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  1. Very good video sir.
    I watched many videos of you.
    Sir r u an Optometrist ?You have very good knowledge and your explanation is very good.
    Posts some videos about progressive lenses too.

  2. I've switched to round glasses because my rectangular ones gave poorer vision when gazing "toward the nose". I'm only a -2.5 Myopic. Outward gazing does not seem to diminish vision much (except that the other eye is of course gazing inwards toward the nose, if kept open)

    I went from this frame :,h450/Jai%20Kudo_575_M08.jpg

    To a variety of round frames which were better for this inner gaze distortion.

    Wondering what a person sensitive to inner gaze distortion should look for. I've NOT tried any higher end options, such digital lenses, or Zeiss Indivisual stuff ($$). Just CR-39 and low/mid/high-index from a variety of places.

    Or should I give up on non-round lenses completely?

    Note: if this comment section is inappropriate for customer questions please link me to an optician in Canada that has a vague familiarity with this problem.

  3. Sir can you suggest me thin lens i can wear if i am having power of -3.25 & -3.00 in my right & left eye respectively

  4. Sir u can suggest me thin lens I can wear if I m having power of

  5. Can you suggest me thinnest lens if i have myopic -6.25? What kind of frame should i go for? Thx in advance ..

  6. I thought I had heard that Frame PD should be between 1mm to 3mm wider on each side. Was what I thought I heard likely supposed to be the maximum one should have a frame centerpoint outside the pupil centerpoint, opposite the nasal side? I'm a consumer with a -10 eyeglasses prescription and want to shop for a frame that can support the thinnest lens possible, and I am researching so that I can be a knowledgeable consumer and not get stuck with thicker lens than I have to.

    Also, my prescription calls for spherical lens. I have heard of double aspheric lens used for High Myopia that feature a cosmetic outer edge that stays thinner on the outside, while maintaining good vision towards the center of the lens. I might have misunderstood. Is it possible to request that from typical optical shops, or is that very specialized, and is that not suitable to do if one has a prescription that says "spherical" if one is okay compromising some of the peripheral vision correction?

    I wear contacts that are -9.0 (gas permeable) and I wear them 16 hours a day. I only want these eyeglasses for special days that I can't wear contacts, and after I take them out late at night.

    Thank you for posting it, and allowing everyone on Youtube access to this GREAT information 🙂

  7. Consumers should have different size models of the same glasses style. Instead of having hundreds of fashion models, a competing optical shop could have only a few basic models, then different colors added to those, then different several PD sizes, and several bridge sizes. So, one "model" frame might have several colors, PD's and bridges, meaning 27 variations. And if a shop had several models, round, oval and rectangular, then that would be 71 different eyeglasses. It could be marketed to those with high myopia. Instead, EVERY optical shop has the same selection of LARGE FRAMES to pick from. None have the round 38mm frames that I can get from China, for instance.

    I suppose the lack of consumer choice does pressure them to purchase expensive high index lenses for moderate myopia. So perhaps the optical shop industry considers offering Real Choice in custom fit eyeglasses (like a shoe shop) would atrophy the industry. The moderate myopia market would probably start picking inexpensive polycarbonate lens. And, fashion would develop towards smaller custom fit frames rather than huge eyeglasses, that I believe the future generation will laugh at. Because in reality, the styles offered by optical shops are ridiculously impractical. It's sort of like forcing everyone, men, women, children, into high heal shoes for the sake of industry profit.

    So I say until our optical shops get their acts together and start offering consumers the choice they want, then shop China instead

  8. I'm really interested in a Ted Baker B747 frame … but.. I am -8.50 in my left eye and -8.00 in the right.. and that is not a up to date script. It has been 2 years since I have been to the dr. Would that even be an option for me?

  9. SIR I wear -4.50 in right eye and -5.50 in left eye.plz suggest me wether I should choose hi index lense in a small frame or normal plastic lense in a small frame.I am in great trouble and wasted a lot of money after lenses but don't feel comfortable yet

  10. Hi thanks a lot for this video. I got -9.50 for both eyes and will get a new pair of glasses. I will take notes on small, simple, oval frames. My question: which one will look better for my eye power, thick plastic frames or thin ones?

