How Easily Could America Become a Dictatorship?
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How Easily Could America Become a Dictatorship?

October 23, 2019

Most people perceive it as unthinkable that
a country like America could end up a dictatorship. After all, America has an incredible amount
of checks and balances, and is well designed to weather the storm of dictators and tyrants. However, even the most well designed and manufactured
things can be broken, and many people have been weakening the fabric of our protections
— especially over the past few decades — and both parties certainly share blame. In today’s article, we will go over reasons
why America could theoretically lose its freedom and become a dictatorship, even if not in
name. 10. The American People Have Become Increasingly
Interested In Policy Over Process Perhaps even a decade ago, it would have been
unthinkable for people to have the sort of dictatorial mindset that they do now, but
things have become increasingly fraught. Where once people were concerned enough with
the constitution and process, there seems to be a spirit of getting fed up in general
with compromise and cooperation. Perhaps it’s the lack of delayed gratification
due to internet culture, but we now have a world where people seem to simply want their
political gains now, regardless of the future cost. This kind of shortsighted thinking causes
people to cheer on as politicians from both sides have chewed up a lot of checks and balances
that once protected us, in favor of doing whatever it takes to get what their side wants. If we continue to cheer this on, politicians
will continue to do so — maybe even to a more drastic extent — and we will continue
to have less and less real power and influence over the process. 9. Foreign Dark Money And Influence Have Entered
The American Political Sphere One of the biggest worries of George Washington
was that too much foreign involvement would lead to too much foreign influence. Now, unfortunately, this fear is starting
to become real in ways he likely never even thought of. Washington was more concerned with too many
international treaties, wars, and other involvements, and that is a pandora’s box that we opened
long ago. However, the truth is that Supreme Court decision
on Citizens United opened up a new kind of foreign influence that a lot of people never
expected. Most people focus on the fact the decision
gave more power of money (which many believe equals speech in politics) to the big corporations,
by basically saying they were individual people or entities when it came to their freedom
to spend their bucks to give their opinions. And while many have considered this decision
controversial, a lot of people didn’t notice that a part of the core decisions of Citizens
United also made it way, way easier for dark money from other countries to enter our political
system, and begin causing corruption and other problems that are very, very hard to track. 8. The Senate Is Gaining Incredible Power At
The Expense Of The Congress There are supposed to be the three equal branches
of US government: the executive, the judiciary, and the legislative. The legislative consists of both the house
and the senate, and they are supposed to be equal. But recently, this has hardly been the case. The fact is that the senate already had a
lot of power, such as being able to approve judges, including Supreme Court justices for
life, without the involvement of the house at all. But never was the problem so clear until Senate
Majority Leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, hailing from the two major political parties
in Washington, decided to remove pieces of the filibuster for various types of nominees,
in order to “remove gridlock in Washington.” This removal of gridlock in Washington has
longterm ramifications, as it greatly changes the balance in the senate. Now, a very bare majority that votes together
can force through a massive amount of judges with impunity — there is literally nothing
that can be done to stop them. While there are arguments that the filibuster
was being abused, it is also clear that removing it entirely for judicial nominees, without
perhaps some kind of power sharing agreement over the issue with the house first, is only
concentrating power in fewer and fewer hands, which is ultimately bad for democracy, regardless
of which individuals are in charge. 7. The Power Of The Executive Has Increased By
Leaps And Bounds Since the days of “President” Dick Cheney
and his faithful sidekick George W. Bush (We kid, we kid!), the power of the executive
has greatly increased. Beginning in recent history with the second
Bush administration, we saw the powers that be invoking “executive privilege” in unprecedented
ways to avoid oversight. And while President Barack Obama claimed he
was doing it to avoid trumped up inquisitions, his administration also made use of some of
the same privileges. On top of that, President Obama issued a number
of executive orders (more notable for the scope of what they did than the sheer amount),
all of which have already been reversed by President Trump. However, the fact that they are mostly non-binding
