How Does Liberty Safe Perform in a Real House Fire?
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How Does Liberty Safe Perform in a Real House Fire?

February 2, 2020

Here we are. Finally with the locksmith. We’re going to open the safe. Give her a go. Alright, whenever you’re ready go ahead. This is one of my first safes that I bought. It was more of a metal safe. We had about tens of thousands of rounds of
ammunition in it and on the other side we had thirteen rifles which you can see didn’t
survive the fire. This is my (beep) safe. It didn’t do as well as I had hoped. We had a bunch of expensive papers and all
of our titles and stuff in this (safe). And my pistols that were in the top; one of
them was loaded and it shot off and put holes in the side of the safe. It didn’t perform like I thought it should. Okay, this is one of my Liberty Safes; the
other one is still in the fire. The guns were un-scared. The tags were still on the guns. There was no damage to any of my guns or the
ammo in this safe. Liberty Safe did a good job for me so I’m
going to buy a new Liberty Safe. Thank you! I’ve been looking everywhere for my diploma. I thought I’d lost it. I thought it was in the fire. I’m going to go get this framed right now. What we found in the safe was really everything
that we had left from before the fire.

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  1. Ridiculous, blurry pictures, safes without guns in them. It is obvious this is a smoke a mirrors video. What does that say about Liberty?

  2. So this feller has had 3 housefires? Why should I listen to the testimony of someone who managed to burn down their house 3 times?

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