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How to add and create Compositions – BricsCAD BIM

October 18, 2019

Assigning physical materials to your elements is a core step in adding intelligence to your BIM model. The BIM compositions are available in the
BIM library. The panel shows the composition categories
in the Project and Library database. To open the compositions editor, double click
on any composition. To create a new composition, click the “new
composition” icon. Change the element type using the drop-down
list and enter a name. To add a physical material, click the add
ply icon and select a material. You can change the order of the plies by dragging
the numbers. To modify the thickness of the ply,
click the Thickness field, and type in a value. The new composition is ready to be used in
your BIM model. You can now drag and drop the composition
onto an element. When prompted, select a reference face to
attach the composition.

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  1. lovely videos, … however (here, and not only here) it is (at times) very difficult to follow the mouse (or any other input being made).
    Even when watching multiple times and in slow motion

  2. i.e. – here I would like to (benefit from) see where exactly mouse is between 1'21'' and 1'31''. What keys are pushed on mouse and keyboard (leaving aside panning/zomming etc).

    Having cursor surronded by highlighting circle would be a help … and perhaps moving slower OR at bigger bitrate

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