How Powerful is Jordan’s King Abdullah II?

September 11, 2019

After an ISIS video was released of a Jordanian
fighter pilot being executed, King Abdullah II of Jordan issued a quick and forceful military
response. The monarch has since emerged as a force to be reckoned with. So who is King
Abdullah II and why is everyone calling him the Warrior King? Prince Abdullah is born in Amman, Jordan in
1962. His military career begins in 1980 where he
attends the UK Royal Military Academy. He serves in the British Army before returning
home to join Jordan’s armed forces. In the 90’s Prince Abdullah assumes command
of Jordan’s Special Forces, an elite military unit tasked with defending state security. Following the death of his father, Abdullah
ascends the throne. In the early days of his reign, it’s reported
that Abdullah dons elaborate disguises to enable him to see what conditions are really
like in Jordan. As a result, he increases anti-corruption efforts and initiatives to
stimulate business and foreign investment in Jordan.   He also strengthens Jordan’s military force
with sophisticated weaponry and a fleet of F-16 fighter jets. Jordan is a consistent
force in the fight against Islamic militant groups who threaten their borders. Following the ISIS execution of a Jordanian
fighter pilot, King Abdullah orders waves of air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria. The Royal Hashemite Court releases a picture
of King Abdullah in full military gear. The image prompts reports of his skills as a Cobra
attack helicopter pilot, scuba diver and parachutist. Coupled with his hardline stance against ISIS,
the press nicknames Abdullah the ‘Warrior King’. So what do you think of King Abdullah? Tell
us in the comments below and for more detail on Jordan’s response to ISIS click here
to watch our video.

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