(in that a new president can put a stop to them) is only so much comfort because in the
meantime they can be very hard to challenge, and the president could just continue on with
an abusive executive order. Now, we have the Trump administration utilizing
the attorney general as the president’s personal defense lawyer, and invoking blanket
executive privilege on literally anything that would usually fall under congressional
oversight. If we continue down this path, the logical
conclusion is that the office of the presidency itself could end up entirely above the law. Regardless of your party affiliation or who
is in office, this cannot be viewed as a good thing. 6. The Supreme Court Is Becoming Dangerously
Political, And Drastic Steps May Be Taken We are in uncharted territory with the Supreme
Court. A nominee was blocked from even being considered
for an unprecedented amount of time, solely for political reasons (in the hopes that a
friendly president could elect someone more ideologically to the right). Since the right leaning president won, this
gambit paid off, and then another justice retired and was replaced by a more right leaning
justice. This, along with the very real possibility
that Ruth Bader Ginsburg could be replaced by a nominee chosen by Donald Trump, and many
are worried that the court could soon be extremely stacked to one side, and done so in a way
that completely throws precedent, and consent procedures of the senate and the rule of law
and fairness, completely out the window. (And before you head to the comments, if the
same thing was happening under a Democrat, we’d be saying the same thing since, by
its very nature, the Supreme Court is meant to be neutral and impartial regardless of
who is sitting in the Oval Office.) However, while perhaps an argument could be
made that the balance of the court needs to be restored, and that it has become too politicized
in general (not to mention the fact that lifetime term limits are too long), some people are
talking about extremely drastic steps that could lead us further and further into autocracy. The most drastic step being mentioned is simply
adding a bunch of seats while a Democrat is president, but not only would that lead to
huge political backlash, but a future Republican president might just then add more, or remove
some. The Supreme Court would become even more of
a political football and no one would be able to trust their decisions again. Perhaps we need to end the lifetime term limits,
and add staggered term limits to the ones in office, so they don’t all exit at once,
and don’t all get replaced by one president. Perhaps something does indeed need to be done
to restore the balance, but just trying to pack the court is a very dangerous road, and
may just lead to more and more power being concentrated, once again, in fewer and fewer
hands. 5. The President’s Cabinet Is Supposed To Be
More Independent, But That Is Ending The way it is supposed to work is that the
president, when it comes to his cabinet, picks people not necessarily who are loyal to him,
but who are going to be the best for the job. After they are nominated and confirmed, they
are supposed to be independent and focused on running their section of the executive
on their own. This allows for a more robust democracy, and
for proper delegation of presidential and executive duties and authorities. The problem is that in recent years, it has
become increasingly normal for presidents to appoint people more based on loyalty to
the party than what they are good at, and with the addition of policy “czars” who
tend to be extra loyal to the president, more power is being concentrated in the hands of
the top individual running the executive branch. On top of that, one of the filibusters that
Harry Reid removed was for presidential cabinet nominees, which gives a friendly senate even
more power to simply force through a bunch of highly “loyal” nominees for their new
president. 4. Congress Abdicating Its Emergency Powers Is
Quite Dangerous When President Donald Trump issued a State
of Emergency in order to appropriate money for his Southern Border Wall, there were many
on both sides of the political aisle who were concerned, because if it was allowed to go
through unchallenged and became a precedent, congress’s collective power would drastically
weaken as the president could now end-run around them anytime he wants. Only a two-thirds majority can actually stop
any president, which is rather hard to do with how tribal party politics have become. While it is still being challenged by the
courts, if allowed to go through the precedent could be bad for people of either party and
not enough Republicans were willing to embarrass the president in order to protect their own
power. Some may be happy now if it works and President
Trump is able to build a border wall, but a Democratic president could just as easily
use a State of Emergency, in the same vein, to go and seize all the guns, ban huge amounts
of fossil fuel (claiming an environmental crisis), give people universal healthcare
by declaring a healthcare emergency, and so on. This kind of emergency power literally allows
the president to be a dictator — and that’s not good for anyone, even if you currently