  11. This has been extremely helpful. I've worn glasses since 1st grade and am now 25 and can't believe all the stuff I never knew about glasses. I won't impose on Optometrists when I get a new pair but will be more thoughtful of frames I choose.

  12. I was using a metal frame specs and now i recently got new one of plastic frame … The thickness of one wuth plastic frame is greater than the metal one …Is it normal ?

  13. Good morning,
    Liking the content on this channel and you seem passionate and knowledgeable about what you do. Anyway if I'm allowed I want to expose my concerns: I have right now +2.75 rx 1.60 ri glasses, but from the last visit it resulted to be a weak rx, so I have now to put +3.50 glasses. I have fairly big round glasses, that with +2.75 prescription resulted in a somehow good way that I tend to accept and like. My concern is that with the lens "upgrade" the result will be bad and the bobble effect on my eyes will be more than it already is and will be too much for me to deal with. What should I do? Keep the frame and go with super high index lenses, change frame or what? Are farsightedness lenses thicker than myopia lenses? Why? Thank you. Appreciate your work

  14. This I believe could be my problem with the progressives that I had made twice at sams club vision center. But now going for my third remake or just get a refund. Or go somewhere else. I did get the high index for my prescription. It was supposed to have been the best.

    My glasses I feel are too large for progressives. Even though they are just 53-15-135 and vertical is 36 I feel my pd is not placed correctly on the lenses. When I stand facing front with different objects in my field of vision, I cannot get a clear focus as I move my eyes at different levels. And find as the optician called it the sweet spot.  Nothing sweet if you cant see clearly or focus. Ugh.   

    I stopped by walmart and spoke with an optician I know thats been there for 12 years. She was so kind when I told her my problem. She suggested I go smaller lense with adjustable nose piece. I think shes onto my problem and has some knowledge and good experience. Is there anything I can do. I cant even read clearly with my progressives without tilting my head up and looking so far down like almost closing my eyes from upclose to 17 inches away.   Its very straining.   My prescription is not bad. Its only +0.50 -0.50. Axis 085. Near add +2.25 for both eyes.  

    How can I overcome these obstacles. At first i thought it was me. But I still cant see upclose without raising my glasses. Im frustrated. Thank you for these free videos.  

    But since im a painter I need upclose, midrange and distance.
    Hopefully I will find the solution.

  15. That was a brilliant video and very educational. I do have a question I would like to ask you about. I have a prescription of around -5, and I want to choose a thin lens. If I were to opt in for a 1,74 index lens, what frame should I go for? I've tried multiple frames and most of them are 51-53 which may turn out too be too thick around the edges considering its size and anything below 50 is way too small and weird for my face shape and form. I have been to all optics in my city and they are really not helpfull at all. Also I would like to mention that some places that sell 1,74 index lenses is alot more cheaper than other optics, why is that? they tell me that the material is different and all that but what material is the thinnest? I really don't care about the weight.

    Thank you.

  16. In my opinion there is enhanced way to send data to lab. Dot the lenses as you suggest, then re-mount them into the frame. Photograph or (preferably) scan the frame with a mm ruler in the photo. Include A, B, and DBL measurements so lab can check scale. If you use camera, use the longest focal length possible and move camera back (zoom in, not electronically!) and photograph in a stand that keeps camera square to frame. (This reduces perspective distortion.)
    Do frame tracers have a universal file format for the trace? (and can this file be extracted from the tracer?) If so, send the lab the file, along with patient IPD's AND FITTING HEIGHT. If they don't, petition the industry to establish a standard format!
    Every optical practice should have a dedicated camera setup for photographing patient's faces and frames. Side benefit is the ability for patient to "virtual try-on" for frames and for viewing by others who could not be present during the selection. This should be as common as a mirror, lensometer or IPD instrument in the practice.

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