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How the USA Stole the Panama Canal | Adam Ruins Everything

September 10, 2019

(whistling) – [Narrator] By building the Panama Canal, Teddy Roosevelt connected
the two greatest oceans on the globe, and set the stage for a century of progress and commerce. – Gah! – Sorry, but it’s not that simple at all. The true story of the Panama Canal is totally insane and rarely told. In 1902, Teddy Roosevelt
wanted to build the canal to show off America’s power and strength. – Joining the Atlantic and the Pacific will be the most impressive
thing I’ve ever done. Except, of course, for that time I engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a great white. (gun cocks and fires) But where to build my magnificent canal? – [Narrator] Easy, he built it in Panama. – Actually, not so easy. ‘Cause at the time, the country of Panama didn’t even exist. – [Narrator] Wait, what? – The truth is, the US actually created the country of Panama in
order to build the canal. And it all started with this guy. A wealthy French businessman named Phillippe-Jean Buneau-Varilla. – Monsieur President, have you considered ze lovely Colombian province of Panama as your location? – No go. I tried to rent the land from Colombia and they rejected my offer. – Then we’ll get rid of Colombia. I’ll pay for a revolution,
get you ze land for cheap, and you build ze canal, voila! – Wait a minute, are
you seriously proposing that I help you overthrow
a sovereign nation just so I can build a canal
and make myself look great? – Um, ah, yes? – Bully! Is what I say when I love something. Let’s do it. (gun cocks and fires) – Buneau-Varilla quickly
put his plan into action. – If you allow me to act as
your diplomatic representative in Washington, I’ll cover
ze cost of your revolution. – Sounds great, how could I go wrong? – [Adam] And Roosevelt
sent US warships to sit off the coast of Panama to
deter the Colombians from fighting back. – [Roosevelt] Ho there, Colombians! Get a load of this. (ship horn) – [Adam] Those US naval
reinforcements did the trick, and Panama became a new
country in less than a day. – [Narrator] Oh, sounds like
everything turned out okay. No one got hurt and the Panamanians got to form a newly-independent country. – [Adam] Nope! Because the US immediately screwed over that newly-independent country. – [Narrator] Of course they did. – As Panama’s diplomatic representative, my first official act is to give away ze land for ze
canal to ze Americans. – Are you kidding? We won’t stand for such a raw deal! Viva Panama! – [Adam] When the Panamanians balked, Roosevelt landed 2000
marines in their new country and threatened them
with grave consequences unless they changed their minds. – Viva Panama, and its American overlords. (Buneau-Varilla and Roosevelt laughing) – [Adam] So, in order to build the canal, the United States funded a revolution, created a new country,
and then effectively stole the land from that new country.

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  1. I would say it was a good deal. You get a country and you give up land to the guys that gave you sed country.

  2. So basically the US staged a coup and overthrew the Columbian government, ok, plenty of countries have done that so that isn’t really anything mind blowing.

  3. America didn't steal the canal they built it they took care of the country and now they get money for the canal they shouldn't get it just cuz its on their land lmao

  4. lmao funny how they talk about America when Britian still owns Ireland Scotland Canada and Australia o and don't forget the diamonds mines of south Africa o wait but Britian was just doing the right thing while America was being so bad so so bad LMAO what a joke

  5. Are you a freaking idiot Panama already existed because that was after Christopher Columbus discovered america stupid

  6. The U.S. fucking looting and stealing Latin American countries as always.
    Viva la soberanía Latinoamericana y la resistencia ante el imperialismo.

  7. And in December 19, 1989, Panamá was INVADED for the UNITED STATES, 6 days before CHRISTMAS 😔😔😔😔 Thanks USA for that beautiful present, NOT 😡😔. And they killed lots of panamenians and destroyed houses. I called that INVASION UNJUST. The Soldiers enter to my country like thief to steal, kill and destroy. Prohibited to forget.

  8. What they did to Panama is just like what they did to Philippine and Cuba. You help them gain independence and then you make them into your own territory.

  9. Y los panameños están orgullosos diciendo que el pais es de ellos jajajaja, cries in Balboas!

  10. I’m Colombian , hi Adam the true story is that the government bought us panama that caused his people to revolt

  11. I don't how many times I've written this on these videos but what's one more? Recounting historical events IS NOT debunking. Totally different things. Debunking is based on logic, not just facts, you need to have an argument.

  12. USA, the country who claims that they'll give independence when they actually want land, like the Philippine American War.

  13. It's no wonder that I always think that the United States government is similar to the Galatic Empire.

  14. You're not telling the whole story. For one, when the Americans took over the canal had already been started by France. France just gave up on building it. Also the government of Panama willingly gave up the land as they new it would improve their economy, the Marines were sent to keep the people calm, not the government. Also the US paid to rent the land.

  15. So I go to visit Cuba and learn very unsavory details about American occupation after Cuba's independence wars at the end of the XIX century.
    Then I go visit Panama and there's a whole floor in the Panama Canal Museum dedicated to how hard the Americans screwed them over with the canal.
    Freaked out, I go back to my country, look for history reports of foreign interventions, and it turns out the CIA did a lot of shady stuff here and in all the neighbor's countries.

    That wall should also be there to keep you inside and not snooping around, screwing over other countries for your own benefit.

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