How is power divided in the United States government? – Belinda Stutzman
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How is power divided in the United States government? – Belinda Stutzman

September 12, 2019

Translator: Andrea McDonough
Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar Have you ever wondered who has the authority to make laws or punish people who break them? When we think of power in the United States, we usually think of the President, but he does not act alone. In fact, he is only one piece of the power puzzle and for very good reason. When the American Revolution ended in 1783, the United States government was in a state of change. The founding fathers knew that they did not want to establish another country that was ruled by a king, so the discussions were centered on having a strong and fair national government that protected individual freedoms and did not abuse its power. When the new constitution was adopted in 1787, the structure of the infant government of the United States called for three separate branches, each with their own powers, and a system of checks and balances. This would ensure that no one branch would ever become too powerful because the other branches would always be able to check the power of the other two. These branches work together to run the country and set guidelines for us all to live by. The legislative branch is described in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Many people feel that the founding fathers put this branch in the document first because they thought it was the most important. The legislative branch is comprised of 100 U.S. Senators and 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is better known as the U.S. Congress. Making laws is the primary function of the legislative branch, but it is also responsible for approving federal judges and justices, passing the national budget, and declaring war. Each state gets two Senators and some number of Representatives, depending on how many people live in that state. The executive branch is described in Article 2 of the Constitution. The leaders of this branch of government are the President and Vice President, who are responsible for enforcing the laws that Congress sets forth. The President works closely with a group of advisors, known as the Cabinet. These appointed helpers assist the President in making important decisions within their area of expertise, such as defense, the treasury, and homeland security. The executive branch also appoints government officials, commands the armed forces, and meets with leaders of other nations. All that combined is a lot of work for a lot of people. In fact, the executive branch employs over 4 million people to get everything done. The third brand of the U.S. government is the judicial branch and is detailed in Article 3. This branch is comprised of all the courts in the land, from the federal district courts to the U.S. Supreme Court. These courts interpret our nation’s laws and punish those who break them. The highest court, the Supreme Court, settles disputes among states, hears appeals from state and federal courts, and determines if federal laws are constitutional. There are nine justices on the Supreme Court, and, unlike any other job in our government, Supreme Court justices are appointed for life, or for as long as they want to stay. Our democracy depends on an informed citizenry, so it is our duty to know how it works and what authority each branch of government has over its citizens. Besides voting, chances are that some time in your life you’ll be called upon to participate in your government, whether it is to serve on a jury, testify in court, or petition your Congress person to pass or defeat an idea for a law. By knowning the branches, who runs them, and how they work together, you can be involved, informed, and intelligent.

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  1. As someone that's from the UK where the political system is MUCH simpler than the US', this video helped a lot! Thanks!

  2. For your information: The United States is NOT a Democracy. It is in fact a Republic. Please get your facts straight before you publish.

  3. It is time to take a stand on the Human Rights abuse of American Citizens, by our own country! 75% of all targeted individuals via gov't abuse are women; many whom are whistle blowers of unfair treatment. My abuse began in NY, while working for NYS; and the Dept. of Homeland Security appears to be highly involved! Please review, like my channel, and pass this information for Justice!

  4. "our democracy…"
    We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic that uses democratic process. It is not the same thing as a Democracy. And in fact a Democracy is one of the most dangerous forms of government.

  5. hey u tell ur president to stay away to our philippine president our president its not a puppy our president have dignity like ur president jfk ur preaident ia puppy to ur government he die like kennedy if he contrast to ur government pls atay away with us we are repairing our country

  6. 3:17 I don't think that will ever happen because I'm not American and I don't even live or have plans to live in the U.S.

  7. Balance of power is the reason nations prosper. The view of Big governement has been fought by the founders and look at the result. Develloped nations of europe and else have adopted this system. America is a model for the world.

  8. Listen up, you think that they tell us the truth about certain subjects? They most certainly do not. Do not listen to them. They lie. Do not listen to them. I have a message for the US Federal Government, you may hide truthful information from the public for only so long only to have it revealed eventually. I am a messenger from God. Tell us what we need to know now. Not later.

  9. I am alone to have checked if the Speed switched by itself on 2.0 ? x) (you speak quite too fast for someone who doesn't know at all how does US political system works)

  10. These tyrants want to arrest me for speaking my mind and treat me like a criminal. It's kind of hard to be patriotic anymore. I never condoned violence matter the fact I want to open up new markets for us if I had the power so we would not war.

  11. The whole United States Government in my opinion, is "THEATER"Nothing is real but the people being shielded from the truth, in order to promote their propaganda!

  12. The British King in the late 18th century had already been not much more than an unelected "President" over parliament, which BTW also consisted of a lower House (Commons), and upper House (Lords) which at the time still had real power.

