How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump
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How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

October 12, 2019

Today’s Republican Party opposes big government.
It’s culturally conservative. Its demographic support is strongest among white voters, and
it usually dominates elections in the South. And its 2016 presidential nominee has been
heavily criticized for inciting racial tensions. But things weren’t always this way.
Yet over the past 160 or so years, the party has undergone a remarkable transformation
from the party of Abraham Lincoln… to the party of Donald Trump. And to understand how the GOP got the way
it is today, you have to go back to when it first came into existence — in 1854, just
7 years before the Civil War. There are two parties at this point, the Whigs
and the Democrats. America is quickly expanding westward and there’s an intense debate over
whether the new states should permit slavery The Democratic Party, with strong support
in the South, has become increasingly pro-slavery. But the Whigs are divided on the issue. Their
northern supporters are really afraid that the growing number of slave states would have
too much political influence, which they feared could hurt free white workers economically
So In 1854, the country is debating whether or not the new states Kansas and Nebraska
will allow slavery. The can’t agree and the party ends up collapsing. The former whigs
in the north form a new party that will fight against letting slavery expand further; they
call it the Republican Party. By 1860 the Republican Party become increasingly
powerful in the North, enough so that a little known Republican named Abraham Lincoln wins
the presidency. Even though Lincoln promises he won’t interfere
with slavery in the states that already have it, he and his party are still too anti-slavery
for the South to tolerate. So 11 Southern states secede from the Union, forming the
Confederate States of America. The Northern states decide to fight to keep the Union together,
and the Civil War ensues. The result is a Northern victory and the abolition of slavery
nationwide. After the war, Republicans begin fighting
to ensure freedmen in the South have rights. A year after Lincoln’s assassination, the
party passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which said black citizens have the same rights
as whites. They fight to make sure that black men have the right to vote, with new laws
and constitutional amendments. But something had happened during the civil
war that began changing the young Republican Party. Government spending during the war
made many northern businessmen really rich. Gradually, these wealthy financiers and industrialists
start taking more and more of a leading role in the Republican Party. They want to hold
on to power, and they don’t think that fighting for black rights in a mostly white country
is the best way to do that. Meanwhile, the South is resisting these new
racial reforms, often violently. And most white Republican voters and leaders now feel
that they’ve done enough for Black citizens in the South, and that it was time to emphasize
other issues. So in the 1870s, the party basically gives up on reforming the South, deciding
instead to leave it to its own devices, even if that meant black citizens were oppressed
and deprived of their new right to vote, and the region was politically dominated by white
Democrats. Fast-forward to the new century. By the 1920s,
the Republican Party has become, essentially, the party of big business. This works out
quite well for them when the economy was booming, but not so well when the economy crashes in
1929 and the Great Depression begins. Franklin D. Roosevelt and other Democrats
are swept into power, and begin dramatically expanding the size and role of the federal
government, in an attempt to fight the Depression and better provide for Americans. Republicans
oppose this rapid expansion, defining themselves as opposition to bigger government, an identity
that the party still holds today. Then, going into the 50s and 60s, race and
the South return to the forefront of national politics, with the civil rights movement attempting
to end segregation and ensure blacks truly had the right to vote.
Civil rights isn’t purely a partisan issue, it’s more of a regional issue with northerners
from both parties supporting it and southerners from both parties opposing. Then 1964, it’s
Democratic president Lyndon Johnson who signs the Civil Rights Act into law. And it’s
Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater who opposes it, arguing that it expands government
power too much. A massive switch-up takes place. Black voters,
many of whom had already been shifting from Republicans, convert almost entirely to their
new advocates, the Democrats. And white voters in the South, who had been staunch Democrats,
start to really resent “big government” interference here and in other matters, like
abortion rights and school prayer. Over the next three decades, whites in the South switch
to the GOP, which makes the South an overwhelmingly Republican region. By the 80s, the party begins
to resemble the GOP we are familiar with today. Republicans elect Ronald Reagan, who promises
to fight for, business interests, lower taxes, and traditional family values. Then, as the 21st century begins, America
is going through a major demographic shift in the form of Hispanic immigration, both
legal and illegal. Democrats and business elites tend to support
reforming immigration laws so that over 10 million unauthorized immigrants in the US
would get legal status. But “tough on immigration” policies and rhetoric become popular on the
Republican right. Then, when Mitt Romney loses his bid for the
presidency in 2012, he gets blown out among Hispanic voters — exit polls showed that
71% of them backed Barack Obama. And the Republican Party starts to look more like a party for
white voters in an increasingly nonwhite country. Given demographic trends, Republican leaders
worry that if they keep losing Hispanic voters by that much, they’ll lose their chances
of winning the presidency. So in 2013, some key Republicans in the Senate — including
rising star Marco Rubio — collaborate with Democrats on an immigration reform bill that
would give unauthorized immigrants a path to legal status. But there’s a huge backlash from the Republican
party’s predominantly white base, which views the bill as “amnesty” for immigrants
who broke the rules. This exacerbates GOP voters’ mistrust of their own party’s
leaders, which had already been growing. And that makes the political landscape of
2015 is fertile ground for a figure like Donald Trump, an outsider businessman who wants to
build a wall on the border with Mexico. Trump isn’t a traditional conservative, but he
appealed to Republican primary voters’ resentment and mistrust of party elites, as well as their
strong opposition to growing immigration trends. And even though he was loathed by party leaders,
he won enough support in the primaries to become the GOP nominee for president. Now, the Republican party is once again at
a major crossroads as it tries to meet the political challenges of the 21st century.
It’s possible that the turn toward Trump and his ideas this year will be remembered
as an aberration, and that a new generation of Republican politicians will find a way
to be more than just the party of white resentment — rediscovering their roots as the party
of Lincoln. But it’s also possible that Trump is just the beginning, and that the
party will increasingly play to white voters by appealing to racial tensions. It’s up
to Republican voters and leaders to decide just what they want their party to be.

