How to Adjust Eye Glasses : How to Adjust Full Metal Frame Nose Pads
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How to Adjust Eye Glasses : How to Adjust Full Metal Frame Nose Pads

October 15, 2019

Hi, my name is David with Expert Village and
I’m going to show you how to adjust glasses. Now I’m going to discuss how to adjust the
nose pads on a full metal frame. When your glasses are sitting upon your face and you
see that the glasses are sitting too high or too low, those adjustments can be made
at this point on the frame. The nose pads, if they are sitting too high on your face
it means that the pads are too close together and need to be pushed out. You do this grasping
the frame as such; taking the nose pads and twist so that it’s wider this way on both
of them. You want to make sure that they are balanced so that your glasses don’t sit
kind of crooked on your face. That will case the frames to sit lower on your face as such.
Now if the frames are sitting too low on your face, that means that the nose pads need to
be adjusted by pushing them closer together, again grab your frame as such; using your,
using your thumb and forefinger go ahead and twist your nose pads in both at the top and
bottom on both pads. You want to make sure that they are sitting balanced, that way the
glasses sit straight on your face and this will cause your glasses to sit higher upon
your nose like so. Sometimes your glasses are sitting crooked as in your glasses are
shifted either to the left or the right on your face. If that is the case it means that
your nose pads are not sitting exactly balanced. You can, in order to tell you can look at
frame and see how the nose pads are sitting. Sometimes one nose pad is sitting too far
to the left or too far to the right. This can be fixed by adjusting the nose pads and
making sure that they sit balanced and that’s how you adjust nose pads on a full metal frame.

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  1. My nose pads aren't even as far as when puting on my glasses, my left pad hits my nose first. One nose pad sits higher than the other. My right nose pad is to low, but not in the way described in this video.

  2. hopefully all u people realize if u adjust yur own glasses off a online website which u bought the glasses from and u break them goodluck tryin to get yu money back and this is coming from an experienced optician!

  3. I adjust the nose pads, but after some minutes, they eventually return to their original position and its annoying. Should I buy new glasses ?

  4. Another tip…
    not all faces are totally equal from left to right…
    so you'll likely need minor adjustments to each nose pads too.
    Plus your ears aren't totally level too.

  5. @itwsw it might go back to square one probly if you cant get it after a wile go ask the eye doc if they can help ya out

  6. I did all of what I said but realised it was my face that was causing the problem. So I squeezed hard on my nose to make it fit the frame. Now I have a broken nose and a lot – and I mean a lot – of blood.

  7. Thank you, I have a question, when I wear big headphones and what it, my eyeglasses push up against my nose, I did what you said with adjusting the pads, but what else needs to be adjusted?

  8. just sharing, if you feel that one of the pads is pushing stronger than the other, adjusting the height of the pads is the solution. So the gap between the nose and the pads must be all equal either left or right. Stronger push means that pad's gap to your nose is closer than the other pad so you can either make it the stronger pad further or you can move the weak pad closer to balance it out

  9. Great vid.  Though I was hoping you might explain why when they're comfortable, it hurts later when we take them off.  I've tried adjusting them to sit more loose and the pads will then hurt the nose further down.  I can't see well at all without my glasses.

  10. I'm scared to try this I know il break them (250$ Burberry glasses!) but thank u for the video I think il let my optometrist do it

  11. Thanks for the video. One of my nosepads is digging into my nose and hurting quite a bit. I will try this.

  12. Hi Doc well i removed the nosepads because they were tight on my nose but now they pinch more what can i do they are new glasses too

  13. I just got meh glasses they are plastic so I am not trying this plus they are expensive asf 500 dollars. But the bridge of my nose is pretty sore and my eyes keep watering is this normal?

  14. Next time I'm getting those with fixed pads, the ones I have are really annoying, I always have to adjust them and their never conformable! They digged into my nose bridge even after I moved them apart!

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