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  1. After watching this, I wonder how these people manage to perfect everything for the entire game. If they miss nearly the end of the game, what would they react lol.

  2. Also there was a glitch you could use that was only a 0.50% chance of pro Mario gamers doing it and was used with the glitch used to get into blocks how you did it is you had to press all directions in the pad one at a time in .55 seconds and it made your hitbox stay in the block and also made the glitch to get in the block easier to do later on but like I said is extremely hard to do because of the time limit

  3. Bowser kidnaps peach
    A few seconds later….
    falls in lava
    Bowser: WAIT- NO

  4. Thank you for making this video. I never in a million years would of imagined how hard and technical this world record stuff was. I had no idea about frame inputs and all the other stuff that goes into it. I thought it was as simple as running through the level the fastest. Boy was I wrong. These world record holders are basically math geniuses. Thanks again. I have the upmost respect for these guys and yourself. You have to be a math wiz to make this video plus you have to be good at editing and narrating and I appreciate your skills as well.

  5. 25:19
    ah, that place where people discovered the glitch world, the place that started the entire glitch world hunt

  6. Lol idk what game it was but I remember if you the highest point in the flag Mario says something about his balls lmao and also that cloud and turtle . I remember I was able to jump on his ass and kill him and I took the cloud and was flying with it ahhhh good times

  7. Was Kosmic really playing on a disk system? I thought the whole point of Super Mario Bros.' original release in Japan was that it was a last hurrah for cartridges. More likely he's using a Famicom cartridge, but I note the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt combo – were those two games released together in Japan as well as North America?

  8. I really cant believe people sit around watching this shit 🤦🤦 yall need to get a life you fucking losers and YouTube please stop recommending these gay ass videos

  9. The current world record, held by tavenwebb2002, actually tied the best possible time in this video, which was 4:55.746. It's amazing how much things can change in a year and a half.

  10. why did i watch this? to try and understand why people want to be the best or the fastest at something only 0,000001% of the world cares anything about
    i still dont understand!
    but an effort is an effort, and i commend these people for it
    however unfruitfull it is.

  11. At the end of the video, you didn't mention that he could've saved 2 more frames from the underwater map. (Where you specifically told that he lost a few frames because he touched the ground) Or am I missing something?

  12. man the fact that this video explaining the intricacies of speed running mario by frame-by-frame precision make me believe autism is truly strong within us all

  13. I slowed the video down to see the fast acceleration he does in 8-4 and saw that the button presses were a bit late according to the gameplay, so it did not match the gameplay. Is Kosmic cheating? Or do I suck at life?

  14. If you get to the end in 4.55.496 princess gives you a list of psychologists in your area to repair the damage getting there inevitably took on you

  15. If you get to the end in 4.55.496 princess gives you a list of psychologists in your area to repair the damage getting there inevitably took on you

  16. This is why I love speedruns, but will never attempt them… as soon as it's a question of a couple frames I tap out. lol

  17. I wish I knew this stuff when I was actually playing this. Then again I was to young to understand any of it.

  18. thank you, i needed someone to explain any speedrun in all technical details to a dumb person like me. understanding all of those without doing extensive research is impossible

  19. The trick where Mario has to be in the right of the screen is wrong because darbian once never used the wall glitch but beat the record.

  20. Guy 1: "I'll be there in five minutes"
    Guy 2: "I'll be ready in 5 minutes"
    This Guy: "I'll beat Super Mario Bros. in five minutes"

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