How To Build Frame and Panel French Doors
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How To Build Frame and Panel French Doors

August 27, 2019

hey guys what’s going on I’m Joe Malecki
and in this video I’m gonna show you how I built these doors these doors are
completely solid wood construction I use dominoes instead of mortise and Tenon’s
and I’ve got a super easy way to inset that glass panel check it out so now
that we got a wall we’ve got a doorway we’ve got this pretty bar wood on the
outside we need to make some doors about three years ago a buddy of mine gave me
some wood and it’s finally dry so so this from looking at it and from what he
said we’re probably looking at a little bit of oak a little bit of Hickory if
they’re oak that be sweet so we’re gonna plan this all down to the same thickness
and then I’ll pick the parts I’m gonna use for the door out from it and having
it all plain won’t hurt either for putting it back in storage if I don’t
use it so get it all done one so I’m going to lay out the wood now
that it’s kind of skip playing and rough cut so I can look at it see what the
grain is and then choose what parts I want to use for what on the door it’s
all this all white up which is pretty sweet so we’re gonna take the twist out hello I’m John Malecki if you’re liking this
content subscribe and hit that Bell icon but if you’re curious on why I’m
jointing these boards we cut these a couple days ago and after we got them
out of the long board a few of them actually acclimated to the temperature
in the shop and twisted slightly so I’m gonna rejoin them reface them and then
we’ll rip them and plane them down to final dimensions and they should be good
to go from there be careful when you’re mixing pigment in
to epoxy if you’re using a liquid pigment add a little bit more hardener in
there because it will dilute the mixture this one needs a little bit I think an
actually get that done with sanding all right so mock-up some doors what we got
to do is cut these down to width first and we’ve already got the table saw
ready to rock and roll so I don’t have to cut these door parts
and these styles over here to length because the whole door is gonna get
trimmed down once it’s all glued up with a straight edge so pretty much here I’m
just gonna mark it lay it out long and we’ll do one cut with the track saw to
get the door down the size but essentially you can kind of see like we
got a door kind of what our door will look like I like it I think that I was
worrying where we’re gonna have to stain it because of the Hickory but I think
it’s so subtle that like it actually looks pretty damn good I’m only gluing these up to make it a
little bit easier I know that these all of these should be tight so a bit of a hiccup here this board had
some tension in it and I thought it might come out when I added the rails
across but it didn’t so you can see that there’s almost a quarter inch of a bow
across this surface of the door it’s bringing this side out now that I have
it mocked up and it’s taking it out of flat so I’m gonna have to resaw another
piece all I’ve got left though is Hickory so I’m gonna square that piece
down and we’ll recut this style it’s a shame it sucks but this is part of life
it should still kind of match because I have those two pieces of Hickory in the
center door and then I’ll use this as the hinge side on the far side sometimes
you got to make a lemonade when life gives you
pineapple huh so it couldn’t get the Hickory to the thickness I needed it so
we’re gonna have to mill another piece for this style I’ve got these old beams
I’m pretty sure they’re white oak or chestnut whatever
let’s get these milled up doors are dry we’re going to build the
jamb now we have to do a custom Jamb for our custom opening because this is a
custom woodshop i’ll do four or five really light
coats I already have three on here just for shrinkage purposes we
pre-finish to those if you guys paying attention
that’s why that’ll expand and contract and when it does that if you don’t pre
finish them it’s gonna leave a gap on the outside when they shrink that
doesn’t look finished we just really didn’t look there
so for these doors I’m using general finish’s enduro var its bar none my
favorite finish for reclaim – reclaimed rustic style furniture you get a great
high build out of it kind of concept super durable has a little bit of an
amber through it and it’s not just a full oil-based finish so it spreads on
really smooth I’m a big fan if you guys are interested I got a link down in the
description for you thank you guys so much for checking out
this build these things turned out absolutely insane and if you want to see
another one of my custom projects like this I got a video queued up for you
right here I also want to thank my sponsor on this build Timberland pro
Timberland pro is my go-to workwear apparel company i got a link down in the
description if you want to see more from them
and lastly thank you so much for tuning in go punch your next project in the
face and i’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Those are beautiful! You planning on putting any slow-close or self-close mechanism on em John? I'll have to check out that Enduro-var.