agree with whatever party that president is hailing from. 3. Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, And The
Electoral College Allow For Minority Rule So some people ask, how can you have a dictatorship
if the majority of the people are clearly not okay with it? And the answer is, you rig the system so hard
it is almost impossible for a fair vote. In the United States, gerrymandering is often
challenged in the courts, but we don’t really have a nationwide standard yet to truly put
an end to this madness. Right now districts are divided up way too
often on clearly biased grounds in order to benefit one party or another, and in general
voter suppression is about as rampant as it has been since the days of Jim Crow. To make matters worse, the electoral college
is an outmoded system that gives extra power to a smaller number of people, and it also
makes people’s votes count significantly less. The truth is the reason voter enthusiasm is
often so low is because people feel like their vote doesn’t matter. And the truth is that beyond symbolism, if
you don’t live in a swing state, it probably doesn’t matter that much, ultimately. This is because due to the electoral college,
the popular vote is not recognized as what makes a true victor, so if your candidate
didn’t win your state, your vote was completely pointless. These sorts of soft suppression of votes through
the use of gerrymandering and the electoral college, along with actual voter suppression,
make it far easier for people and ideas that are statistically unpopular to continue to
remain in charge, or the law of the land. 2. Once Entrenched, A Regime Would Be Hard To
Remove Another big problem is that these days far
too many states, especially important swing states, are moving away from the safer and
more reliable paper systems of voting. While things like ballot stuffing can still
be done, with enough election observers it is really hard to get away with that sort
of thing. On the other hand, a clever enough computer
attack may not be noticed until much later; the security on our voting machines is terrible
and it may be difficult to prove that the totals were even changed. It doesn’t even require massive, country-wide
effort, as with the electoral college system in place, you just need to lock down a few
of the correct swing states. Once a dictatorial regime truly started to
become entrenched, it would not be hard for them to hack just a few machines in the right
place, to ensure at least a close victory, or the appearance of one. Some states could pass stricter laws to try
to prevent these issues, but as we said, it really doesn’t take a lot of states to swing
the election due to the electoral college and the fact that the popular vote is becoming
less and less meaningful. And the truth is, a regime like this would
not need to publicly say they now have a dictator and certainly wouldn’t benefit from doing
so — they could easily pretend to keep democracy for some time as they establish their power
even further, before anyone realizes just how bad things have become. 1. What If A President Lost A Close Election
And Chose Not To Step Down? Some on the Democratic side, such as Nancy
Pelosi, have started to wonder recently (as people have wondered about Obama, Bush, and
presidents past) if President Donald Trump will step aside if he loses a relatively close
election. Many believe that it is possible that he,
or some president in the future, could choose — especially with the temptation of the
increase of executive power — to attempt to simply say the election results are invalid,
and contest them as long as possible. Of course, such an action would almost certainly
end up before the Supreme Court, but if the court was friendly enough, they may rule in
a close election in favor of the incumbent. If the Supreme Court wasn’t friendly, the
president could attempt to pack the court claiming some kind of executive power, and
see just how far they could push things. Of course, all of this is more likely to happen
slowly, in front of you, with people pretending to like democracy the whole way through as
they destroy it and pound it to dust with their boot heel. The idea of something like martial law happening
is quite unlikely. While it would allow the president to suspend
the constitution, and order the military to pretty much control the country, it would
be unlikely the military would consider it a lawful order and obey, unless there was
actual civil war or deep civil unrest. Of course, in a situation where a president
who should have peacefully transitioned power chose not to, civil unrest could end up being
a huge issue, and then the president has in an to declare martial law — although for
the military to consider it a lawful order it would have to be very serious and prolonged
unrest to maintain a dictatorship. After that, the rest could be very ugly history,
and the term limit may not even need to be upended — after all, terms don’t matter
when you don’t have to worry about pesky things like a constitution. And, as long as the crisis and unrest continued,
that martial law — due to the state of national emergency — could go on indefinitely.

