How to Build a Shed –  How To Frame a Wood Floor – Video 3 of 15
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How to Build a Shed – How To Frame a Wood Floor – Video 3 of 15

August 23, 2019

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  1.  Great video, but to anyone, who has no pad, such as cement, gravel, or asphault , I recommend placing 3 4×4 pressure post under the floor

  2. My father and I are building a shed after learning everything we didn't know from these videos! Truly radical, thank you.

  3. Wow. I've been trolling around YouTube looking for decent videos on DIY projects like this for some time. Finally – someone who actually knows what they're doing and understands how to explain things to "dummies" like me. Great video and sound quality, and everything is very well thought out and explained. Notice also that videos on building a chicken coop and greenhouse, my next two projects, might be on the horizon – I'm holding my breath (so the sooner the better!) Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  4. you mentioned coating the ends of the 2×6 where they are cut to help protect that end ad well as a prime on the bottom portions of the smart side paneling to help protect them. What types of prime do you recommend on them? (Ive never used them before.)

  5. Nice video,you are very concise. I'm linking to it on other YouTube videos.  You said to snap a line at 4'. Wouldn't it be better to go 4' and 1/2" because of the tongue, and then set the grooved edge on the line you snapped? Also you mentioned in an earlier video that you want the plywood upside down. Won't that void the plywood warranty? 

  6. Did u say the floor is over hanging a little bit? Just wondering. I'm wanting to build a shed and that is the only thing I'm not getting.

  7. hey there I love the videos but am wondering what to do about my situation. I have about a foot of slope away from my fence and wondering what to do about it. Might be difficult to level it for the gravel. digging a foot into the fence might not be a great idea and also i live in a cold climate so was wanting to elevate the shed off the floor a little bit. What would be the best option in this case? I was thinking pouring some concrete piers but not sure how to sit the wood skid on it or where to put the piers exactly. What do you think?

  8. Thanks for the excellent set of instructional videos.

    Starting at about 17:30, after you have completed the assembly of the floor frame, you check for "squareness" of the assembly, and you indicate that it is proper.   Thus, you do not actually demonstrate how to "square" things at that point.   How would one "square" the assembly if it were found to be out of square after everything is screwed together, or is it necessary to disassemble the structure to fix it?

  9. I've been watching a lot of shed building videos and my concern has to do with after the shed is finished. It seems to me with the shed elevated off the ground, under the shed you have a dark, sheltered area with sectioned off spaces (floor joists), a perfect nesting area. How do you keep wasps, bees, and other insects from making their nests under there? Might also be nice for snakes, mice, etc.

  10. Very good, professional instructions. How much will the project cost, using the materials used ? And do you have other video projects? Thank you.

  11. Great video. I have a question about this particular video. I did not see you glue the other pieces of plywood down (the second half of the floor) . Do you only glue down your first half of the floor? Or maybe it's assume that the other ones get glued down and didn't show it on the second half of the floor.

    Thanks again. I am looking to maybe put down a foundation for pre-made shed. I really liked your first 3 videos and find them to be extremely helpful. I like that you show how to do things the right way and not half way done and explain why.

    I don't need the other videos after the floor is down but I am enjoying the knowledge your providing that I think I am going to watch all 15.

    Thanks again for investing your time and effort to help others. Thank your camera guy/director too 😉

  12. Hello, great video!
    Does the frost affect the level at all after a year or so? I'm thinking in terms of what deck builders always say about concrete footings being mandatory with any type of platform or decking.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Excellent video… you answered a lot of questions that have bugging me for years. Thank you so much taking the time to share your knowledge.

  14. How come you used 3 pieces of plywood for the floor instead of two sheets of 4 x 8? Thanks, I'm a 66 year old grandma and I'm going to build my own 12 x 16 shed.

  15. Thanks for this great series of videos! Could you answer the following question for me please? I've been told by a few people that when framing my shed floor I should allow ventilation to the underside to avoid dampness and subsequent rotting of the timbers. Your design (and many others I've seen) is enclosed – is lack of air-flow something that you worry about (especially as the plywood for the floor is usually not pressure treated)?

  16. thanks for taking your time going thoroughly through the steps for building the base. This is what i am most interested in. I need to build a base for a steel storage shed kit(don't laugh). It would have been great if you could have shown how the steps for preparing the ground for the gravel, but i think i know how to do that.
    One question i do have is that you do not anchor the base to the ground. is this not something that needs to be done?

  17. This is a great series, thank you very much. I'm sorry if I missed it but did you drill pilot holes for the 3" screws securing the joists?

  18. what kind the cordless drill are your working ? can you show me , i would like to buy it ? thank you so much ./.my nam is: loi nguyen

  19. Hi, Great video (and sorry for the long post)
    One thing I can't figure out – you use 2×6 for the framing. But when making the marks you say that we should measure a quarter of an inch before the 16inch markers so that it would perfectly fit in the center (~6:05 in video) – so which size do you use here is it 2 inch thick or 1.5?

    Is it the same for the wall framing?


  20. Great series…do you need to anchor the shed to the ground any way for high winds etc…or will the weight keep it secure enough??

  21. Your videos are excellent – giving me all the confidence in the world to build my own shed. And the fact that you're so responsive is incredibly impressive, too. In this video you mention that for an 8×10 shed, your actual framing dimensions are 7'9"x9'9" which will help save economical cuts later. I'm planning to build an 8×12 shed – so do you recommend I frame it to 7'9" x 11'9"? Just not fully clear why I'm shaving 3" off each side. Can you explain? Thanks so much.

  22. Wow! This is the best and most detailed instructional video about building a shed floor! Excellent!! Thank you!

  23. You are the Man…Calm, Cool and Collective. Thank you! for your professional instructions/ teachings.

  24. Excellent video – fills you with confidence that the presenter knows what he is about and cares about the finished result. Well worth the time it takes to view.

  25. Great instruction video. One question I have is the type of screws you should use, for example, if you were putting Trex decking down on a deck on treated lumber they supply, what I believe, stainless screws. Will these screws corrode?

  26. This man is awesome! I’ve been watching shed videos for 2 weeks and thankfully I haven’t built anything yet. Thank you sir!!!

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