How Parliament works in nearly 60 seconds
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How Parliament works in nearly 60 seconds

November 18, 2019

Parliament isn’t just some big old building
by the Thames Parliament makes laws, debates issues of the
day, represents the views of people across the UK and checks and challenges the work
of the Government Wait a minute, Parliament isn’t the same as
the Government? It’s the Government that takes a leading role
in running of the country, but there is also a bigger picture… So, there’s The House of Commons — that’s
where the Government sits, along with the opposition (who sits opposite them… of course).
This is the elected Chamber and it’s made up of MPs who represent all 650 UK constituencies Then there’s the House of Lords, made up mostly
of Life peers, who are appointed for their knowledge and experience. There is no political
party with overall control in the Lords and many of its members – the crossbenchers and
the bishops – are non-party political. Finally there’s the Monarch, her role is mainly
ceremonial these days — but she does still sign every new law So what does Parliament do all day? Inside the debating chambers the big issues
are discussed, new laws agreed and the Prime Minister is questioned… …While a host of committees, made up of
small groups of Parliamentarians, scrutinize the work of Government Departments, check
the details of new laws and ask experts and the public (that’s you) for ideas and evidence
to shape their enquiries. Representing the people, passing laws, debating
issues and checking and challenging the work of the Government — it’s all in a day’s work
for Parliament.

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