cheated…had social media propaganda from russia mind-phucking gullible Americans. They should be outraged that they’ve been toyed with, brain washed…but they are to stupid to realize it.

  31. Am not buying Hersheys again. Encountered some spoiled taste anyway. So some must have gotten headway. Trump loves it, maybe because he is as bad as what he eats.

  32. We are at war with the class war criminal at large. My familiarity with this fellow goes back to my childhood. It was there I met the pencil neck sadist, in control of his matronly harem machine. Where other people feel the joy of love, this clever fellow felt the joy of class war cruelty. He was at the helm and where he wished as a class war criminal to be, more than anywhere else in the world in fact. In control of his class warring social modeling ship. He was not in fact a feeble minded teachers pet correct correct. He was a good talker, able to work my parents with ease. Something about him informed him there was little point in attempting to deceive me. The fellow is in fact correct, little point in that indeed. We do understand each other perfectly. Knuckle bumping thug life was not for me, the game is just not that feeble minded teachers pet thumping simple.

  33. violation of the Constitution has no contingency on the fact that the employment is low and the president doesn't like the impeachment number. The elections were compromised and that should be a concern to GOP political lawmakers. The fact that is not a concern makes it a concern to weed the people who stand United against corruption. We will find out in 2020 because they have tried to subvert the legitimacy of the Constitution. Calling it a kangaroo court is calling the founding fathers who set up the impeachment process kangaroos

  34. Trump actually knew about the wicked leak (WikiLeaks) dump before it came out. He wants the one who said Russia if you're listening. He is his own downfall. For those who give more concern to the president then to the rest of the people of the United States, I say that you all have your priorities misaligned.

  35. Well, the Republicans have screwed this up and no one else is to blame! Trump is a communist traitor and there's no getting around it! Trump and his treasonous family have to be removed soon. He's proven this over and over again. He can and will destroy this great country and the American people if we let him! Putin must be stopped and his communist regime he's starting here. We must protect our citizens from trump and his treasonous supporters! What ever you do, VOTE BLUE! Save America!

  36. Your vote for the next President of The United States of America, could be for record breaking employment and American success with truth and justice for all, or for $8.00 per gallon gas, out of control unemployment and the worst economic breakdown the world has ever seen…

  37. This is a impeachment of Trump, not Biden or his son, the corrupt practices this president has done while in office are undeniable, Republicans shouting and bringing everything under the sun as their argument is just smoke 💨 come on America get behind this…..who needs another 4years of this dangerous orange 🍊 man.

  38. To say that Trump “touched on themes” in his rally is quaint. What he did, as often, disjointedly ranted scatological thoughts prompted by his paranoiac self-absorbed delusions. His speeches are polluted streams of random paranoid and egotistical consciousness!

  39. Feelings feelings feelings…..

    The facts are gonna smack y'all like a brick wall. How many lies can y'all handle? Legitimately when have they gave you actual facts? Only feelings think for yourself back up out of your emotional state and look at it from afar it's a lie they are telling you no facts only feelings! How do they know how someone feels???? Feels

  40. Investigation of??? They is nothing they investigated…. Only a hunt for a crime they can't find think about that all that money and time and all they got is obstruction of an investigation with no crime only the hint for a crime… What if the law did this to you or your family? Hunted for a crime instead of investigating one. Lies and feelings #TRUMP2020

  41. Feelings feelings feelings feelings 🤐I've listened to this crap video and not one fact only FEELINGS 🥺 boohoo

  42. Listening to Theses Two Talk Double Talk and Trying to Impress …But Sounding Crazy Trying to Make Wrong look Alright…They went to School for This?! Educated Fools at Best Thinking Everyone Else A Fool, That Can SEE n HEAR Good…The Nerves.

  43. The Economy we are living in was set up by a real President called President Obama and has been on the uptick for the last 11 Yr's. 2 weeks into Trump he was already trying to take credit for the Economy.

  44. Trump and his GOP Boot Lickers have to go in 2020. 2021 we should see Trump Indicted for all of his Criminal Actions, State and Federal.

  45. Spanky has several asterisks next to his name: he lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes, GOP voter suppression helped him win states – like GA as we saw in the midterms – that wld be blue/purple otherwise, Russia helped his campaign in myriad ways – firing up his cult while turning Dems & POC against Hillary, and now impeachment. The truth is, PresPAB has never been the President of the entire USA, and he's NEVER tried to be, he's only wanted to be the president of his adoring cult, yet another asterisk next to his name. 

    Spanky McBonespurs, president of only a third of the country, his loyal cult of supporters, who lived in states that impeded the voting rights of liberal leaning citizens, citizens Pres McBonespurs cldnt have cared less about. Altho he won the electoral college he lost the popular vote, and was aided by Russian cyber meddling in our elections, which he welcomed. Tried to get Ukraine to help him take the 2020 election too. One of our worst presidents, who benefitted from the economic stimulus instituted by Barack Obama, which he did his best to destroy, by running up astronomical deficits, cutting regulations & taxes on wealthy ppl – policies that caused The Great Recession – and starting trade wars with anybody and everybody. Created NAFTA 2, which was the same as NAFTA 1 but with more worker protections – altho those protections only had enforcement measures bc the Democratically controlled House insisted on them – and a sliver of the Canadian dairy market. He donated his salary, while grifting millions of tax payer $$ using his hotel properties for government business.

  46. Why be fair he got his sss impeached congress should have thrown the book at him hes committed so many crimes. Trump is not an actor and his acting prez job fake and failed. Trump wad selected by Russer not elected by the people majority sad but true.

  47. The upper Midwest states that went for Trump only did so because of the Russian meddling and the Supreme Court deciding the voting rights act is bad for Republicans.

  48. The Democrats won in 2016 but because of Russian interference the most unpopular, unqualified, uneducated fake president got the top job. I have watched documentries on Trump and his empire, what I did notice in all of them he delegates everything that needs to be done to his lackies. Remember when he walked out of the oval office in the middle of business and Pence tried to get him back but he said no so Pence had to wrap it up? I don't think Trump is a good business man he is a nasty person and I think that is why he went bankcrupt and why he has a good turn over of staff he sacks them when things go wrong.

  49. Pelosi has been in a leadership position or a very long time. He's forgettings he was speaker from 2009-20011 and minority leader in the interim.

  50. Trump strategy for the past 3 years: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. This known as the "illusion of truth" effect. Trump and his Republican followers are traitors to USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  51. My dear orange clown, celebrate this Christmas because it is your last Christmas in the White House, and hopefully your last as free man.

  52. Not many views I see!… not enough to matter. Can tell a lot from the number of views on both sides. You are losing bigtime!!!!

  53. Where is the military did need taken off when they join the military to protect America from domestic in foreign enemies and Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist if they don't do nothing . Which is why America is not great they leave America defenseless .

  54. Trump is suing to not show his taxes and financials, refuses to comply with subpoenas to provide much needed documents and holding back door meetings.  I'm now questioning what the GOP is trying to hide from Government oversight and the American people. Trump and his GOP defenders are not true GOP, but radicals and rebels that are putting America at risk.

  55. The new Republiclowns are the most corrupt cowards in the history of America … truly disgusting. They will pay dearly at the ballot box‼

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