How Police Departments Use Civil Forfeiture to Collect Billions
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How Police Departments Use Civil Forfeiture to Collect Billions

November 18, 2019

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  1. Civil forfeiture laws were created to cripple drug rings, but some police departments have been using reclaimed cash to fund operations, or even pay salaries directly.

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  2. 10:46 disgusting, I can't stand this government anymore…these are our greatest fellow Americans getting violated!!! Bullshit!!

  3. Criminal forfeiture is one thing but this civil forfeiture is bullshit and u know the state gives those cops the money they need. Guy said himself in one oversight thing that they used the forfeiture funds to get "new toys" that would "be nice to have" but we're not necessities saying that he didn't use it for necesities cause they had to make sure they were paid. It's just bullshit. Literal highway robbery by the very ones intended to stop crime. Why are we still funding these criminals? They ruin lives they take take take. I would argue at least where I come from the police are a bigger problem for citizens than the criminals
    Them when a criminal actually does something like steals ur truck they do nothing about it and forbid you to either. It's rediculous. There's no accountability. Shit they can shoot u and if they get any punishment at all its paid leave or losing their job at worst
    They need put in jail for that shit the. They'd be a little less trigger happy killing unarmed folks

  4. If fellow citizens do not come together to stand up against this out of control system. Judges, politicians, pigs. We are all fucked. It's called progressive programming, it's been a long slow mind fucking ride to tyranny and it isnt over yet!

  5. A few years ago, local law enforcement agencies confiscated private property whose combined net worth was higher than the combined net worth of all the private property stolen by common crooks in America: that was unprecedented. — & & Fourteenth Amendment Slavery.

  6. Makes me sick watching these dirty thieves stealing and create Mayhem for everyone else disgusting totally disgusting

  7. This law is " the law of the land" not that piece of shit paper we the people written in first paragraph. We the people have no freedom. It's a illusion!

  8. This is robbery, i can understand doing this to drug networks who have cash, cars, jewelry and property, but to do this to everyday people. Injustice at its finest

  9. we just need to stop the gang in blue and their leaders we need to get rid of our government that is for them selfs and not for the people and start over they want to fine us for no medical but give it to aliens free thay serve for 2to 4 years and get there salory till they die whats wrong with this we buy a house and property we pay the tax on it its ours know we got to repay taxes on that same house yearly so on and on why keep paying taxes on something we already own just to keep there pockets full

  10. Fucken dirty mother fucken cops stealing your money legally. Gives good cops a bad look, if there is such a thing as good cops anymore, most cops are currupted one way or another, thats why i find it hard to feel sorry for da cops that gets shot and killed on da job, Fuck them they probably deserved it.

  11. And when these outlaw cops, just thugs in uniforms really, go to the wrong place to take whatever & are instead shot dead………then the media & government will try to tell us how we should feel bad about them being shot.

    BUT this is EXACTLY why more & more Americans say F*ck the dam cops & raise a toast to the shooters.

    Cops as corrupt as these deserve what they get when their luck runs out. All their body armor won't save them from a snipers high power rifle, full metal jacket ammo, or bombs of many different types.

  12. We need to have bunch of people who were robbed by police, form a group and starting shooting and killing these cops to draw attention to the issue.

  13. It is not only the police doing this, look at the courts and how they force people to pay fines, alimony and other Illegal forfeitures.

  14. If you are a American and bring the government down on a fellow American for having a plant knowing what could happen to them you probably should be executed or at least lose your citizenship and be sent to live in England

  15. Until we deviate from currency altogether (possibly never), it will always influence, corrupt and dominate those with authority. In fact, it will always dominate us, as a species, in 1 way or another, until we realize that at this point, it's all about the interests of all governments to keep this outdated economic model alive and thus, allow them to remain in the top tier, feeding their black hole egos. There are alternative incentives to money for service that exist but it's very likely that you'll never hear about those. Sad but true…money rules all. ALL.

  16. In the history of America no criminal or criminals have stole or committed more

    crimes against the citizens of the united states then law enforcement and politicians ….

  17. It's not a "backdoor tax on the poor/those who can't afford lawyers".
    It's local governments, literally, robbing poor citizens in order to continue providing local governments a bigger budget.
    They're creating a political class and a lower class, with the police acting as strongmen who shake down the communities Robin Hood-style, stealing what they call "necessary funding" to perpetuate the inequity in the system. An inequity THEY created by starting the shakedowns in the first place, when they realized they were addicted to the surplus in funding after getting high off a big drug-cartel forfeiture.

    I don't see a difference between this and doctors prescribing chemo to patients who don't actually need it.
    It's greed, making otherwise normal, decent people, do fucking horrific things in order to get more than they need.

    A government should never prioritize funding over the lives of the people.
    They're robbing 100s of citizens rather than firing a couple officers or cutting a part of the budget that benefits THEM.

  18. I loved Ronald and Nancy, but frankly, they were idiots to support this form of justice. We have not won any "War on Drugs" and now we can't trust our government, either.

  19. Here's a little hint:

    Police ask a trick question and it's always phrased like this: 'Do you mind if I search your car?' Nervous people will say 'No I don't want you to search my car' which is not the right answer. You have to reply the right way, 'WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, YES I DO MIND, NO YOU MAY NOT'. And usually this is good enough to stop a search. If it's an honest cop he will abide by it. Don't say anything else, be polite but answer the question with a Yes I do mind, no you may not….and maybe a 'with all due respect' put first.

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