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  1. Totally didn't mention democrats we're and still are the real racists and it forgets to mention howsp lit the dems are between the socialists taking it over

  2. Racism and slavery is a crime and its evil and is Sinister on how they do innocent people people that does not belong to them.

  3. Sorry , its called the Morrill tariff . Look it up slim . And look past the narrowed public school education indoctrination agenda for a balanced understanding . Slavery was part of the war but NOT the true catalyst . South defended it for ECONOMIC reasons and many northern business and industrialist supported it for ECONOMIC reasons that benefitted them . Get real , neither side will tell the whole truth . Their are yankee papers with interviews that state this . LOOK IT UP and stop letting self serving interest . Slavery was WRONG . Dont make it worse through lies and distortion , or omission .

  4. How the Democrat party went from law, order, and serving people decades ago, to becoming the party of self-serving liars, cheats, and anti-American experts of exploitation.
    That's the next video I expect to see here. Oh, and Lincoln is on Trump's side.

  5. Republican “intellectuals” should really be forced to watch and understand this video. And since it includes pictures, perhaps Trump and his worshippers will understand it. It makes me laugh when people say “Democrats are the party of slavery” and claim to be political scientists.

  6. Morrill tariff March 2 1861 Buchanan was president . War did not start til after , and this was just the last straw . Learn your REAL history !

  7. So Democrats made a new deal to the black voters in the 1930s cause of the Great Depression and put them into the modern day plantations then in the 1960s they had the civil rights act but there party was the party of Jim Crow and segregation??

  8. Lincoln suspended "habeas corpus", locked up opposing politicians, closed down opposing newspapers, instituted the conscription act, instituted the first income tax, ordered his generals to "live off the land", which meant confiscating food & anything they wanted from civilians, ordered his generals to "open fire" on cities filled with civilians, & ordered Union troops to "put down a riot", in N.Y by killing over 1000 civilians. So Sherman was a butcher, who today would be put on trial for war crimes against the civilian population, & Lincoln also could be called a war criminal.

  9. I live in Mississippi and even my though ancestors fought against Lincoln I think Lincoln was amazing and most southerners can say the same

  10. And thank you TRUMP! Republicans, the party that first opposed slavery, the party of smaller government, the party of freedom, the party of LAW. A party for immigration but NOT Illegal immigration. Progressives and Socialists are ripping apart the Dems. I can never have a mature conversation with a lib…their feelings get in the way of rationality.

  11. It feels wrong to say'Blacks' and 'whites' usually but I get it's probably for speed and because this was relevant a lot at the time – ethnicity at the beginning has to be noted as those were issues..

  12. This info laid out looks just like the rise of extremist leaders everywhere… Have any of them ever done any good? Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Trump..?

  13. I sense a loathing, in your presentation, for people who chose to be born white. Anyway, a wall doesn't mean do not enter. It means come in through the front door.

  14. The racist Democrats all switched to being racist Republicans in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s because they didn’t want to be in the same party as Civil Rights blacks. Today the Ku Klux Klan is all Republican. The Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Jefferson Davis. End of story.

