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How To Adjust Your Frames |

October 11, 2019

Congratulations on your new glasses! Since every face is different, you might need to slightly adjust the frames for a perfect fit. First, look in the mirror. If the glasses look and feel good you’re all set. If not, here are some adjustments you can make. Remember, make small adjustments each time. If your glasses look level on the table, but crooked when worn, adjust the temple pieces by taking either side and gently raising or lowering. If the glasses sit crooked on the table, simply bend the temple piece in the opposite direction. To adjust width for plastic frames, heat up the bridge piece with a hair dryer for about 15 seconds and adjust gently. Don’t heat them for too long to avoid damaging any special coating you might have on your lenses. Let the glasses cool again before trying them on. For metal frames, don’t use heat. Simply bend slightly, checking after each adjustment. For frames with adjustable nose pads, if the frame sits too high widen the pads slightly. If it sits too low, narrow them. Make sure the pads are even on both sides. If your glasses still slip down your nose, take the stem tip and bend it inward so that the temple pieces hug your head. Making small adjustments from time to time will keep your glasses fitting perfectly and looking great. That’s it. Thanks for choosing, here for all your eyewear needs!

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