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  1. I've a custom made by the inimitable Steve Goff (NW England) and he brazes the tubes NOT lug welds them (or whatever the italians are throwing together here)…bit more skill involved – how many customs' are made to a riders dimensions, like they used to be ie E Merckx etc..! – carbons lighter obviously but woe it be if you crack or snap it

  2. What is all that waxy looking substance when he's welding(brazing?) and what's the liquid he appears to be washing the frame in?

  3. Why did you put music on this video?  It makes it more difficult to understand what the narrator is saying.  So difficult, in fact, that I made it to the one minute mark before watching something else.

  4. If you're a fan of hand built steel frames, check out the NAHBS (north american handmade bicycle show). it's a yearly convention with builders from all across the globe (not just american builders anymore) showing off their work. think Speedvagen, Firefly, Hunter Cycles, Argonaut Cycles, Independent Fabrication, Breadwinner, Richard Sachs and many more.  

  5. This guy might have made my Colnago Tecnos.I would like to see them doing the chroming and painting process though

  6. I take pride in everything I machine, but this guy is a true artist. So efficient too. Great video guys.

  7. I do welding jobs in Japan, few years for Komatsu, which is heavy, monster and not so beautiful like on this video…
    That is different! That is not a welding is a ART!!!!

  8. That was an absolutely wonderfully pleasing video to watch. Steel is such a, such a beautiful material, almost like a 'live' and living material. Being made by the skilled hands of a master craftsman is just so damn pleasing to see.
    Thanks guys

  9. What a great thing to see. I take issue with the announcer's assertion that the hammering is inelegant. I particularly like the hammering on the alignment table, and all the skilled fabrication. Too bad we don't see a finished frame. These are truly beautiful bikes.

    My 1985 Mexico Lit up when it saw this wonderful story , like she knew her CRAFTSMAN. . All bicycles are seductive to me ,but NO PLASTIC between my legs !!!

  11. To me Colnago are the best and even if they are not the best they are the most beautiful and have the pedigree, numerous stage wins and classic victories and Colnago built Merkcx's hour bike. To add a bit of clarity over what has already been said, copper plumbing pipes and circuit boards are soldered, steel bikes with lugs are brazed, old steel frames with no apparent lugs are fillet brazed, modern steel frames without lugs are largely cut and welded (not pretty but light), Capice! Other beautiful Italian bikes are available, Cinelli, Guerciotti, Pogliaghi, Daccordi, Pinarello, Gios Torino, Masi, De Rosa, and many more.

  12. MANY years of experience and nonpareil knowledge reside within that man that can only be matched by no more than 30 or so others in the world today. There used to be more like him before many new age myopic cyclists turned to "superior" carbon and, so much of which, made in China. What a tragedy.

  13. Lets see, would you rather have a steel bike built by an experienced Italian craftsman of forty years experience or a mass produced carbon frame built by a Chinese peasant on minimum wage? Guess which bike will be ridden by your future grandchildren?

  14. Dan, one of the things I absolutely love about you is that sometimes you are a bit clueless. It would be annoying if you were right all the time:)

  15. Customers never know the time and precision on how bikes are made. True craftsmanship and care in each frame!

  16. No welding at all here. Welding is fusing metal using a temp of at least the start melting point of the base metals. Brazing doesn’t melt the base metals at all, it joins the bases by creating a metallurgical bond between a filler metal and the bases.

  17. For frame safety boot inserts are excellent weather Carbon or Steel. They do not look as good as a Welded joint but it is faster with the Boots.

  18. 12 individual comments claiming that the technique shown is improperly described as "welding". I love it when YouTube people don't read that which has already been posted 😂😂😀 JK

  19. Never got into carbon. Aluminum is OK, but I will always prefer steel–Columbus, Tange, Ishiwata, Reynolds, True Temper…..

  20. This should have been a lot longer and a lot more detailed. This isn't welding, it's brazing. Steel is the benchmark by witch everything else is measured. I like steel for some purposes. Thanks.

  21. Yes this is definitely brazing…I see flux! they might be good but they're not as particular as me…I have a copper headed soft hammer for knocking tubes into place. You'll never see a steel hammer "ding" mark on any of my frames.

  22. Remember friends……………., all those "in the know" know that plastic (carbon) is "better"………… Oh, Sh%tmano, too…………………..

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