House Republican: President Donald Trump’s Ukraine Call “Not O.K.” | The Last Word | MSNBC
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House Republican: President Donald Trump’s Ukraine Call “Not O.K.” | The Last Word | MSNBC

October 22, 2019

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  1. I don't remember in which James Bond movie it is but a villain explains that it good to look weak like this snake like fish lying at the bottom of the ocean waiting to be beaten and then suddenly attacking and killing its adversary. Republicans not defending Trump is same. Trump does not care to be empached by the house. At the end of the day he won't empeached by the Senate. He is very practical, for him as long as is not removed from office he doesn't care.

  2. The fact that the Republikkkan Party has no defence against the impeachment articles does not mean they will refuse to impeach in the Senate. They will stick by Trump unless and only if, Trump's poll numbers are low enough to suggest they will all lose their seats. Oh my goodness, those poll numbers look low! Time for some serious thinking, Moscow Mitch & Co.

  3. The conversation might be said to be treasonous and in the old days, when we were smart, we treated traitors a little differently.

  4. Your news is BS . Try looking into Biden and his son in Ukraine and the Trumps call . As a President he has every right to look into corruption.

  5. MNSBC, here u go again, get some strong facts guys when the eyewitness comes forward like Monica Lewinsky, the whistleblower in the Ukraine story wasn't even in the room, it was a he said, she said, no recording, it was a nothing burger, n you guys along with CNN are running with that, what a joke, yet there’s video recording of Mr Biden that u guys have, withholding $1M if the Ukraine President doesn’t sack this one person, that’s real evidence that u have, report that. Lawyers have already said regarding the whistleblower against Mr Trump that it won't stand up in court, even a dog knows that, yet it’s your headline, u ran with the Russian collusion for 2 years saying your reliable sources had strong evidence, then Mr Muller comes along n says nothing happened, where is your reliable sauce, Adam Stiffneck said he had reliable evidence, n we're still waiting for it, no wonder u guys are a joke, that's why Mr Trump supporters are growing more n more, because people are sick of your rubbish, you are giving the 2020 election to Mr Trump. More n more moderate Democrats are moving away from the party because of u guys n CNN, the walk away movement is growing because your Network was caught out so many times twisting stories, do an honest unbiased investigation, into Mr Trump, Mrs Pelosi, Mr Biden, the border, the economy, don't add your opinions on it as we don’t care what u think, tell the story evenly, and let the people decide, don't spin stories, tell it as is, don't promote a candidate, let the people decide..

  6. lets ignore the fact that Biden covered his sons illegal activities and thats why they are so butthurt that trump suggested to the ukrainian leader to look into it.

  7. Under the Constitution executive powers article 2 if any corruption from the previous administration is found the president must investigate it no crime it's his job

  8. My neighborhood is going to have a huge party the day Trump is thrown into prison where he belongs. Many of them voted for him and hugely regret it after seeing for themselves just how rotten he truly is.

  9. so sad Ukraine has a new president that has already committed corruption! zelenski has already proven that he has no backbone to lead a country! so sad

  10. It is amazing that it had to take this much, for people on the Republican side, to finally… starting to realize just how cuckoo Trump really is.

  11. Why was the conversation not okay? Did this pundit even read it? I can't understand how many NPCs must believe this nonsense, but apparently it's enough that they're running stories on this haha.

  12. Trump saved me a lot of video shop money. I don't watch any scorsese, pacino, de niro, gene hackman movies anymore, I just listen to the news now.

  13. I hope you are right, because he has committed so many crimes as a candidate and as president. ‘Rule of Law’ should prevail. Then trump’s claim that he is the Rule of Law president will become true. And true Justice will have prevailed.

  14. Looking into the Toxic Terrorist Traitor Trump Administration and Crime Organization is like opening a can of worms, the stench one of overwhelming corruption throughout that becomes only more unbearably sickening with each passing day. Where does it stop? It doesn't, and it won't, because they can't!

  15. There is no Trump presidency, what we have is an illegitimate abomination; a cheesy, sleazy masquerade frauded upon America by Russia and Republicans!

  16. Poopy Pants Pompass Pompeo thinks politicians profiteering from the public purse is a pun! Perhaps a punitive perusal of prison would persuade propriety.

  17. Wait…Russian tool NRA now offering to fund Traitor Trump's impeachment defense legal costs, as long as the President does them a FAVOR!?!?!  Just when you thought maybe this whole hideous, rotten, stinking debacle couldn't get any more convoluted and corrupted!

  18. Traitor Trump has been compromised–a Russian asset–since Day 1.  The biggest threat to the U.S. sits in the Oval Office! Republican idiots couldn't care less!

