How is Navdeep Bains sending secret messages to Parliament? | 22 Minutes

February 7, 2020

I am here with one of the stars of Canadian politics The Minister for Science, Innovation and Economic
Development The Honourable Navdeep Bains Or as Kellie Leitch calls him “SECURITY” Navedeep is it great to have you It’s really great to be on your show I’m very excited always to talk to you and
you know It’s a big get for us on the show – the second
most famous Sikh in Canada wonderful to have you Whose the first one I think Marc Garneau I think so too Now uh, Navdeep, your name means the ever
new light? New light New light so – So Nav means “new,” and deep means “light” So your name literally means sunny ways You suck up *Laughs* You’ve been matching your turban to announcements
in the government Some policy announcements tell me a little about that Well for example, for the speech from the
throne Sunny ways, you know a new outlook I wore a bright yellow turban When we put a price on pollution, I put on
a green turban so I have a little bit of fun with that Wow, that’s really neat So we have a Sikh member of government using
his turban to send secret messages Donald Trump’s worst nightmare BOOM That’s terrifying for him So if you ever see him on the news in a black
turban run Something bad is about to happen Tell me little bit about – this room is very
impressive Thank you What is this? So this is the complex room where I meet with
stakeholders, and businesses, and academics, and other individuals that have questions This is where all the big shots come? Sure So, so you – please So you would Under the B, fifteen Oh wow, that works that’s right You want to take away the penalty of jail
time for people who don’t fill out the mandatory census Correct So do you feel that having to fill out the
census is punishment enough? No, there’s still fines that are applicable Has anyone ever gone to jail for not filling
out the census? No Are there jail census cops going around kicking
…BOOM HOW MANY KIDS ARE IN THE HOUSE? Now let’s talk about innovation How innovative is Canada? and is it time for the Canada 2.0? Maybe a smaller … So we’re seeing the Canada Arm is great, it’s a great
invention It’s a point of pride for us But how do we use that technology in the health
care sector How do we use it in mining or forestry And so we’re taking a lot of those ideas,
and making sure there’s commercial applications to it to do things better, faster, smarter, and
that’s what innovations all about Navdeep it’s been wonderful having you on
the show, we’re going to have to have you back and Navdeep Bains using bright fabric to draw
attention to ideas he is passionate about He is the Sikh Don Cherry Thank you so much Thank you so much, appreciate it

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