How Convention of States was put into the Constitution
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How Convention of States was put into the Constitution

October 11, 2019

It was the 15th of September, two days before they signed the document, the end of four long, hot months in Philadelphia. They were ready to go home, but George Mason noticed that Article Five only had a single method for
amending the Constitution. He said wait a minute, what if Congress becomes an
obstacle? It was given to us by George Mason who
said, ‘Look it guys, someday this government is going to abuse its power and there won’t
be anything for you ever to ratify if it’s counting on Congress to reduce the
power of the federal government. So we need to give the states the ability to
reduce the power of the federal government.’

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  2. This is about 'power to the people'. What a great visionary George Mason was :). This is about liberty and justice for all.

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