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  1. Rome went from a republic (like America, Rome was a constutional republic) to dictatorship, even though they swore they would never be ruled by a king again.

  2. Thing is, America had no term limits for Presidents for 150 years and it never became a dictatorship. I think people outside the US don't give the Americas a lot of credit that the average citizen aren't going to take too much crap and be forced under a regime that keeps them down (I am not an American this is an outside perspective). Thing is they know the rich elite and corporations are the ones really running the place, are happy with it provided they dont rock the boat too much and the corporations know that you dont want to piss off your customers too much or they will tear you down either financially or literally.

  3. I used to watch all time tens all the time but these days the anti-trump anti-American rhetoric is just too much for me sick of it

  4. The table has turn on Americans. They used to rig other countries election in the past via CIA and Imperialism before. They have supported dictators around the world who protected and served American interests aka Capitalism and modern Imperialism.

  5. The electoral college is so we don’t have majority rule and the wants of the many trample the rights of the few. And swing states change every election.

  6. The EC is in place to keep the heavy populated areas from always having the popular vote. If not in place the US would already be a another failing socialistic experiment. I do think that the EC will be changed by the next election cycle.

  7. What in the wrong information are you doing. I have a hard time believing other stuff you have said after hearing you spread easily disproven lies

  8. Showing the Amy Klobuchar signs while talking about politicians chewing up checks and balances makes it appear she's doing just that, but that's nonsense, and the implication is really unfair. Also, saying "politicians of both parties" makes it sound like it's even, when it's close to 100% Republicans who do this. This sort of both-sides nonsense is part of what stops us from seeing the problems.

  9. dictatorship is not a problem for the usa , technocracy is the biggest problem as Eisenhower alluded to in his last speech (c i a . n s a . m*litary i*dustrial c*mplex)

  10. As a American I wish to give you both my thanks and a salute. Many of my countrymen and women, and humans in general forget that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

  11. The fear of a President of the USA becoming a dictator is only possible when you have a President that is a thin skinned, narcissistic sociopath who wants to use his office to assuage his ego, put his own needs before the Nation’s, use the office to divert funds illegally for his own use and is such a bully that the other two branches are afraid of him!!! Oh, I see what you mean, yeah that’s why a lot of people have been losing sleep since since November 2016.

  12. Without the electoral college, we would be the United States of New York and California, and they would make us a socialist or communist dictatorship in a hot minute.

  13. America is well on the way to becoming a dictatorship,just looker all the anti gun laws on the statute books,what next?.

  14. I want to know when Pelosi will accept the outcome of the 2016 election. Many of your assumptions on this topic are off base and innaccurate.

  15. The Federal Government had been taking gaining power since before the Civil War. The presidency has been garnering more and more power, real power, since the FDR administration. Of greater concern these days is the erosion of academic freedom and freedom of speech on college campuses and in the media. Without open debate, democracy can not function.

  16. Citizens United did not create (or even claim) that corporations are people. it did not create (or even claim) that money is speech. It did not create some new form of dark money or foreign money. It rolled back a small portion of a bill that was passed in 2002. It did not give any influence to any corporation or foreign money that they did not already have from the first legislative session in 1791 to the 107th legislative session in 2002.

  17. America is an ogliarch, not a democracy or even a republic. The process has been taken over by rich and big corp. The politicians are bought and sold, they are not for the people. And it seems to be getting worse with Trump at the helm. America is screwed, big time.

  18. I was very disappointed with your stance on the popular vote over the Electoral College. The United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and the Electoral College is what keeps 8 States from overruling the remaining 42. You touched on this a short time later talking about swing States but you contradicted yourself. The Electoral College IS the mechanism which prevents the few States from dictating what's going to happen to the many states. People feel like their votes don't count because they don't read and understand the Constitution, and therefore don't actually understand how their government is supposed to work. If the masses don't understand how the government is supposed to work it makes it very easy for politicians to usurp power without the populace ever knowing power was stolen. Also, the concept of voter suppression is a myth. If you are a citizen, there's nothing stopping you from getting an ID and there's nothing stopping you from going to the polls and voting. If you're not registered you can still vote when you show up to your polling place by using that ID to get a voter registration form and vote.

  19. Everyone seems to think that America already is a dictatorship so why not just rename it to the American Empire install an emperor and nobility tbh it would probably be quite similar just more obvious.

  20. Anyone notice the NRA tag in the dark money segment? Amazing that he put that there like the NRA gives absorbent amount of money to politicians.
    While yes they do give money the fact remains that only simple minded left leaning liberals believe its alot. They get their money from memberships. Revenue was 123,000,000 in 2016.
    That's not a huge sum in comparison. Yhough I wouldn't mind making that amount .This is the yearly revenue of a well established small company.
    The NRA has to pay employees give a return of benefits to the members and pay for its infrastructure (offices , office material, lawyers, etc…) with this revenue. I'm telling you there's not a whole lot left to go around.
    At least they're not getting money from the govt. Then donating to politicians like planned parenthood is.