  13. I'm going to have that authority to change the law you know why I am a world government project designer anything under government has power but let me explain to you how I'm going to change the government rules for example two people are going 2 war and now anyone on YouTube all over the planet can eavesdrop on what all countries are saying our president told us this our present told us that and if it's a lie the whole will know having the One World Language makes the New World Order and as the Creator it changes everything I'm the chosen one and that's how I feel that is government wise World Government wise that means they cannot hide under any Rock under any country I have World Corporation status and I will have world government status so I'll be the same all over the planet

  14. I appericate explaining to me what this govermemt consists of! I am ashamed almost to call it my goverment besides il do what i want when i want without hurting anyone or anything can they say the same God bless all

  15. By the time everyone gets used to the new president, it changes and the policies and principles are yanked in new directions

  16. Check out my other posts and please send love and light if possible to me and my kids..tia..

  17. Why don't your news media do more story on the wealthy oligarchs that are the de facto governance of the United states. These oligarch write the national policies, foreign policies, laws, and regulations the U.S. government implement these policies upon the American people. They donate 10 of millions of dollar to the candidates they want to win and control in both political parties, but no reports are given on their activity

  18. Thanks
    USA is a superpower country
    No wonder how they organize the authorities in a very distinctive and fair way

  19. Except, that today, the Supreme Court intrudes on the people and legislative branch by making laws through judicial legislation. The President does the same by way of executive orders.

    We dismantled federalism by nullifying the 10th Amendment through the creation of the 14th Amendment, which Lincoln did by sending an Army on a people that no longer wanted to be governed by the north. We also dismantled federalism by allowing direct election of US Senators (17th Amendment).

  20. So can one of those nine members of the judicial be removed if they do something the public don't agree with?

  21. United States just invents and gives things away. They're turning to the doctrines of Chin more and more. Just fix 'a bit and sell it through.

  22. The government does not, in fact, have any authority over its citizens, but is, in fact, the complete opposite and the other way around. You see, if it were not for the people to actually become the so-called "government", then it simply would have ceased to have ever existed whatsoever!! It is us that feeds the monster its daily bread and then some!! For the government cannot and does not create its own wealth, but it instead waits for us to give it "protection money", but not too long!! For when the cheeky smartass turns around telling us that we MUST PAY, and pay now, or else, well in law that is the actual definition of extortion. Now if the government did not extort us for our blood, sweat and tears of hard-earned labour, well then it would then begin to reluctantly shrink… and shrink… and shrink, until it eventually becomes the size it was always intended to be -The government was created to PROTECT our rights and freedoms and NOT to slowly take it away as it has been since the birth of an even greedier, much more cunning, infinitely smarter and more ferocious, cold-blooded creature – the Federal Reserve, which has caused the single greatest gold heist of all time and also the biggest robbery of an entire Country (and much, much more!) of ALL TIME!!! Now, as a direct result from all of that calamity, the Federal Reserve, among its other auxiliary central banks have passed that debt right onto us, and at the end of the day, the Federal Reserve, whilst this entire Century being in full cahoots with the US Congress and US Treasury, have consequently collectively caused the greatest mass enslavement in the entire history of all time!!

  23. What if GUY PARTY ran things in the United States?? Find out on this all new episode:

  24. #1 there is no government, #2 people calling themselves government have no authority because we cant delegate power we dont have first ! Its really simple.

  25. us government is lacing my medication because of my facebook post about fake clouds chemtrails blocking the sun. they gag the media from talking about it, now they trying to shut me up by killing me.

  26. What is wrong with this fundamental question?
    Answer, our government isn't supposed to have any power over the citizens of this country. WeThe People are supposed to have all the power.
    It just happens to say so in our Constitution.
    They only have power that we give them.
    Time to take it away. As our Congress has abused that given power from us to them for for to long.

  27. It's a bad structure. One branch of power can't grow more than the other branches, but one or more branches can still be corrupted, bringing down the other branches slowly into corruption. If USA didn't have a different and strong voting system, it would be already over for them.

  28. I really liked the way you described the subject matter short and sweet and wish Americans understood the power of the grass roots politics in the legislation portion. Thank You

  29. Government abused it's powers.. too late. Even the branches failed.. because of money.. greed.. power.. their brains function on money only.. they don't follow consitution.. treason.. freedom of religion.. they don't protect thivown citizen.. who punishes them when they break the laws.. what democracy…

  30. I no longer vote for snakes… I don't even feel I am losing out on something.. the Bible's says love the neighbor.. not the neighbor having power over you spiritual and religiously through FBI surveillance wifi.. u put your hands on the Bible .. your hands should be party here..

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