How to Adjust Sunglass Frames for a Better Fit – Help Prevent Damaged Sunglass Lenses
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How to Adjust Sunglass Frames for a Better Fit – Help Prevent Damaged Sunglass Lenses

August 23, 2019

How to Adjust Sunglass Frames for a Better
Fit ñ Help Prevent Damaged Sunglass Lenses Lanie: Hi. Iím Lanie and this is Aron from
the Sunglass Fix. Today, Aaronís gonna show me adjust my Ray Ban Wayfarers for better
fit. I just bought them recently and a little bit too big for my head. Please Aron can you
show me how to adjust them. Aron: I’ll show it Lanie. The first thing you
gonna do is to check your hinges for giving them a bit of a shake. You can tell if your
arm is loose. This one looks pretty good. Lanie: Great.
Aron: in that type and you does it at home, use a small screwdriver just to tighten up
the screws. Some of them take a flat head; some of them take a Philips head. If you donít
have those screwdrivers, you can pick them up in any local hardware store. The next thing
we can do is mold your arms, you try not to grab on the hinge or on the front file of
the frame, just bending the arm. plastic frames can be a little bit tricky though, so what
are we recommend is a little bit of hot water, soak them in there for about 10 seconds or
perfectly if you go to hair dryer on a highest heat settings in a lowest air flow. You can
heat the arm for about 10 seconds. Heat the hand for 10 seconds. Holding the shape and let it cool for about 30 seconds. Lanie: I see.
Aron: Remember not to get too far this. If you get a bit too far, you have to get it
back and put undue stress on your frames and on the other side.
Lanie: Yup. Looks good. Aron: the next thing you can do is heat the
nose to get a better fit. The same process again with the 10 seconds of heat. Best ideas,
is to take your lenses out. The tricky bit is to annually bending the nose part and not
the eyes sockets as you might not be up put your lenses back in. Heat it up again and bending here according in shape. So as a good idea Lanie if you have the lenses at, you
can remove it better for wash. We can put them in some hot soapy water and give them
a clean. Lanie: Great.
Aron: the last tip we use here at the Sunglass Fix is a little bit of clean nail polish.
Lanie: what is that tip? Aron: I just, helps keep the hinges the screw
in hinges a bit tighter and stop them from pulling out.
Lanie: Great. So I don’t have to worry about them from pulling off in the future.
Aron: Hopefully not. Lanie: Fantastic! Wow, thanks Aron. All this
feel great, much better. if you have any specific repair or questions, donít forget to contact
Aron and the team of Sunglass Fix by going to the website or to their
Facebook page or if youíre looking for a replacement lenses donít forget they have
the best quality sunglass lenses around and the biggest selection in the world and they
even offer free worldwide shipping even to the North Pole so grab this set for repair
and enjoy your sunglasses. Thanks!

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  1. Hi! After u finnish adjusting it, can u adjust it back to its original position? or once u adjust it then u can't change it back?? I'm talking about the frame that you hit with a hair drier. thanks..

  2. Im not sure if heating ur sunglasses would be the best idea bcus though, it might ruin and by the time in one month ur sunglass would be loose

  3. I'd like to bring myself in for a fitting with Lainie please. And why is it Aussies all seem like they're happy when the talk? Things to ponder in life.

  4. hey guys.. so i bought a pair of sunglasses for my girlfriend and the frame is really tight to the point they are tough to open in order to wear.. are there any quick fixes around this issue?

  5. I know this is standard procedure for plastic frames, just seems harsh to do on a pair of $350 glasses. Persol for example.

  6. Just now received Ray Ban Liteforce RB4213 and unfortunately they are a bit wide to my face. They are made from high end durable and flexible plastic. I have tried heating them and bending, but even following all the procedures with hot water or hair drier, they will return to the previous shape. Is there any way I could bend the bridge to make them narrower or bend legs? Thank you.

  7. wth are my lens so damn hard to push in its almost as if the lens and frame were both measured wrong id like to just smash them at this point

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