  21. A small technicality, You referred to members of the Legislative branch as Senators and Congressmen In the US The legislative branch is made up of the House of Representatives and Senate. Members of both houses of the legislative branch are called Congressmen/women. Congressmen/women who sit in the Senate are Senators. Congressmen/women who sit in the House of Representatives are called Representatives Thank you for your posts

  22. First Amendment and the papers over digital media is thee most powerful check ever. The President can't take a dump at 2 in the morning on a Sunday without the world knowing in seconds.

  23. Simon, the United States is not, nor ever has been, a pure democracy. We are democratic republic, which is one reason we have the electoral college. It is intended to represent the vote of each state. When the Constitution was being created there was a great fear the federal government would subsume the state governments. There was equal fear that the larger states would neutralize the voice of the smaller states. To counterbalance such threats the Constitution was written to ensure that a popular vote of the citizenry would be used to elect members of the House proportional to the size of each state's population, while the state legislatures would select the members of the Senate in equal shares for each state. In this way, the state governments had an equal voice in the federal government and the people had a proportional voice. In 1913 the 17th Amendment changed the election of senators to a popular vote in the state, so the state governments no longer have representation at the federal level, but the smaller states still have a voice in the presidential election. Without the electoral college, a handful of population centers would determine the outcome of every presidential race and the rest of us would be without any voice or power. There's your real incubator for revolution and dictatorship.

  24. I enjoyed most of your presentation. You lost me with your view of the Electoral College. It is not a method of oppression. It is what protects the minority population from being ruled by the majority with no hope of escape.

  25. You say the electoral college is antiquated and disenfranchises people's vote. Removing the electoral college will do the same thing only worse. It was set up to prevent the most populated State, then Virginia, from running the country. Now it protects New York and Los Angeles from running the country. A president not winning both the populous, and electoral vote are so far and few in-between (twice?) it proves it's the best system to elect the president.

  26. It would be very easy for America to become a Dictatorship. All it would take would be for all the American men to put a potato on the end of their Dicks.

  27. We stopped the only time America almost became a dictatorship. FDR fortunately dropped dead and future Democrat dictatorial policies like trying to pack the Supreme Count ended when a two term limit was put in place.

  28. The electoral college is very important, similar to the senate where every state gets two senators. Without it small states would not be peers. The big cities would run the whole nation and small states would not matter and their views ignored. Without the electoral college the U.S. would never have formed. New Hampshire was unwilling to be ruled by Virginia. It still applies today. The U.S. is a representative republic, not a democracy.

  29. I find your views on the electoral college obnoxiously ignorant. You have it exactly opposite — if it wasn't for the electoral college, people not in states with large cities wouldn't have their votes matter.

  30. How do you stop a dictatorship? With the 2nd amendment of course. Some believe that's why one side wants to confiscate all the guns. No guns mean no resistance. For either side. The framers were incredibly insightful on this.

  31. You're obviously misinformed about the electoral college. The fact of the matter is that the EC actually guarantees everyone's vote counts. You see if we switched to the popular vote to elect the president candidates would only need to campaign in California and New York. Both of which are mostly left leaning states. No conservative would ever stand a chance ever again. The EC ensures that politicians have to campaign all across the U.S. in order to try and win. Without the EC the U.S. would certainly be transformed into a socialist dictatorship

  32. I hate it when people just blatantly describe America as a democracy when its a republic. Sure a republic is built upon democratic values, but it's not a democracy.

  33. maybe when this upcoming civil war is over, but its going to take a resounding win/loss to reduce the numbers on one side enough, and despite continually flirting with the possibility both sides seem reluctant to throw the first punch.

    FYI My monies on the side who like guns.

  34. This video displays a liberal bias that I had't noticed before. Seeing as I believe with my entire being that liberals are insane I am happy to un-sub from this channel. Bye.

  35. The supreme court has become politicized because our elected representatives are more concrned with getting reelected then they are making the hard decisions. They don't want to upset anyone, so they punt the issues that could cast them into a negative light onto the supreme court. The supreme court for all intents and purposes, has become "super legislators". The only way to stop this that I'm aware of, is imposing congressional term limits. When congressional representatives can't get reelected in perpetuity, they'll start working on the harder issues because they don't have anything to lose at that point.

