How to Adjust Eye Glasses : How to Adjust Full Plastic Frames
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How to Adjust Eye Glasses : How to Adjust Full Plastic Frames

August 26, 2019

Hi, my name is David with Expert Village and
I’m going to show you how to adjust glasses. Now we are going to discuss how to make adjustments
to a plastic frame. In order to make adjustments to a plastic frame you need to have access
to what is called a hot box. It is a box full of small glass beads heated to a certain temperature
in order to soften the plastic. This hot box is normally only found in a doctor’s, in
an actual doctor’s office. In order to make adjustments to your plastic frame, if your
frame seems to be sitting too wide which is generally what happens to the plastic frame
from people pushing up on top of their head when they are not using their glasses, it
has a tendency to cause the plastic frame to expand out like so. This expansion normally
takes place at the bridge. In order to correct such an error we’ll take the frame and immerse
if for the count of three then remove it and apply pressure evenly on both sides of the
frames like so and curving the frame inward. You want to make sure that you don’t go,
don’t apply too much pressure because that will cause it to move in too far. Once the
frame has cooled enough, by releasing the frame you will see that the frame itself has
moved back inward. You can then put the frame on your face to make sure that it is the correct
height and tightness of which you like. If it is too tight you can again immerse the
frame, remove it and straighten it out, again apply force down in order to move, to widen
the frame. If the frame is still too wide, re-immerse the frame for the count of three,
pull back out of the sand and again apply pressure evenly on both sides of the frame
to cause it to bow inward until you have reached a point where the frame sits comfortably on
your face. That is how you adjust a full plastic frame.

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  1. Using only adjustments in the face form (frame front)to manipulate the tension through the head space can compromise the optics of the lens significantly depending on the Rx. This type of adjustment should be done at the hinge after heating. Also,instead of submerging the frame in your hotbox, it is far better to keep the frame moving in the beads/sand so the acetate does not become pitted/damaged.

  2. i just submerged my rx sunglasses (carrera and rayban range plastic frames) in 80 degrees centgrade hot water for 10 seconds and do the same adjustments. never fails. no adverse effects on any coatings, ar, tints polaroids whatsoever. when i say submerge..i dont mean the whole of the sunglass. i just submerge the top area and the nose bridge area. 10 seconds flat, fold inwards/ outwards and cool down in cool running water. done.

  3. I do the same thing as sobizzr. Microwave water in a large container for a few minutes and dip the top part of the glasses for 10-15 secs then take them out and squeeze them (as in the video) for 10-15 secs. But I've never tried running them under cold water to cool.

  4. i have a problem i had this woman adjust my glasses and when i got them back i couldnt see anymore, the lenses seemed cracked (looked like spiderwebs) I am guessing the heat damaged the anti-reflective coatings. Can anyone help me?

  5. I went to pick up my glasses yesterday and when I told the guy the rx was wrong, he tried to adjust them… sigh… they are plastic and he didn't heat them at all… instead I heard creaking sounds…. it really pisses me off. I don't want people jacking with my stuff… well the rx is wrong and they sent them back… I wonder if they will make sure the lenses are how they are supposed to be? I didn't get a good look at them so I don't know if he damaged the plastic.

  6. Thank God for this video because the lent glasses look dont make it. Also, Sobizzr is so right, hot water works just the same. Hey Youtube 🙂

  7. what about metal frames? lol mine keeps sliding down my face especially when picking up something from the floor 🙁

  8. This vid is totally useless. Aside from this guy sounding like a ninth grader reciting instructions off a flash card, what's the point in putting up instructions using a device most of us don't have access to?

  9. Putting them in hot water is the WORST thing you can do…anyone who advises that has no clue.If you are determined to try, use a dry heat source, like a hair blower at least. Boiling water will dry out your frame and discolor it very quickly , as well as weaken the plastic itself.

  10. @ILuvStAugustineFL It doesn't matter about the lenses, as far as adjusting your frame, but be careful because high index do scratch easier, than regular plastic

  11. @Anni61get a needlenose pliers, and put the pliers on the side of the metal frame and apply pressure inward and guaranteed to tighten your frame

  12. Just took mine in an it looks like a chip or a crack in the lens do you think they guarantee covers fixing it?

  13. Great videos I wana ask how will I adjust my sunglasses its too tight in the sides? Its a full plastic frame. I cannot wear this since I got this. Please do reply. Thanks.

  14. I have 1.59 index polycarbonate lenses in my glasses—would they be affected when they're submerged in the heated beads?

  15. Thank You!!!! This was a Godsend!!!! I spent a fortune on a pair of Rayban script glasses and was so aggravated by having them slip off my face when I looked down, this saved money and time that I would have spent having them repaired at the Dr. and any future expense!

  16. Anyone else praying that the middle button on his lab coat would shoot off and break a lens?

    It looked like it wanted to.

  17. Scientists, medical professionals, and anyone outside of the United States, Belize, Palau and the United States territories of Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to answer your question.

  18. All the negative comments aside; what I learned was not to bend the arms inward but to bend the bar between the lenses. This was the solution I was looking for!

  19. Be careful with this — After watching this video I used a hair-dryer and that got hot enough the it damaged the plastic lens. Some of the new lightweight lens materials are much more heat sensitive than you'd guess. I ended up with a sort of wrinkled area in the lens that my optician was immediately able to spot as heat damage.

  20. I was born in St. Croix which is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands and our primary temperature measurement was Fahrenheit when I was living there. Doubt that it has changed. To add to your answer almost anyone in the U.S. measuring computer temperatures also use celsius.

  21. So basically what this video was saying is to just go to your optometrist office to have your plastic eyeglasses frames adjusted. Thanks buddy 🙁

  22. I would recommend using something a bit less harsh on the glasses like a home heater (which worked perfectly for me) or the warm settings on the blow dryer is you have one

  23. i went to optometrist cos my glasses is loose. she said she will bend the centre inwards. after that, it is so tight. she bent it again to loosen it like him- bend outwards. but since then i couldnt focus . so frustrating. i bent it to loosen it more, still. i bent it myself more and more, now better but i felt my old metal frame glasses enabled me sharper focus. not sure did the optometrist ruin the perfect angle for focusing. sick. dont do they have standard. why after bending i m unable to focus on words

  24. This is a fine idea, if you go to an optometrist, they're all likely to have one. Not a household item, though. And also, it's not generally good for the lenses to stick them into the box/ beads too. It would be best to pop them out and only have the frames down in there.

  25. I was wondering if this method works on "memory plastic?" I purchased a pair of glasses that are apparently impossible to bend into the correct shape for my head and I have no idea how to fix them.

  26. Just now received Ray Ban Liteforce RB4213 and unfortunately they are a bit wide to my face. They are made from high end durable and flexible plastic. I have tried heating them and bending, but even following all the procedures with hot water or hair drier, they will return to the previous shape. Is there any way I could bend the bridge to make them narrower or bend legs? Thank you.

  27. This is not helpful to those of us at home who would be the only ones looking up this type of video. You said it yourself, the boxes are found in professional settings. If we could take our glasses to a spot we wouldn't need this video.

  28. Okay so if I go to my doctors office….. they do this……Wouldn’t that mess with my focus since the lenses are shaped weird.

  29. I can't believe all you haters. I agree his video made no sense because if we want to use a hot box we need to go to a Professional and therefore we don't need to know how it is done in such detail. He should have told us to try a blow dryer which worked for me. But…attacking the man personally, whoever did that from the safety of your computer keyboard is in my opinion a coward and has probably got some self esteem issues. He seemed fine to me.

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