How To Build An Awesome Sled Dog House // A-Frame
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How To Build An Awesome Sled Dog House // A-Frame

September 19, 2019

Alright so we’re gonna go over a quick
ah… dog house build thanks Toivo I built about 30 of these in the last three years so I am kind of efficient at it now, but it more efficient if you can actually build a whole bunch of them at the same time I think for each house you need 2 landscape timbers 3 – 2″ X 4″s I have 7 – 1″ X 6″s on the side
you can use anything you want and then at least 3 – 1″ X 6″ decking and of course you need a 55-gallon barrel the cut on this barrel you want to make sure that you have
at least 12 inches from the bottom here to the top leave some little bit a plastic on here obviously you’re going to cut fill holes out but I made the mistake of cutting too much
plastic out and then a lot of straw comes out of the house it won’t stay in and keep the dogs warmer in the winter so you wanna have minimal amounts
some of the bigger dogs need more space in between here but you can adjust that per dog
you can cut this once once you’ve done it
so basically you want set your chop saw at 37.5 degrees
so if this is ninety you want to turn it 37.5 and then all
these measurements will line up
so first thing you do is cut your landscape timbers here you can see the
angle up here 37.5 degrees so I measured halfway marked line across
marked half and then cut it so cut your landscape timbers in half pair them up you don’t have to cut the bottom because you want us to dig into the dirt and set flat so that will dig in
little bit and the dog jumps up and runs around on top the house is
not gonna move these houses are pretty heavy and you need two-wheeler to move them or two people I can move my the two-wheeler so anyways let’s get back to it
from this side here to this side on this top 2″ X 4″ is 16.5″ so you measure the top side cut to both of these angles obviously they’re opposite angles
and then the bottom one here and then the bottom one here the bottom 2″ X 4″ is 42.5″ across the top to this side underneath it’s exactly 4′ so you have your chop saw at 37.5 degrees
the bottom cut on the bottom long side of the angle is 4′
you can see the backside here what I mean the angle cut on the 2″ X 4″
so then you want to measure 17″ so from the bottom of this one to the bottom of this one is 17″ or from the top here you can see that
it’s flush 17″ from this top to this top right here here
so then you got your two a-frames built you got the front one and then you
have back one built
then you flip it upside down put your barrel in there then you can make these two cuts right here these 2″ X 4″ cuts here every barrel a little different you want
to measure the length of your barrel and then add 3.5″ because the width under here
of a double 2″ X 4″ a double width is 3.5″ so this barrel I think was 35.5″ I added 3.5″ so it gave me 39″ inches that I could cut these 2″ X 4″s at
and then you have to measure the halfway point from the bottom of the 2″ X 4″ you can
see my halfway mark right here I think this measurement here was about 7″ it’s going to be different with
each barrel but want to make sure that this distance to here is the same as this distance to this one so that the barrel sits in the very middle of the house
it can be a little bit wider you don’t want it to be more narrow if it’s more narrow the barrels gonna be up set up higher and can interfere with
screwing these top ones down if you can do anything you can go
just a little bit wider maybe 1/8″ – 1/4″ wider on on these sides here
so when you screw these in flip it back over and then you push it together
screw your top ones in the 1″ X 6″ decking
I put 3 of them up top 1-2-3
and then you do your side ones 1″ X 6″s this is decking too
do the chain guard so when the dogs go up to the top the chain runs on the front
of the house so you wanna make sure that a the house is
protected by these 1″ X 6″s so measure from here to here you’re still doing your angled cut at 37.5 degrees take a bar up here and make it flush
you can make that mark and make that cut same thing here flush on that side do this side then you have a little bit left
and you can do the top one so that’s about it
and then you won’t screw the barrel into the support so that the barrel doesn’t fly around this wood right here should last longer than the barrel itself
but if you had to replace the barrel it’s pretty easy all you have to do is take these out take these two out and drop it down barrel pops out
you can pop a new one in
screw those in so that’s about it
I’ll make a more detailed video when I actually build one because there’s little tips and tricks and stuff
but yeah it’s pretty simple and if you have any good carpentry skills or
designs skills I’m sure you can figure it out and make your own little tweaks and and modifications
thanks for watching

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