    As to the senate, and senator term limits, they DID have a form of term limits. Senators were oriignally appointed by the indvidiual state governments – which are in turn elected by the citizens of the indvidual states. The senate was meant to be "The house of the states" while the House of representatives was meant to be "The house of the people". What changed, was the 17th amendment which put senatorial appointment at a popular vote. This did three things:
    1. It eliminated a built in term limit ( Limited by however long politicians were in office at the state level)
    2. It made the House of representatives redundant.
    3. It lessened the power and rights of the individual states.

    In short, we need congressional term limits and a repeal of the 17th amendment.

    As to the growing power of the executive branch – that is a long term repercussion of 911. We the people, are to blame for that. 911 burst our bubble, and we allowed the oval office to do whatever it took to keep us safe, and to pursue justice on our behalf. We allowed it, and it continues to snowball to this day.

    As to the electoral college, if we did not have the electoral college then one large metro area like Los Angeles could dictate to the rest of the nation who gets elected and how things are done by way of who they elect – and the rest of the nation gets no say. At that point, what is to hold the union together? I would venture to say – nothing. If the electoral college did not exist, you'll hear the word secession being thrown around, and I would definitely support it.

  36. I see you are NOT an American and you do not know our history. Until Trump was elected the Democrats want a wall but with Trump they say NO. Obumer stacked the Supreme Court with Liberal judges, Trump is putting in judges that will follow the Constitution if you like that or not.

  37. Number one:
    Allow General McArthur to Declear a millitary emergency against Syndicalism and Longism, who then begin to rebel and begin a Civil War between the government, the syndicates, and the Longists…

  38. Stay calm, no hope, the USA HAS ALREADY BEEN A DICTATORSHIP SINCE 1941, when its filthy rich took advantage of the war. The USSR prevented them from taking full control, due to the fear of their workers revolting – which explains the paranoic fear of communism in the 1950's and the CIA-led Gladio terrorist operation throughout Western Europe – similar with what the CIA has been doing with ISIS in cahoots with Israel and Saudi Arabia – but after they managed to corrupt the KGB into ditching their own country, the filthy rich of the USA have grasped everything in that country, turning it effectively into a bloody dictatorship, with puppet-presidents in the hands of the CIA, FBI and the likes. Thanks for your attention.

  39. I thought it already was a dictatorship. We all know 80% of voting machines are owned by one entity lol but sure trust them because they never lie….The president cant even enter his own military base in area 51 without special permission lol. His job is to be the leader of the armed forces by the way……epic fail. Who's actually running the show……and for how long have they been doing it?
    "Question everything" Thelastamericanvegabond on youtube

  40. The Left – Google, Instagram, Facebook, Disney, Hollywood, the NFL, education, Amazon, mainstream media.
    The Right- Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot.
    Hi my name is Stacked Against…what's your name?

  41. Meh America is not a real democracy like Switzerland anyway. Might as well quit pretending we live in one and just call it a what it is or soon will be, an elected dictatorship where the elections are mostly symbolic at the national level but don't actually mean much since they are rigged to give preset results. Locally (city/county) it's still somewhat a democracy at least.

  42. Instead of Lifetime appointments, you take the percentage of the vote, subtract 49, and that is the length of your term. 100% = 51 years. 51% = 2 years.

  43. Appoint a SCOTUS judge every 4 year, 90 days after winning election. Approval % minus 49 gives length of term. Chief justice would be the most senior justice, and only votes to break a tie after all others have voted.

  44. Its so funny that a British guy does so many videos on America or its government. I assume he doesnt do more on the UK because he can speak out against his government/ monarch as freely as he does America

  45. "The Senate is gaining power at the expense of Congress."
    Bro, the Senate is Congress; the most powerful half at least. They have never been equal.

  46. I agree with most of these statements but the Electoral College is set in place because we don't have a democracy, rather we have a republic. Under this, the greatest representation of people are represented rather than simple large numbers in concentrated areas like LA and New York City. All areas are represented.

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