  19. The supreme irony is that Republican cult dupes and their leaders are ripping this nation asunder as surely as the Confederates did, and the basis is once again racism, greed, and ignorance. Then again, that Lincoln incarnation of the GOP died not too long after him, and Republicans have been doing this for decades, if only a bit more insidiously, more subversive and subtly.

  20. Pretty simple, really. GOP created cult to further interests of their plutocrat/oligarch masters so they could line their pockets, too stupid to realize they were only creating another beast  to serve, entrapping themselves in a dung heap of their own making. Trying to save themselves, they're willing to sacrifice America.

  21. The reason Republicans are such perennial total losers, regardless of how many electoral victories? Because truth always wins in the end!

  22. Toxic Traitor Trump was a big bully
    Sent to the Oval he sought to sully
    A pervert that likes to expose
    The truth everyone all knows
    His sick propensity for the gully
    After punched in the nose
    With repeated hard blows
    He learns to respect laws much more fully

  23. Just like you had evidence of trump getting money from Russians . You lie way to much man and try to make it dramatic too you are a joke

  24. I cant believe this news channel is challenging the president of U.S. for forcing Ukraine to investigate corruption. Watching msnbc twist the story like this i find repulsive and i'm not even a trump supporter lol. i think this is my last time watching this station.

  25. The NRA (Newly designated a Russian asset by the US senate) gave Trump a quid pro quo…"Stop the games" on gun control and they will give legal/financial help. Brutal Russian corruption as Trump stops military aid to the country Putin is planning to invade. omg what else do we need!?! IMPEACH…Pick a side…us or Russia.

  26. You Americans will get early Christmas present from Trump a war with Iran that the only way he can squashed this impeachment momentum

  27. Civil War: 
    ~CNN (vs.) FOX

    Rest of America:
    ~Watching Drumpf go down in flames, clipped in Handcuffs, and disconnecting from Twitter.
    …All while eating popcorn…

  28. Protect the Whistleblower needs , he needs covering ,because he trying to save our Lives an America Democracy, the Land of the living and the Home of the Braves. ( Occupies of all Mankind )

  29. It was just a matter of time before we let out enough leash on him that he would then hang himself when he got to the end of

  30. Yes the conversation is OK, here is the proving document, SORE LOSERS

  31. As Joe Biden and His Son are investigated for the BILLIONS he they made from "Kickbacks" from Ukraine and China, the Media and CIA have come up with a new Spin. the President is the Guilty person not Joe and Hunter! More Fake news ie Propaganda to Remove the Best American President Ever!

  32. 5th attempt to impeach with 5 different reasons…. Democrats are so desperate and nervous that are being completely exposed for their corruption that has been going on for years and years…..Trump has been speaking bout corrupt Washington since the early 80s…. Your hatred won’t let you see any of the good that Trump has done….
    If you believe this 5th attempt of impeachment- your as mentally ill as Pelosi…


  33. Watch this

    Democrats are furious and cannot and will not EVER take responsibility for their corrupt actions- As a drug addict- they constantly toss the blame to someone else…

  34. Fake President , FAKE BILLIONAIRE, FAKE HUMAN , MOB BOSS , LIAR , FAMILY MOB GROUP, William Barr Is Helping Him Cover It Up, LINDSEY GRAHAM TWO FACED, Mitch McConnell Traitor, Rudy Giuliani lawyer to the Fake President aka that cheeto Mop Boss..JAIL the WHOLE Trump Group..Stop dancing around .. Jail Jail Jail Jail..

  35. Of course Trump's conversations with other foreign dignitaries is not "okay" with the wicked.

    The chances of Democrats impeaching Trump, overthrowing him in some coup, or in beating him in the 2020 election is like throwing shaving cream against a brick wall hoping the bricks will break.

  36. This guy literally made no sense. There is a reason why no president has been impeached yet…. it’s not ganna happen (unless he betrays his country)

  37. Trump: "As far as I'm concerned, Nancy is no longer the speaker of the house."
    Nancy: "Fine. Then you can just call me Mrs President."


  39. This guy is really funny. They should call him Rachael Maddow. The Senate has a Republican majority. No vote.
    Trump has raised $125 Million recently. Trump 2020.

  40. You need Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grassley, and Ted Cruz to take that walk up to meet with the president and tell him it's over…

  41. Impeachment articles ready for vote around Thanksgiving….something to be Thankful about. Please God stop this nightmare of a "president"

  42. God bless you guys and give you the strength to do the right thing Giuliani and Trump they have to be out of there

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