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How To Build A Bath Frame – DIY At Bunnings

September 21, 2019

We are going to build a bath cradle. To house
this bath here. The tools we’re going to need for this project
is a nail gun. A hammer. A corking gun. Pencil. Square. Tape. Battery Skilsaw. Level. Safety
goggles. Some safety gloves, which are optional. Some safety ear muffs. Also, we’re going to
need some framing timber. Most importantly the bath. What we’ll do now is just clear the workspace.
We’ll get ready to start marking the cradle out and levelling up the bath. First step is we’re going to measure the height
of the bath. Find out what height we’re going to make our cradle. The measurement from the
floor for this bath is sitting at 370 millimeters. What we’re going to do is we’re going to have
this bath sitting at 450 millimeters. That will allow for any inconsistencies in the
level of the floor and have the bath sitting as level as we possibly can. We’re going to transpose a nice level line
around the outside of the wall at 450 millimeters. This will allow the line to a, hold the cradle
and b, to allow a nog line to hold our external linings. The next step now that we’ve got our line
around the outside of the wall, nice and level, is we’re going to cut some nogs in between
the two studs. All the way around the outside. That allows our internal linings to drop down
and be nailed to the top of the cradle. Measure each individual nog individually. Write that
measurement either on the existing nog above it. Or on the floor below it. The next step is to cut our framing timber.
Around in our holes around the wall. To allow our bath cradle to sit properly and to level
it up. Our first measurement we want to cut is 476. Mark your 476 on your timber. Please
use your square. Square your timber up with a nice straight line. 426. It’s time to measure the length of the cradle.
What we’re going to allow here is to measure the length of the bath. With the 70 millimeter
positioning off the wall. Adding 70 millimeters to the end of the cradle. The reason we do
this is we’re using 90 millimeter timber. 70 millimeters will stick out of the edge
of the bath to hold our tile. 15 millimeters will actually hold the edge of the bath. Once we do the two end ones, we’ll put them
in place. Fill in the two ends of the cradle exactly the same way. We’re now going to cut
four top and bottom plates for the long ends of the cradle. At 1650 millimeters long. Now that I’ve cut my top and bottom plates,
it’s time to build the cradle. I use a little small off cut of timber to mark where the
jack studs fit. Place the little off cut on the end. Mark it and put across where the
jack stud’s going to be. In between here to allow for your stud spacings. We want to even these out as much we can.
My advice is for the sheeting size of 1200 millimeters, which is a general sheet size.
We want to have one jack stud at 1200 to the center. One at 600 into the center. From one
end. Next we need to determine to get the right
height of the cradle. I know we’ve set out our line at 450, but if we go up 445, that
just allows a little bit of space. A little bit of movement. Just in case your floor has
a bend in it or is slightly out-of-level. We need to cut eight of these. We’ll cut our
first four and lay our cradle in position to see how it looks. We’re now finished cutting all of our timber
for our cradle. We’re going to loop our two long links of top and bottom plate down. Our
jack studs in position where we’ve marked the timber earlier. We’re now going to nail
these together with our nail gun. Create the cradle and put it into position. Now we’ve completed our first side of our
cradle. We can lay it in a position to make saw A. We’ve cut it to the right size. It
fits across the floor. If we lay it on here, we can clearly see our timberline is still
visible at 450. This end is right on the mark as well. Now we’ve completed our first cradle. Our
object now is to mirror that cradle for the other side. Then measure the two end cradles.
We’re now ready to put our cradle into position. To make this easy, I’d like to measure across
from our wall. Across the floor at 850. Put a nice line on the floor. Now time to nail the cradle in position. First
of all, we’re going to nail along the bottom into the floor. The next thing we want to
do with the cradle is make sure this is nice and plumb. Looks good against the wall. To
check this, we can do it two ways. We can level up the side. Which at the moment is
showing very, very good. Second check is we can measure across from
the wall. Make sure that’s 850 millimeters because that’s our finished product size.
Just now lay it in position. Now we’re going to use the other side of the cradle. Fix that
in position against the wall. Now we’re going to work on the end cradle.
This cradle is very important. It is visible to the outside of the room. It needs to be
critically level. The best way to do this is hold your level on the outside of the cradle.
Measure in between the two frames. The measurement’s showing 660 millimeters. We’ll make that cradle
seat. We’re now about to cut our top and bottom
plates for our end cradles. As well as our jack studs. We’ve now finished cutting our two end cradles.
We’re about to put them together. Now we’ve completed our two end cradles. It’s
now time to fit them in position. Finish the bath frame. First of all, we’ll start by putting in the
end one. Up where the taps are. Simply slide into position. Now we’re going to fit the
end that’s visible to the outside of the room. We need to check to make sure we’ve got it
all nice and plumb. Check the end level. Which is good. Last thing to do now is then set the bath.
Just position it so it’s nice and even. Sides and ends. So that all measurements around
the outside of the bath are equal. The job is complete. Time to take a bath.

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