How Powerful Is Monaco?
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How Powerful Is Monaco?

September 22, 2019

In May 2016, one of the most famous motor
races in the world was held in the tiny country of Monaco. Despite its size, the Monaco Grand
Prix is one of the top three highest prestige events in the sport, and has one of the least
conventional tracks which runs throughout the actual streets of Monaco. But the microstate
is known for more than just racing, so, just how powerful is Monaco? Well, Monaco is bordered on three sides by
France, and size-wise, it is not only small, it’s actually the second smallest sovereign
country on earth after Vatican City. Although it is about four-and-a-half times the size
of the papal enclave, Monaco takes up less than 1 square mile of space, and it has a
population of less than 40,000. As a result of its extremely small size, it’s the single
most densely populated independent state in the world. Additionally Monaco is arguably the richest
country in the world, or at least the country where the richest people live. Although its
GDP is only about 6 billion dollars, that comes down to more than $160,000 per person,
the highest per capita GDP on earth. And that’s not just a statistical fluke caused by their
size. As one of the most premier luxury destinations, one in three residents of Monaco are millionaires.
In a country known for high stakes gambling, high speed racing, and no income tax whatsoever,
it’s not hard to see why the wealthy flock to Monaco. In 1861, Monaco was established as an independent
country in the Franco-Monegasque (Mone-gah-ske) Treaty. Then in 1918, the treaty was updated
to included a provision for France to take care of Monaco’s basic military needs as
long as it aligned with France’s political, military, and economic interests. Also, Monaco
became a full member of the United Nations in 1993, and is able to directly appeal to
the intergovernmental body. Monaco actually has the largest per capita police presence
in the world, with roughly 1 officer for every 100 residents. What’s fascinating is Monaco is also one
of only three European states to still maintain an active royal family, as it is a constitutional
monarchy. The Prince of Monaco is the country’s head of state, and he splits power with the
24-member Parliament. The Prince also serves as the country’s judicial branch, and has
control over the Monaco judiciary. Clearly, Monaco comes in at the top of most
lists, due to its tiny size and full sovereign status. But despite the high proportion of
millionaires living in the city-state and the highest life expectancy in the world,
Monaco itself has little international influence. More realistically, although it is somewhat
self-sufficient, it still relies on France for public transportation and military protection,
and has switched to the French monetary policy, the Euro. So it may make more sense to ask,
how powerful is France? Luckily, we’ve got an answer for you! Check
out this video to learn about France’s social, economic, and military power! Thanks for watching
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  1. hey guys, can you make a video on region in wirld that are not a part of a nation/country. and what kind of government are present there.

  2. I've always thought that Monaco was just an expensive city in France, just like Cannes and Saint-Tropez. I mean, they speak French and their football team plays in the French league 1.

  3. How powerful are the former Yugoslav countries?? (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia(+Kosovo?), Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro) 😀

  4. Can this channel start doing a series on US states? I think what is unique about the United States that is often overlooked even by Americans is that the US states are actually sovereign countries which answers to the federal government and is part of a super tight alliance called the Union. Each state is unique to itself both economically, culturally and militarily, all with their own customs and even dialects. The United States isn't just one big Texas with everyone else living in New York and California. It's extremely diverse and I believe that it deserves a shot at its own series.

  5. More than 3 European countries have active monarchies

  6. Ummm… There are not just 3 countries with royal families… Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Monaco, Spain…

  7. 3 European states with a monarchy what?. UK, Sweden ,Denmark , Netherlands, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg.

  8. Sounds like a wretched hive of scum and villainy to be honest. Probably can't go 5 feet without bumping into a tax dodger or some other kind of crook.

  9. half of the facts presented inthis video are wrong…for instance there still exists far more than three constitutional monarchies in Europe and Monaco is actually just slightly more than 2 square miles not less than 1 square mile.

  10. You can see it both ways. The wealth of the nation makes it somewhat a major regional player, economically speaking, all the while having delusions of grandeur and thinking it can "make a difference" in the environment through sloppy PR.

  11. Monaco change your flag now!, indonesia people will declares a war later… (lol jk, but indonesian are angry out there because of monaco)…your must be france right? change it monaco!

  12. 3 European States with an active royal family? Monaco, Spain, UK, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Liechtenstein

  13. Ummmm, yea, something seems real fishy with their set up. They are basically france. Its a state for super rich french citizens.
    Retty blantant

  14. My friend lives in Monaco, he is spoiled, he can ask his mom for money whenever he likes, and he plays video games all day. Sure, I'm jealous, but who wouldnt be

  15. I don't give a fkcuc to Monaco. It's just a circus show for money laundry and useless monarchy . Yeah mock the poor people in strive conditions in the world. Who cares

  16. Monaco is very powerful in an unconventional way. All those worlds billionaires & real bond villian-types have stakes in Monaco as Monaco is a safe haven for them. Those same people will wield power in their own respective countries of origin. Any attempt to weaken or undermine Monaco by a foreign power would result with the government in question coming under the assault of the richest and most powerful people in the world who have vested interests in Monaco remaining a tax haven where they can safely stash obscene levels of wealth tax free.

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