How Did David Copperfield Make the Statue of Liberty Disappear? EXPLAINED
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How Did David Copperfield Make the Statue of Liberty Disappear? EXPLAINED

November 29, 2019

How did David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear. Many people have heard of the illusion… where the Statue of Liberty disappeared before peoples eyes. Less have actually seen
it on TV or YouTube where the actual performance although impressive, was under highly restrictive parameters due to the illusion
construction. The illusion went like this: On a stage the Statue of Liberty was visible
between two pillars. This was at night and lights Shone on the statue to illuminate it. A radar screen was shown with the statue visible. A large curtain was then bought up and when it was dropped again the statue had gone. Search lights
shone through the space where the statue was to show that it was indeed not there. On the radar screen the statue is no longer visible. How was this illusion done? The concept was simple, although pulling it off required clever engineering and
coordination. The stage and pillars revolved to the right just enough to hide the statue behind the left pillar. This was done while the
curtain was up. The original lights illuminating the statue were turned off and duplicates turned on in the same relative
position after the statue revolved. Did the live
audience know what was happening? Hard to say for
sure they could have been stooges but when the
illusion was originally shown the curtain was up several minutes before the statue was revealed to be gone.
This indicates that the rotation was very slow. With loud music to district and hide the
vibrations maybe the audience didn’t know. The radar was a total cartoon effect. used only to add to the impression that
the statue had indeed gone from its original position. This illusion is in the record books as the largest object ever make to disappear. If you want to
beat it using the same setup, use the moon as the
object to disappear and this would be a record that will be
hard to surpass.

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  1. wait, so what he did was move the stage around to cover up the statue of liberty, and then turn off the lights to give the impression that the statue was gone. Is that correct?

  2. While their isnt a 1000 way to do it. And I did figure it out when I saw it. Unless the Military have an invisible light down reflector deflector it was the only way. Taught I did think it did go upward a bit, or with the rotation.

  3. It was done on television.. It was all stooges and actors.. a lot of these so called magicians are poor when it comes to live shows with no actors. Look at David Blain

  4. There where 2 "curtains" going up and only the one in front that the audiense could see fell down while the one right behind was some kind of a TV screen…. What i think

  5. At some point someones going to invent the star trek teleporter and pull the greatest tricxk of all. Secretly releport the audience into deep space, VIOLA! THE EARTH HAS DISAPEARED. Wild clapping and also suffocating motions "The sound has disapeared too!"

  6. I saw that trick when it was first broadcast on tv. And 12 year old me thought it was real. Because there was a priest in the audience as I recall. And when he was asked if it was real what he saw, he said yes. So…

  7. So they rotated the audience clockwise then counter clockwise without them knowing it? I think that happened to me at the sun-dome in Tampa. I walked in went down to my seat and when I left my car was 180 degrees on the other side of the stadium. It took me an hour to find the rent car

  8. This kind of so called magic is so boring. Everyone knows he didn’t make something that size disappear. It’s actually more comedic than magic. Close up magic, slight of hand is so much more impressive than this nonsense

  9. This was revealed like almost instantly after he did the trick. I remember, I was alive.. Call me Granny kat

  10. The people there would have to either be completely drunk not to feel the stage moving. I think maybe they were staged.

  11. you're retarded, what about the Ariel view after the statue was gone? it showed almost all of the island, whats your excuse now? it a different island?!?!?! you're voice also sounds like a mid 60s math teacher with a receding hairline

  12. one crazy indonesian summon his shaman and an old witch to flew on top of the statue..indonesian always idiot, stupid and liar.

  13. i among of the audience. we re paid with big amount of money to keep.our.fucking.mouth i m broke. i told his secret to magic biggest secret reveal tv series…now i m rich again. come rape me.

  14. A special broadcast made for TV, like a movie scene, staged just like 9 / 11 – fake airplanes,
    it was controlled demolition and a Hollywood production to trick the world into another war.

  15. Am i dense? Or was that a shit explanation? Hes saying the statue platform was rotated or the audience was rotated? I always find illusion reveals such a let down. Its all so barely clever. Movie special effects are way more interesting. Like when that guy sued Copperfield cuz he got hurt. The trick was just that the ppl were rushed through back corridors. You know thats how it works but its lame when its verified.

  16. I don't care what anyone says. This explanation is absolutely correct. And yes, the audience was in on it. The pillars looked like they were see through but they had a black background. That is why he did it at night. Even when David throws a ball to get "Random" people for an illusion, he somehow gets stooges. ( don't know how) that is a trick within it's self. This is apparent when you watch the court case where he had to reveal the secret as to how he made audience members vanish. He used a ball that was thrown around but they later said they had previously rehearsed the illusion before the show. How could a randomly selected person rehearse if he was truly random? He uses stooges for all his big illusions. Plane vanish, Train car etc… He is still a master and as far as I'm concerned, the best in the world.

  17. Easy answer im about to break all logic

    The Answer is mindblowing

    Answer: he didnt

    The fbi wants to know my location omg

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  19. For my next trick I will make the sun disappear! All you need to do audience is sit still for twelve hours

  20. What if I made the sun disappeared by blocking with my hands? Or better yet a galaxy at night time. Can I be in Guinness world record book?

  21. this should help you all out ps the great scott herb newman mystini i can hear you thinking and chuck wendley and ps don wayne illusion builder said the way we move things are calculation was off and the arm of the statue was still showing plus ed alonzo mention turn table lasy susan turn table he was one of the crew helpers raising cloth up and park ranger he even had a model of it plus pan am pilot helicopter said large motor turntable plus special ball bearings to not hear the rotation plus i my self noticed the general eletric lights on two towers to night blind audience for a few moments shined on black rim of radar like how a sun dail works plus trickbusters copperfield noticed way points areas to hide referance points thats why sheet did not drop all the way and a bush there to hide move ment sig frig and roy used it to vanish the magic castle the great scott said plus herbert lawearnce becker mitch leary tilman hauser in google groups

  22. If you look at the radar you can see the reflection of the lights behind the camera. When the curtain goes up you can clearly see the light reflections moving position as if we're rotating. Also the brightness of some of the darker areas change also. So I believe this explanation is correct.

  23. This does not explain why the camera can't see it, as it has shots of the curtain AND the empty space left and right of it.

  24. People do not realize that “Magic” is making someone believe something impossible happened while they did something to fool them into believing them it happened, even though the audience knows they’re being fooled however, they don’t know how. For example, David did not make the Statue of Liberty disappear, everyone knows this. He did an act and to their human eyes, it did disappear briefly. The audience knows that he must have done something to make it seem like he made the statue disappear, however, can not do it themselves & don’t know how it’s done. He isn’t a fake for this, all Magic is “fake” in that regard. It’s trickery you dim-witted wanna be smart-ass idiots

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