  2. Did that door stile bow after running it over the jointer and final dimensioning?, or did it sneak through the process that way? One way to help avoid tension issues, if this was such, is to remove wood evenly from both sides during dimensioning to help alleviate the problem and maintain equilibrium.

    Sweet wood, came out beautiful, nice work.

  3. Awesome video! Great editing. Your channel is getting better and better. It was hard for me to follow the part about getting the twist out, without more speaking.

  4. When you are talking especially towards the end of the video the audio of the music is so much higher than the audio of your voice it was hard to hear anything you said

  5. Very cool sir. Question regarding the epoxy resin…after it cured you were scraping off the excess with a heat gun and a chisel. Is this a personal preference or is there an issue with just sanding or jointing it flush? Appreciate the learning opportunity and thanks for the great videos.

  6. John, was that the big domino you used for the doors or the smaller one…If the larger, what size domino did ya use. Thanks

  7. Those doors came out fantastic. Never saw that trick with the heat gun on the epoxy. Has that ever caused any issues for you? Looks to be a much faster way to level it.

  8. Wow, Awesome doors! Gives me inspiration for my future barn style home. Your content is great. I love the attitude and wit. The fact that you donโ€™t shy away from being yourself and stay away from producing content that is too formal is one of the reasons I subscribe. Canโ€™t wait to see what else you have in store for 2019. God Bless!

  9. Great build. Those doors must weigh a ton. Why did you use the band saw and jigsaw when you were roughing the boards?

  10. Mixing Festool and lowly home store brand tools in the same video? BLASPHEMY!!! ๐Ÿ˜› In all seriousness now, those are some nice doors…wife wants me to make her a set!

  11. Couldn't help but notice the tops didn't align. I had a similar situation for a pair of closet doors. Is it simply the wood "moving" after milling (as you mentioned in regards to that wonky stile)?

  12. At the 7.5 and 11.5-ish min marks, it's hard to hear what you are saying over the music. But overall, killer build. Those doors look sweet, what are you going to use for hardware? Maybe something out of rebar for an industrial look? The shop is really coming together nicely.

  13. Hey John
    I noticed you using armor brand work bench. Have you had any experience with there pocket hole jig? If yes how would you compare it to kreg jig? Any preference? Pros & cons

    Keep up the great content.

  14. Hey johnny, doors look awesome. The wood is beautiful, just a clear varnish was definitely the right choice. The shop is frigging huge dude! Best of luck & keep punchin' lol

  15. Love the doors man. They look so sick and fit the look of what you think the Malecki shop should look like. Bad ass build and really entertaining and informative video to watch!

  16. Hey John! (Nice name by the way.) Love your projects, but please add more full frame beauty shots at the end of your videos so we can enjoy your completed work. It ain't showin' off if the work is that good! Thanks for the videos.

  17. Love the doors, John! I'm planning something similar to divide two conference rooms in a commercial office building, but I'll be using local woods (red oak and hackmatack) from a nearby mill here in Maine. Such doors can be heavy – I'm curious to know what you used for hardware (hinges) to hang the doors. Thanks for the video!

  18. I think it really adds something to your builds when you put in those aggravating moments. This was an awesome build, it came out beautifully.

  19. The right hand door seems to bow out at the top of the closing stile yet flush at the bottom. Was it the timber or is the frame in twist?

  20. Great Jobs, doors came out nice, and doors can be a pain to build. I donโ€™t ever comment on safety but man pushing that board through the jointer at 3:07 from the back. OUCH!!! I am guilty of not using push sticks but a finger hanging over the edge of a board and thatโ€™s all it takes.