  15. So freeing the slaves had nothing to do with being morale, but everything to do with protecting white workers economic status.

  16. Ngl skipping the 1890s-1920s is a HUGE thing to just ignore, that’s when you transitions from reconstructing the south to labor laws and progressivism

  17. It's funny because Mitt Romney was the most anti-russian candidate we've had in a long time but nobody cared about Russia at that time including Obama that allowed that interference in the 2016 election. I also like how they didn't mention that the Democrats picked probably the worst candidate in recent history Hillary Clinton

  18. today's conservatives LOVE to brag that Lincoln was a repub…their ignorance of history is frustrating for those who understand history…and trump gets elected alas…ignorance personified alas…

  19. You know Calvin Coolidge was a Republican President and guess what he was for women’s suffrage’s and their right to vote. So Republicans are not bad Presidents.

  20. GOP Position: Only Poor, Powerless Immigrants Must Obey the Law.  And “Drain the Swamp” only means get rid of Democrats, because CORRUPTION by DJT & His Half-Acting-Cabinet (RE: members 0% independence) now LEGAL. Once illegal immigrants follow the law, so will the President.

  21. oh, that's why you can keep your status as : Permanent Residence, for life (barring criminal activity and a few other rules) .. they don't want you to vote.

  22. George Washington was always right. He was one of the only presidents that I know that did not have a party affiliation. He believed parties would divide us.

  23. I don't actually care as long as I still have a job a house and some money to sustain myself eh I'm good
    (don't worry I'm not a white guy)

  24. Im of mexican roots, proud American, raised by Christian parents born in Mexico , we vote Republican yes voted for Trump, cannot vote for anyone that thinks abortion is ok, mocks traditional marriage, opposes God in our pledge, threatens our way to defend our families by attacking The 2nd , berates law enforcement and sides with the criminal element (ACLU) its more of a values thing, i guess, and im not Christian, love beer, women and slayer and the Raiders

  25. The GOP that went with Trump because he was sweeping the polls will jump the sinking ship like the rats they are

  26. The republican party has been supporting the democratic addenda. Many have betrayed both their own parties and American and their President. After Trump, no one should trust them ever again. I was a strong Republican supporter, and now want to see a lot of Republicans get the boot.

  27. Love how they frame the Civil rights act of 1964 as being a Democratic Accomplishment. Actually a higher percentage of republicans than democrats votes for the bill

  28. as long as there is a middle class there is a Republican party….more and more black and brown people will join conservative voters when they start paying higher taxes……

  29. I'm not even an American & I know enough actual American political history to be able to identify this piece as being largely nonsense.

  30. How the democratic party went from
    John F Kennedy, whose famous words were "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country" 
    Bernie Sanders, vote for me and this country will give you everything for free, all you have to do is ask

  31. Basically, both parties switched places after the Civil War. Republicans became the bad people and the Democrats became the good ones.

    Edit: Alright, people, give me the hate. I'm waiting for it.

  32. False – they switched because of welfare given, and the Great Society Act, which is still destroying black communities to this day.

  33. I appreciate the knowledge that has never been properly taught and most I have never heard of. I don’t participate in turning the other cheek but I will look another man in his face

  34. Well! Well! Well! Someone was more smat to show the truth behind ploitics way better than those popular baffoons on social media that worship the Liberals.

  35. Can't even get 5 seconds in. Video from VOX that tries to negatively associate Trump as the antithesis of Lincoln. Sorry not biting on this race bait cookie, get lost Vox, and for God's sake, youtube get your $#!T together.

  36. This country was doomed from the start, no nation lasts forever, and on the other side of the world, people will actually agree.

  37. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only reason Franklin D Roosevelt chose to run as a Democrat instead of a Republican was to stand out from Teddy Roosevelt who he was distantly related to.

  38. The parties switched in the 1960’s when the democrats took control and gave rights to blacks and minorities so since then till now more minorities are democrats. If Abraham Lincoln was alive to today he would be a democrat because he gave African Americans freedom from slavery. I can see Abraham Lincoln shaking obama hand and being proud of him!

  39. To all Republicans. President Trump could get Impeached. If this happens We The Majority of the Voters must turn this spear against the Democrats to make it something that will hand them the rope they diverse. It will happen if we wish it hard enough. I see that Booker got a serving he did not predict , the next will be ??? However they all will have to choke down there own nastiness what ever that will be.

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