  21. Around 2:00, are you crosscutting and ripping with jigsaw/bandsaw to save on blade kerf, or is there some other reason? I ask particularly about crosscutting with the jigsaw, as it seems like it would be easier to do and get square cuts with a miter saw

  22. The music is definitely distracting and annoying. The project and the machine noise is more than interesting enough without it.

  23. John,

    First, beautiful project. The finish is impeccable.

    Second, PINEAPPLE? I seriously just about dropped my breakfast at that line!
    Thanks for the entertainment, and the inspiration for all of our own builds!

  24. Those turned out awesome. How did you end up fixing the bow? Did you start from scratch or cut it down and replace the piece?

  25. Cool doors! How do you like that 18v Ridgid belt sander? Sitting in my Amazon cart, Iโ€™m a little hesitant to pull the trigger.

  26. They turned out awesome John. I know you said there a few species of wood but they all looked really good together. Really dressed up the place..

  27. cool doors did a door opening to a new adducing to a church the old door frame the used 8×8 timber frame church keeping with the timber frame look they had a beam from an old barn they took down and put that in place of the opening too the building inspector was amazed after I put it into place would know it was a new opening there at all been up for six months now and the building inspector did pass it then just now wants them to put doors now 8 months ago he was there in the meeting with all of us and was asked if we needed doors there too I have run into this guy a few time to know to want he up too had him sign off on the meeting that was ok not to have doors there if it was any chance it was changed the office that that building inspector is from is to be liable for the cost of there mistake we in count with the inspector now he did sign the paper that said it
    his office has not come back on if it has to be a fire door too I really think some people should be able to know there jobs throw out the best was they well reissue the building permits free of charge waiting for them to make up the minds they like to put in stop order in the projects your building and run out the permits you need to get know ones I do not make their rules or play by them too the county's know I do not put up with there shit to we looking for the monthly checks they send to use to keep the roads clean and maintained to each month have 10 graders and sanding trucks to maintain the road in the area we live in we supply the fire and rescue trucks as well too with an ambulance too family has a very larger some of the land in the country and employees 200 people now full time on the farm we know how they milk the system too for more money the fire trucks is busy most of the days we trying out a tow truck this year we need to have a spot to put the vehicle in to and run out of room now most of it the vehicle owner can not pay or do not have the right paper to get their vehicles back up dated insurabce and registration and a license to pick up the vehicle
    the area that the church is on is a new graveyard the church was moved there it's on a new foundation too before the church was abanded had some work done to it the new owners want it back to it was lucky the had the old barn they took down used the timber there too and the stair too and handrails too some people are very stupid I had to figure out how to make and fasten the handrails on to the walls to be safe after I had it on i did do magic on the handrails turned out awesome one weekend project I done used photo to create a tree trunk going down to basement and painted it to look like one too they are not coming off the wall did create all the hard wear was haten as well to
    if we need fire door their have a plan for the doors too i am working on the new found doors at home now they ar metal fire out side doors too after i am done with them will be the same door the have their now you think the hanges are the hardest to make

  28. Dang man…phenomenal doors! Currently designing some french doors that goes into our living room to separate the dining room. I have no clue how I am going to do it yet but my excuse will be that John inspired me so if they turn out crappy…well honey…go complain to John!

  29. I think there's something super rewarding about taking some rough lumber with twists and bows in it and milling it to parts. Great video. Doors look great.

  30. Awesome video as always! Two stupid questions. 1. Are there any potential issues for wood movement between the rails and styles between those dominos? And 2. It seems as though you glossed over the glass install? Any tips on how to do that/secure it? Again. Love your vids as always, thanks mate!

  31. Nice work mate, I love making doors with my Domino XL but I too had a stile bow days after glue up, it sucks.

  32. did you have any trouble with the epoxy dying the wood around where you filled? I've had a lot of trouble with this problem and not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've been using system three epoxy and a liquid dye and had this happen on red oak and maple. I fill it and then take the excess off and basically wherever the excess spilled over to the wood was dyed there.

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